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Kaufen Sie Princess bei Europas größtem Technik-Onlineshop Princess Kenny is the alter ego of Kenny McCormick in South Park who appears as the main antagonist and final boss of the 2014 video game, South Park: The Stick of Truth. She is voiced by South Park co-creator Matt Stone. When the kids of South Park began fighting over a simple twig they named The Stick of Truth, Princess Kenny was the fair maiden of the humans with the Wizard King, who. Not to be confused with Ken Kenny (Black Mirror) Kenny (Breaking Bad) Kenny (Let Me In) Kenny (Sleepaway Camp) Kenny (The Walking Dead) Kenny Ackerman Kenny Dermot Kenny Doyle Kenny Forfar Kenny G. Kenny Hampson Kenny Mathews Kenny McCormick/Princess Kenny Kenny Powers Kenny Rogers (MADtv) Kenny Sinclair Kenny Wangler Kenny West (The Cleveland Show

Princess Kenny is the princess alter-ego of Kenny McCormick. She appears throughout Season Seventeen's Black Friday trilogy, consisting of Black Friday, A Song of Ass and Fire, and Titties and Dragons. Originally, Princess Kenny was a member of the Xbox One-supporting group, under the name Lady McCormick, but she betrayed them to become the leader of the PlayStation 4-supporting group. Despite Kenny being arguably the most heroic of the four (especially as Mysterion), he and Kyle are the only ones who cannot be considered villains, as in South Park: The Stick of Truth, Princess Kenny is a villain, and Cartman is a completely morally ambiguous foul-mouthed fat kid with racist, sexist, selfish, and degrading remarks, or an anti.

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Princess may be referring to two or more different villains. If you're uncertain which one you're looking for, just flip a coin. If you're uncertain which one you're looking for, just flip a coin. If you came here from a link , please go back and make the right link for one of the villains listed below In one last-ditch effort to defeat Cartman, Kyle, Stan, Princess Kenny, Butters, Jimmy, and the New Kid (the player character), Clyde manages to use the toxic chemicals responsible for the creation of Nazi zombies to resurrect the boys' friend, Chef, and forces him to fight against them. But he is defeated, ultimately leaving Clyde defenseless

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Kenneth Kenny McCormick,67 voiced by Matt Stone, is one of South Park's main characters, along with Eric Cartman, Stan Marsh, and Kyle Broflovski. He first appears in the short films both entitled The Spirit of Christmas in 1992 and 1995. He is voiced by Mike Judge in the feature film South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut and Eric Stough in The Jeffersons, Lice Capades, Mysterion Rises. Kenny Case (Arrest and Trial) Lulu (Girls Against Boys) Madame Brutal (Goldrake) Masked Intruder (Night Night Nancy) Princess Erzebeth (The Steel Trap Maiden) The High Priestess (Samurai Jack) Varinia (Rambo: The Force Of Freedom) The Female Villains Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community

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Princess Grizelda simply known as Grizelda is the central antagonist in the Warner Bros animated film, The Legends of Poster. She is owner of Frookie and self-proclaimed princess in the Rainbow Kingdom. She is Jake the Square's arch-nemesis, as she killed has no fears to Gaoler Ctiy (most powerful secondary of True and Bartleby She was voiced by Anna Claire Bartlam. 1 Personality 2. Gumball Task is the secondary antagonist in the 2021 computer-animated film, Windows Girls A New Adventures 2. He is the serving of Queen Verify, then users to make this evil dentist with Blossom, evening the weaken and destroy Blossom and Buttercup's case in order to let the bunnies companies continue to exploitation of the girls. evening the also to protect in his balance of nature. He was. Lord Farquaad was the main antagonist of Shrek and Shrek 4-D. He was the ruler of Duloc and Thelonious' former both Personality Farquaad is the villainous, cruel and (literally) short-tempered iron-fisted ruler of Duloc. Selfish, greedy and a dictator who doesn't care about anyone but himself. To underline his villainy Farquaad had a xenophobic hatred of fairy-tale creatures and even went as. Whimsical Willy (or Mr. Willy) is a con artist who pretended to be a television host for kids on a show called The Wondrous World of Whimsical Willy. He tricked Bubbles to stealing all The Money of Townsville for no reason. Whimsical Willy is loosely based off Mr. Rogers. His trick into having all the money from Townsvile is a refrence to the 1965 New Years Day incident where Soupy Sales.

The Princess vs the Villains Closing Credits. The Princess vs the Villains Directed by Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise Produced by James Pentecost Executive Producers John Tartakovsky Roy Edward Shires Michael Shires James Phillipson Associate Producer: Chris Michaelson Supervising Producer: Richard Kenny Music Score Composed and Conducted by John. Princess Kenny Rehabilitation.jpg. Princess Kenny's rehabilitation. Lego Omnidroid v.8 Death.jpg. Lego Omnidroid v.8's death. Lego Screenslaver/Evelyn Deavor Defeat.jpg. Villains deafet Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. View Mobile Site FandomShop Newsletter Join Fan Lab. Round 1: Johnny Bear vs. Jafar Leo the Lion vs. Scar Candace Bear vs. Maleficent Dr. Dog vs. Ratigan Thomas Elephant vs. Ursula Munchase Monkey vs. Hades Round 2: Johnny Bear vs. The Horned King Thomas Elephant vs. Tzekal-Khan Dr. Dog vs. Thrax Candace Bear vs. Gaston and Ruber Leo the Lion vs. Oogie Boogie Whiskers and Wilber vs. Clayton and McLeach Munchase vs. AUTO Round 3: Snowflake vs. Chris (FNAF 4 Animation) Clone Syaoran. Contremisco. Cottontail Smith. Council of Villains. Count Dooku (DOTW) Crocodile (Non-Disney) Crush and Gulp. Curtis Ames My name is Queen White Swan! Princess Angelica is a teenage princess from Heaven and a temporary student in Miss Bustier's class at Collège Françoise Dupont. She is also the magical girl Magical Girl Princess Wisdom Angel. She is also the betrothed girlfriend of Kenny McCormick/Mysterion. In The Evillustrator 2, Angelica (as Angie), along with the rest of the South Park kids become.

List of 2010's Villains' defeat/gallery. List of 20th Century Fox Villains' Defeats/Gallery. List of 300 Villains defeat/last words. List of A Bug's Life Villains' deafet. List of Air Bud Villains' defeat. List of Aladdin villains defeat. List of Alvin and the Chipmunks Villains' defeats/gallery King Bowser Koopa is one of the main antagonists of the plush YouTube channel, LuigiFan00001. He is one of Mario's archenemies and the king of Koopas. He is also Kamek's son, Bowser Jr.'s father, the Koopalings' uncle and Wizenheimer and Magifoofa's grandson. He is the main antagonist of Super Plush Mario (although he is the villain protagonist of some episodes) and a recurring member of Total. Don't Worry About A Thing is the 25th episode of Power Rider Fantasy Musketeer, it features the debut of Mavis (Power Rider Fantasy Musketeer Princess) 1 Synopsis 2 Charecters 2.1 Riders 2.2 Mentors 2.3 Allies 2.4 Villains 3 Fantasy Book-Holders Used In The Episode 4 Adapted From 5 Trivia Taylor is concerned about the disappearances of some of the Fantasy Book-Holders as Harry is in even more. List of 20th Century Fox villains' defeats/Last Words. List of 20th Century Fox Villains' Defeats/Gallery. List Of Alan Arkin Villains' Defeats. List of Alvin and the Chipmunks Villains' defeats/gallery. List of Anastasia Villains' Defeats. List of Andrea Martin Villains Defeat. List Of Angela Lansbury Villains' Defeats Kenny Case (Arrest and Trial) Kleo (The Challenge) Lady Van Tassel (Sleepy Hollow) Princess Arissa (The Elenium) Queen Bera (The Last Days of Sodom and Gomorrah) Queen Juliana (Fire and Ice) The Female Villains Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. View Mobile Sit

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Lord Farquaad is the one of the main antagonists of dreamworks He is the main antagonist of the first shrek. All he wants is to marry a princess and be an offcial king of duloc,but he failed. He was eaten by a dragon and became a ghost,as a ghost he exploded into pieces by a fire Spielzeug: Riesige Auswahl - Schnelle Lieferung Simon Petrikov(formerly known as theIce King) is a major character as well as the secondary antagonist of the Cartoon Network series Adventure Time. Earlier in the series he started out as a villain, but later on in the series, he occasionally proves himself to be a valuable ally. He was voiced by Tom Kenny who also voiced Raimundo Pedrosa in Xiaolin Showdown, Ryan Sumozski in Clarence, The. Mulch and Bucket are supporting characters in DreamWorks' How to Train Your Dragon franchise. They are a duo of fishermen and owns a Hideous Zippleback, Whip and Lash. In the first two seasons, Mulch was voiced by Tim Conway and Tom Kenny in Race to the Edge while Bucket was voiced by Thomas F. Wilson

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The Vamp. Category page. View source. History. Talk (0) A more nefarious version of the Femme Fatale . The Vamp uses the promise (or following through) of sex to get the protagonist to do her bidding, with no emotional backfire. She never (and would never) falls in love with him/her, and rather, is a complete user Female. Although the traditional melodramas portrayed most villains as mustache-bearing males, the idea of evil, misguided or just plain confusing female villains has been around since time began. Ranging from wicked witches and stepmothers to seductive sirens to militant man-haters, female villains are just as capable of sowing misery as their. This article is about the titular protagonist of the series of the same name.. For his female clone, see Dani Phantom. For his dark future counterpart, see Dark Danny. Daniel Danny Fenton, better known by his alias Danny Phantom, is the eponymous protagonist of the Nickelodeon animated series, Danny Phantom. He was a human boy who turned into a ghost/human hybrid upon stepping in through the.

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The many characters of Archer often operate in a sort of gray area. While some might be considered to do evil things (like Nikolai Jakov ), they cannot truly be considered villains. However, there are a handful that are truly villains. These are those characters. This is confirmed by Adam Reed in an interview about the show Kenny McCormick is the princess at Kupa Keep.He is one of the six playable partners, later the hidden main antagonist of South Park: The Stick of Truth. For Kenny's role in South Park: The Fractured But Whole, see Mysterion. As for his role in Phone Destroyer, see Inuit Kenny, Cyborg Kenny, Hermes Kenny, Princess Kenny (card), and Mysterion (Phone Destroyer). 1 Appearance 2 Quests Given 3. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. D&D Beyon My Little Pony Crossover Villains III The Final Battleis an American-Japanese animated 2D upcoming official 2020animated film due the 2018 film;My Little Pony Crossover VillainsIt took place back after Music by Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe Lyrics by Lorne Balfe From Producer Genndy Tartakovsky and the studios that brought you Tangled Wreck It-Ralph Frozen Big Hero 6 Zootopia and Moana 1 Cast: 2. Here's a Full Gallery of My Little Pony Crossover Villains 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 2.1 Casting 2.1.1 Concept Art 3 Production Credits 4 End Credits 4.1 End Credits 5 Trivia Madison Davenport as Young Twilight Sparkle Tara Strong as Adult Twilight Sparkle/Princess Twivine Sparkle Grant Palmer as..

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  1. ence (SPOILERS!) 3 Role (SPOILERS!) 4 Gallery Nazi Zombies appear similar to their uninfected counterparts, but colored green or grey to emphasize their undead nature. They usually gain accessories related to Nazi Germany, most commonly a red armband with a swastika on it. Alien Abduction - A.
  2. A collage of various villains. Opposite of heroes, villains are characters that are evil, wether it be through simple crimes or total world destruction
  3. Chickens (Peter Pan in Return to Neverland) Christmas Condor. Chupacabra (Garfield) Chupacabra (The Lost Thunder Island) Chupacabra (The Lost World) Chupacabra (ZOOmbies 2015) Clowns (Dumbo) Cobra (Strawberry Shortcake) Category:Comedy Villains
  4. Kyle Broflovski is one of the four main protagonists of the adult animated sitcom South Park, and the animated feature South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut. He is 10 years old and also a member of the only Jewish family in South Park, and is often noted for this, as well as his intelligence
  5. Dr. Rainbow the Clown is a clown who entertains children at parties. After a truck with bleach hits him, he turns black and white and gets superpowers. Rainbow's evil alter ego, Mr. Mime, has the power to erase colors by touch and even render objects and animals, people, and music mute. For instance at first, he touches the bleach trucker and secondly the little boy who holds a balloon. He.

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Boobafina. Bounce House Princess. Boyfriend & Girlfriend Skeletons. Breakfast Princess. Breezy (character) Bronwyn. Bruise Princess. Bun Bun (character) Butterscotch Butler Chris (FNAF 4 Animation) Clone Syaoran. Contremisco. Cottontail Smith. Council of Villains. Count Dooku (DOTW) Crocodile (Non-Disney) Crush and Gulp. Curtis Ames Gnomes is an 2021 computer-animated comedy film. It will be Pixar's 28th animated feature. Tom Kenny as Jerry the Teen Boy, (The main protagonist) Tom Holland as Jimmy the Garden Gnome, (Jerry's Best Friend) Kelly Clarkson as Princess Tina the Garden Gnome, (Jimmy's love interest) TomSka as Lou the Garden Doll, Jimmy's friend Ben Schwartz as Jelly the Garden Bee, Jimmy's 2nd friend Danny. Felonious Hexx (formerly Thelonious Hexx) is a magician who despises Gus and is his archenemy. He was voiced by Lewis MacLeod. Felonious Hexx was once a famous magician in all of the Bay Area, and he was loved by every child in the Bay Area, except for Gus. Due to Gus' heckling, the kids and Gus started to humiliate him and ruin his reputation. After his magic career was canned, he swears he. I want to pinch her so bad! Ah! Fairy Pinch-ess, about Phoebe Fairy Pinch-ess is a supervillain on the Thundermans. Her superpower is that she has a very strong pinch. She always dresses up in gowns like a princess. Fairy Pinch-ess is portrayed by Kenzie Dalton. 1 Biography 2 Powers 3 Episode Appearances 4 Trivia 5 Gallery Fairy Pinch-ess is one of Dark Mayhem's associates living in the fast.

Princess Bonnibel Bonnie Bubblegum (often called PB and occasionally Peebles, Bub-Bubs, or P-Bubs) is one of the main characters of the series Adventure Time and first appeared in the animated short.. Princess Bubblegum is the current incarnation of the Candy Elemental, comparable to the inhabitants of the Candy Kingdom, who are all composed of types of desserts and candies The Powerpuff Girls is an American animated television series and a reboot of the television series of the same name created by Craig McCracken. Cartoon Network announced the series in June 2014. [ citation needed] In 2015, they announced that the new series would feature new voice actors for the three main characters LeFou (which translates to the fool in French) is the secondary antagonist of Disney's 1991 animated feature film, Beauty and the Beast. He is Gaston's snide, accident-prone sidekick. 1 Background 1.1 Development 1.2 Personality 2 Appearances 2.1 Beauty and the Beast 2.2 House of Mouse 2.3 Other appearances 3 Live-action appearances 3.1 Beauty and the Beast (2017) 4 Disney Parks 4.1 Walt. The Powerpuff Girls is an American animated television series created by Craig McCracken for Cartoon Network. The entire series was avaliable at launch along with it's reboot 1 Premise 2 Characters 2.1 Main 2.2 Recurring 2.3 Villains 3 Production 4 Navigation The show revolves around the adventures of three kindergarten aged girls with an array of various superpowers: Blossom, Bubbles, and. Peppermint Butler (also called Pep-But, Peps, and occasionally Dark One) is a recurring character on Adventure Time. He is an inhabitant of the Candy Kingdom who is a master occultist and also a loyal butler to Princess Bubblegum. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Abilities 4 Relationships 4.1 Princess Bubblegum 4.2 Death 5 Quotes 6 Episode appearances 6.1 Major appearances 6.2 Minor appearances 6.

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This is a list of the Mojo Jojo minions that appeared in The Powerpuff Girls (Movie). 1 Minions 1.1 Baboon Kaboom 1.2 Blah-Blah-Blah-Blah 1.3 Bonzo Bango 1.4 Cha-Ching Cha-Ching 1.5 Cruncha Muncha 1.6 Doot Da Doot Da Doo Doos 1.7 Go-Go Patrol 1.8 Hacha Chacha 1.9 Hota Wata 1.10 Killa Drilla 1.11 Ojo Tango 1.12 Pappy Wappy 1.13 Rocko Socko 1.14 Rolla Ova 1.15 Whacko Smacko 1.16 Whole Lotta. Plot. A man named Brodie from Australia is on a tour of the history museum with his teacher, and his classmates until Crash and Coco, his two silly, wacky stuffed bandicoot dolls that he got for his birthday, come to life as they take them through time travel with N. Tropy's time-twisting machine to stop the evil Dr. Neo Cortex, the mean Uka Uka and their henchmen from taking over the world. Plot. In this incredible double feature Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse reunited again in an all new magical fantastic adventure fullfilled with music, action, adventure, magic illusion, surprises and mysteries but when the villains (including Maleficent and Dr. Facilier) has a nasty surprise for our heroes when they try to make Mickey's Imagination into a nightmare Fantasmic is now up to. Round 1 Mario and Luigi vs. Ganondorf (also feat. Princess Peach and Toad) Zelda vs. Bowser Alex Mercer vs. Baraka (also feat. Cole Macgrath, Delsin Rowe, Shang Tsung, Kitana, Jade, Ermac, Reptile, Quan Chi and Scorpion) Chris Redfield vs. Piggsy (also feat. Claire Redfield, Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine) Sparda vs. Father Balder(also feat. Dante and Vergil) Sora vs. Ancient Minister (also. Doctor Octopus in Spider-Man TAS. Doctor Otto Octavius also called (Doctor Octopus) is one of Winnie the Pooh and Spider-Man's foes and the founder of the group of supervillains known as the Sinister Six. History. Dr. Otto Octavius was a renowned scientist whose ambitions lay within attempting to master the energy of nuclear fusion

Super Mario Heroes is a crossover web series created by Toonwriter. It's made in inspiration to both Alvin-Earthworm's SMBZ series and DecaTilde's SMBZ series attempt. Just like the latter, Super Mario Heroes will also have a third franchise to join with Mario and Sonic mainly. However, it will be a franchise that would be very fitting for them: Mega Man. Super Mario Heroes combines characters. The Ice King (Dr. Simon) frequently kidnaps princesses throughout Ooo to forcefully marry them, Princess Bubblegum being his usual target. His ice-based magic abilities come from a magical crown he wears, which directly causes his insanity. Though defined as completely crazy by many, the Ice King is actually lonely and misunderstood, having a generally benevolent relationship with the penguins. Gumbald (originally known as Punch Bowl) is the central antagonist of Adventure Time season 10, and a background character seen and mentioned throughout the rest of the series. He's a former gum person-turned punch bowl who was created by Princess Bubblegum to be her and Neddy's Uncle. Princess Bubblegum first mentions him in Susan Strong, claiming that he had cut down an entire field of. The Return of Lunaris is an upcoming TV film where Lunaris returns for a revenge so Scrooge McDuck and his family are gonna have to get help from Donald's younger brother Donnie Duck to prepare for the army and defeat General Lunaris, Again. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted Princess Justine is the princess of Fardonia. She made her only appearance in Shelf-Life. Justine finds American toys boring, but she had a thing for Robotboy. She was first seen ripping up one of Lola's teddy bears. Princess Justine resembles Princess Peach from the Mario series. Justine's persona is similar to that of Darla from Finding Nemo

Team Robot In Pokemon The Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back-Evolutionis an upcoming crossover and the Remake of Tino's Adventures of Pokémon: The First Movie made by TMNTHedgehog5. it will appear on Pandora.TV soon. 1 Summary 2 Plot 3 Heroes 3.1 Team Robot 4 Guest Stars 5 Villains 6 Main Cast 6.1 Pokémon 7 Scenes 8 Cast 9 Trivia 9.1 Differences from the original movie 10 Links 10.1 Music Videos The. Leopold Butters Stotch is the deuteragonist of South Park. He's a very good boy who never wants anything to go wrong, but he has lost it at times. He is voiced by Matt Stone, who also voices Kyle Broflovski, Kenny McCormick and Tweek Tweak. In the Japanese dub from the series, he is voiced by Hana Takeda. 1 Biography 2 Appearance 3 Personality 4 Quotes 5 External Links 6 Navigation Butters. Tabaqui (voiced by Tom Kenny) is the Jackal is a minor antagonist in the early production of the 1967 film The Jungle Book, its 2003 sequel The Jungle Book 2, its 2016 live-action remake, and the secondary antagonist of the 1998 film The Jungle Book: Mowgli's Story. Add a photo to this galler King Worm is the eighteenth episode in the fourth season of Adventure Time. It is the ninety-sixth episode overall. 1 Synopsis 2 Plot 3 Characters 3.1 Major characters 3.2 Dream characters 3.3 Minor characters 3.4 Mentioned 4 Trivia 4.1 Episode connections 4.2 Cultural references 4.3 Storyline analysis 4.4 Production notes 5 Videos 6 Gallery 6.1 Production art 6.2 Background art 6.3. The Chipmunks and the Chipettes Join the Disney Family is an upcoming Japanese-American animated jukebox musical crossover film inspired by the characters from the '80s series Alvin and the Chipmunks created by Bagdasarian Productions. The film will feature the voices of Michael Crawford, Joanna Lumley, Demi Lovato, Megan Hilty, Santino Fontana, Eric Idle, and Jason David Frank. 1 Synopsis 2.

Monty's Assistant is a swindler that appeared in the episode, Sun Scream. 1 Background 2 Appearance 3 Personality 4 Trivia Monty's Assistant a swindler that swindled the Mayor in the episode, Sun Scream. His and Monty's swindle was having the Mayor win a dollar if he picked the ace card, mind you, you had to pay a dollar to play. The Mayor picks the wrong card and Monty's Assistant. Source Princess Kittrynianna Kitty Musicana Crabgress is the main protagonist of KunoichiShow!. 1 Background 1.1 Biography 1.2 Running Gags and Funny Facts 1.3 Combat style 1.4 Weaknesses 1.5 Intelligence 2 Concept Art 3 Trivia 4 Also see Kitty is officially known as Disney's first Southern Princess. She is voiced by Liliana Mumy who previously played Panini from Chowder. She currently. Penny (named Piko in the original Japanese version) is a character from Stitch! She is very similar to Mertle Edmonds from the original series. History. She is young girl who lives on a fictional island off the shore of Okinawa in the Ryukyus called Izayoi Island in Japan. She is known as Yuna's rival SpongeBob SquarePants (voiced by Tom Kenny) is a best friend of Patrick Star. He lives in the UnderWater world of Bikini Bottom. 1 Personality 2 Abilities 2.1 Strengths 2.2 Weaknesses 3 Trivia 4 Gallery SpongeBob is a clueless, abnormal, immature, fun-loving, and hyperactive character with a happy-go-lucky personality. He is an extremely determined person, and will often stop at nothing to. 1 Entrance 1.1 Insert Entrance Name 2 Special Attacks 2.1 Neutral B - Love Arrow 2.2 Side B - Unicorn Stampede 2.3 Up B - TBA 2.4 Down B - TBA 2.5 Final Smash - TBA 3 KOSFX 4 Taunts 5 Victory Options+Failure/Clap 6 Classic Mode Win/Lose Pose 7 Congratulations/Game Over Pictures 8 Character Description 9 Other Attacks 9.1 Ground Attacks 9.1.1 Basic Attacks 9.1.2 Tilt Attacks 9.1.3 Smashes 9.1.4.

Kaguya Houraisan - Villains Wiki - villains, bad guysElla (TD) | Heroes & Villains Wiki | FANDOM powered by WikiaAuron (Final Fantasy) | Heroes & Villains Wiki | FANDOMStan Woozle and Heff Heffalump | Yuna's Princess adventureWiegraf Folles | Villains Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

A villain is an evil character in a story, whether a historical narrative or, especially, a work of fiction. The villain is usually the bad guy or antagonist, the character who fights against the hero or protagonist. A female villain is sometimes called a villainess. Random House Unabridged Dictionary defines villain as a cruelly malicious. Vexus (formerly Queen Vexus) is the main antagonist in My Life as a Teenage Robot. She was the reigning monarch of Cluster Prime and leader of the Cluster, and is still one of XJ-9's most recurring foes. She was voiced by the late Eartha Kitt in all of her appearances except in Around the World in Eighty Pieces and as Violet and Vicky in Queen Bee where she is voiced by Cree Summer. 1. Emperor Awesome's Battle Dinosaur. F. Fierce Tigrex of Nil. Fist Fighters. G. Galactic Villain Leaderboard. General McGuffin. Gentleman Tooth. Giant Hoarder Scorpion