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The crime drama is set to return to More4, with episodes streaming on Walter Presents. Originally due 9 June, the date has been put back to Friday 25 June at 9pm due to the Euro 2020 football tournament. The first episode of season two opens with a dilemma for Stefan Thiel (Peter Schneider) 1. Beware that you are paying for watching the German TV series Murders in Usedom (former DDR) produced in 2014. Sadly, Amazon erroneously advertises this series as made in 2021. 2. Although the purposely misleading title The Nordic Murders has little to do with the Nordic Noir genre, it is still worth watching Walter Presents: 'The Nordic Murders' season 2 will premiere on More4 at 9pm on 9th July 2021 . The full boxset of season two will be available via Walter Presents on All 4 after the first. PBS Masterpiece will debut five episodes of the series. It's been running since 2014 in Germany, and has so far aired 13 episodes per IMDb, or 10 episodes, per Wikipedia In Germany, The Nordic Murders aired as Der Usedom Krimi, and the episodes Walter Presents is showing originally aired between 2014 and 2019. It's definitely worth tuning in for and, if you miss it, all the episodes will also be available to stream on Walter Presents. Discover some more German crime shows here

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A Beginner's Guide to Nordic. Noir: 7 Series to Stream. Dan Clarendon November 1, 2020, 9:00 am. 9 Comments. SVT, Yle TV2, RÚV, SVT. Scandinavia isn't all hygge and happiness. The region—as. Detective drama, starring Katrin Sass and Lisa Maria Potthoff. In German. Six months have passed, which isn't long to get over the murder of someone (I'll mention no names here) who was well. The German crime drama - also known as Baltic Crimes - has aired 12 episodes in Germany since it first premiered in 2014 with a 13th due in 2021. The series will premiere on More4 on Friday, 4 December and air weekly on that channel until Friday, 18 December The first series consists of twenty fifty-minute episodes, which follow the police investigation into the murder of a young woman from its commencement on 3 November to its conclusion on 22 November Van der Valk, Season 1 | Watch Now In three gripping 90-minute episodes, Van der Valk and his colleagues face a trio of challenging cases set in Amsterdam, a city of bikes, boatsand bodies..

We can forgive it this confusion, because Nordic Murders tries so hard. Each feature-length episode includes the complex ever-unravelling main story, while also weaving in a new crime mystery The Sandhamn Murders: With Alexandra Rapaport, Jakob Cedergren, Jonas Malmsjö, Anki Lidén. Viveca Sten's popular novels come to life in The Sandhamn Murders, a perfect mix of Nordic crime and the beautiful surroundings of the outer Stockholm archipelago The Valhalla Murders (Brot) Year of release: 2019. Number of seasons: 1 season 8 episodes. Synopsis of the show: The Valhalla Murders, Icelandic Nordic Noir thriller series of 8 episodes in 1 season. Released in Iceland in 2019, worldwide on Netflix in 2020, starring Nína Dögg Filippusdóttir, Björn Thors and Sigurður Skúlason Series 1 Episode 4. The Black Path Part 2: Rebecka has been fired but keeps probing the murder of the woman from the ice fishing camp. First shown: Fri 2 Feb 2018 | 45 mins Nordic Murders When the first series of the German crime show The Nordic Murders appeared, it lit the lights and rang the bells here at Crime Fiction Lover. Overnight, our preview of the series became one of the most popular articles on the site. From Friday 25 June, the crime drama is set to return to More4, with episodes streaming on Walter Presents

This Nordic noir spoof follows mediocre detectives Sophie Borg and DCI Tom Brown as they team up to investigate a macabre murder in Borg's hometown of Norrbacka. And, yeah, you better believe. The Sommerdahl Murders Season 2 Release Date: 'The Sommerdahl Murders' season 1 premiered on March 1, 2020, on TV2 Charlie in Denmark. It ended with its eighth episode on April 19, 2020. 'The Sommerdahl Murders' season 1 releases on June 29, 2020, on Acorn TV in the US, in all its entirety of eight episodes

C More and TV4 have ordered a seventh season of The Sandhamn Murders (Morden i Sandhamn), based on the characters from Viveca Sten's crime novels. It has been described as the 'perfect mix of Nordic Noir and beautiful surroundings in Stockholm's outer archipelago'. Four new chapters of the crime show will begin airing on C More an As of 11 April 2021, 128 episodes have aired over 22 series. Episodes 1 to 100 were originally released on DVD as 25 sets, which are now discontinued, and have been re-released as series 1 to 16 in re-designed packages ACORN TV - JUNE 2021 - FULL SCHEDULE. Monday, June 7. Ms. Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries, Season 2 (Acorn TV Original) ( Episodes 1 and 2 of 8) A spinoff of the Australian sensation Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, the swinging 1960's crime series Ms. Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries follows the fearless and spirited Peregrine. Episodes The Valhalla Murders. Season 1. Release year: 2020. An ambitious Icelandic detective teams up with a cop from Norway to investigate a series of murders that may be connected to a heinous trauma. 1. Never Before Seen 46m. Following a brutal murder at Reykjavik's harbor, an ambitious but frustrated police detective is tasked with. The Valhalla Murders season 1 released on March 13, 2020, on Netflix, in all its entirety of eight episodes. When the series originally debuted on RUV on December 26, 2019, BBC branded it as a 'Nordic noir' that 'ticks the right boxes for addictive viewing this winter.' Moreover, we already know about the trend of murder thrillers

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Murders there are solved by Kurt Wallander, a dry and thoughtful detective who contemplates not only justice but also his duty to his elderly father and his daughter, who also becomes a cop. The tone this series strikes and its quiet minimalism set it apart from many UK and US programmes at the time, defining the Nordic televisual style for. Really cross that I am unable to watch the last episodes of Nordic Murders as I have enjoyed the series so far . Like Like. Reply. magster007 says: February 14, 2021 at 3:50 am. Well if you have access to US Streaming. All episodes are available on Prime Video! . 17 / 20 Sarah and Jan are convinced there's a link between Nanna's murder and an unsolved case. Episode 16 16 / 20 Sarah won't get on board when her superiors insist that Nanna's murder has been.

This is a worthy addition to the Nordic Noir collection, with bonus sunshine. Many seasons, not as many episodes, this series is like the Scandi Midsomer Murders and you can't miss it. Sandhamn. Episodes will stream at SBS On Demand the same day they go to air. Watch episode 1 now: A worthy addition to the Nordic Noir collection, with bonus sunshine. Seasons 1-5 of Sandhamn Murders. The daughters of a woman jailed for murder want to warn the public about their dangerous mother in anticipation of her eventual release from prison. Michelle Shelly Knotek was sentenced to more than two decades behind bars back in 2004 for the torture deaths of Kathy Loreno and Ronald Woodworth at her Raymond, Washington home, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported at the time While most of the shows on the list so far have just a handful of episodes, Occupied is for you if you want to truly binge. First aired in 2015 on Norway's TV2, Occupied is now three seasons old so there's plenty to get stuck into. Best of all, you don't need access to TV2! The series is available on Netflix in many international markets

Nordic Murders Series 1 Episode 1. For six years, the former public prosecutor Karin Lossow sat in prison because she shot her unfaithful husband in an affect. When she returned to her old house on the island of Usedom, she met mostly rejection from the residents GOTEBORG, Sweden — Netflix is co-producing its first Icelandic series, The Valhalla Murders, a crime show created and directed by newcomer Þórður Pálsson and produced by Truenorth and. Ms. Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries, Season 2 - Episodes 1 & 2 of 8; The Sommerdahl Murders is an engaging, blue-sky take on the successful Nordic genre and is back with a new season Season 1 of Somos contains six episodes. Most of the episodes average at around 45 minutes, with Episode 6 streaming for 73 minutes. The first thought for many viewers may be that six episodes is not enough to tell the full story of the Allende people

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  1. It may be Nordic but it's actually German Despite its title, The Nordic Murders is a German series set on the border with Poland, albeit featuring one Danish investigator
  2. Ah, like me you had yet to make the acquaintance of Ms Lossow, one of the heroines at the heart of Walter Presents: Nordic Murders (More 4, Friday). Lossow lived on Usedom, a part German, part.
  3. The show is one of several new Nordic thrillers available to stream. And like many of Mankell's stories, Through most of its 10-episode season.
  4. iseries in three parts by Sweden´s largest commercial TV-channel, TV4. From the start in December 2010, it was huge success, with more than 1.7 ,million viewers per episode. The series has been broadcast in all Nordic countries and also in many.
  5. The Killing (2007-2012) Country: Denmark Original title: Forbrydelsen Info: The first season follows Detective Inspector Sarah Lund as she attempts to solve the murder of a teenage girl. As already mentioned, this show was a smash hit in Britain, and ignited the Nordic noir craze. There was a popular American version in 2011, The Killing. It was very well made and is a series I really like.

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  1. DNA, BBC4, review: A promising Nordic noir drama, drenched in guilt and trauma Enthrallingly written and sensitively acted, it is not quite as good as The Killing or The Bridge, but Charlotte.
  2. g smuggling queens, but danger lurks around the corner at the cottage by the water. A dramatic shooting marks the beginning of a new tricky situation as they do their best to lay low. Together, the widows try to save Rebecka's father's company (STB) and struggle to find new sources of.
  3. n TV and the Nordic region's leading strea
  4. utes of the first episode, the suspect is arrested and charged with murder, so - much like ITV's recent hit The Pembrokeshire Murders - it is not a whodunnit but rather a puzzle to.
  5. Time of Death: Season five, episode 14 (Ozymandias) Cause of Death: Gomez was shot by Jack Welker during a shoot out with his gang. Sadness Ranking: 8/10. After working with Jesse and getting close to bringing down Walt, Gomez and Hank were unable to get closure on the case they worked on for so many years
  6. al debt collector. The journalist had been threatened by right-wing extremists, but it is the victim's work with a book about 'society's dark side' that captures the interest of Beck and his team
  7. This Is What You Should Know About Season 2 of 'The Valhalla Murders'. By Leila Kozma. Mar. 16 2020, Updated 7:24 p.m. ET. The Valhalla Murders revolves around corruption, systematic injustice and the devastating psychological impacts of childhood abuse. Season 1 of the Netflix crime-drama depicts how two police investigators take up the fight.

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  1. g on Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Acorn TV, BritBox, and more
  2. Description. A weed smoking, friend to the underworld, bad behaving vice questore is sent from Rome to Aosta, in the Alps, for unknown reasons.Rocco Schiavone is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (33 episodes). The series first aired on July 24, 2020
  3. BULLETS . Boxset available on Walter Presents via All 4 on Friday 29th January. Following with another Finnish drama, the award-winning Bullets started in Finland in 2018 and comes to Walter Presents at the end of the month.I don't think we need to say too much to make this show something you are going to get VERY excited about
  4. Kerry Godliman as Pearl Nolan. Whitstable Pearl premieres on Acorn TV on Monday, the 24th of May. Because the series is an Acorn TV Original Series, the premiere is exclusive to them. The schedule for episodes is as follows: May 24th: Episode 1 - When a family friend is found dead in suspicious circumstances, Pearl suspects foul play
  5. This time there is a serial killer on the loose but amazingly he is not killing young, blonde women but in episodes 1&2 he was after two middle aged men. The hunt is led by a female detective who is passed over for promotion and they have to call in a miserable Norwegian officer (although he seems to come from Iceland) to provide extra help
  6. Most Nordic noir dramas start with a murder - or, rather, the body of someone who's been murdered. Cue the show's resident 'goodies' (usually the police) racing against time to stop the.
  7. As long as you were honest and open, and reported what had happened, it wasn't considered murder, says Ruiter. Revenge. Vikings were also expected to take revenge. This is described in the older Gulating Law Code, which was likely written in the 1000s and is the oldest known body of laws in the Nordic countries

The Valhalla Murders, BBC Four, review: murder mystery puts a new gloss on well-worn clichés The entire affair could have been bolted together from a build-you-own Nordic Noir ki Seeking the Humanity in the Story of Kim Wall's Murder. A new TV series, The Investigation, fictionalizes the police investigation into the killing of the Swedish journalist, resisting the. The Paris Murders is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (22 episodes). The series first aired on October 2, 2020. Where to Watch The Paris Murders The Paris Murders is available for streaming on the PBS Masterpiece website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Paris Murders on demand at Amazon Prime Glum and murky, Dublin Murders makes literal what French only alludes to in pursuit of a Nordic noir melancholy that doesn't quite gibe with the series' Irish setting. French's novels are. R43 - Acorn TV (The Best of English Speaking Television) has every episode oF Midsomer Murders and gets them first for USA broadcast. Also on Acorn TV is a show called Agatha Raisin. If you like Midsomer Murders you will very much like Agatha Raisin. I am breathlessly waiting the USA release of the latest season of Father Brown

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  1. g to PBS Masterpiece Prime Video Channel in May. Stephanie Prange. April 22, 2021. Three murder mystery films, Agatha and the Truth of Murder, Agatha and the Curse of Ishtar and Agatha and the Midnight Murders will be strea
  2. Season 1 Episodes; Season 1 Episodes; 101 - Pilot; 102 - Home Invasion; 103 - Murder House; 104 - Halloween Part 1; 105 - Halloween Part 2; 106 - Piggy, Piggy; 107 - Open House; 108 - Rubber Man.
  3. The Best of Nordic Noir. November 13, 2020. in Collections. For many decades, the capital of noir entertainment was Los Angeles. The city and its environs played out quite naturally as a dark and corrupted place filled with murderous dames and hard-bitten private eyes snooping around in rumpled suits—with a bottle of gin in their desk drawer

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Raising a School Shooter (BBC Four) | BBC iPlayerLong Lost Family (ITV) | itv.comKathy Burke: Money Talks (Channel 4) | channel4.comNordic Murders (All 4) | channel4.com The Storyville documentary Raising The week in TV: Raising a School Shooter; Long Lost Family; Kathy Burke: Money Talks; Nordic Murders Read More The complete three seasons of the Emmy-nominated Danish crime drama created by Søren Sveistrup. In the first series, Detective Inspector Sarah Lund (Sofie Gråbol) is all set to emigrate to Sweden but her plans are put on hold when the police investigation into the murder of a young girl in Copenhagen turns out to have implications in high places

But there is a dark side to the Nordic mythos that few people are aware of. Some of the episodes described below reveal uncomfortable truths about the cosmos. who then treacherously murders. The Friday night Euro series returns on More 4 next week. (9th). Series 2 of 'Nordic Murders', which despite its name is set on the German Baltic coast. This is great news, just annoying that we have been without both BBC4 and More4 European dramas for well over a month then they return to both channels the same week. 0

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Unlike many series, Bron/Broen's fans don't have to wait until the final season to see how the story ends. Even though there is a connection among all seasons' stories, each provides a different murder to be solved and by the 10th and final episode, viewers know how the mystery ends New episodes of the following series coming soon! Beck Imma Tataranni Murder In Murders at Barlume The Bastards of Pizzofalcone The Undertaker & many more

TV review: Beck - Gunvald (BBC FOUR) Well, that was uncomfortable. Those of us who had thought that Gunvald Larsson would have the chance to retire from the Beck series with grace and dignity were to be massively disappointed. Yet grace and dignity were never really words you would associate with Mikael Persbrandt's character Episodes. Cast & Crew. permalink. NOMINATED FOR SIXTEEN 2021 EMMYS. As her life crumbles around her, a small-town Pennsylvania detective Mare Sheehan (Kate Winslet) investigates a local murder. The series explores the dark side of a close community and provides an authentic examination of how family and past tragedies can define our present Episode 2: Reindeer Boy, Part 2 The family feud among the herders has now claimed a human life; Krister knew the victim and believes the murder may be connected to a bear poaching incident years ago. Episode 3: Foundations, Part 1 Construction workers find human remains under the floorboards while demolishing a building This six-episode miniseries is also called The Loch. It stars Laura Fraser, Siobhan Finneran, John Sessions, and more. Loch Ness follows the story of Annie Redford, a detective working on her first murder case - a serial killer, no less. It's set against the gorgeous backdrop of Loch Ness in Scotland. Stream it on Acorn

Clearly, Fox would've loved to have as many episodes as possible of its breakout hit, Empire. But, co-creators Lee Daniels and Danny Strong felt they wanted to do a short, tight season of 12. So many emotions. Reed Adamson (Nora Zehetner) and Charles Percy (Robert Baker) Before Percy could tell Reed about how he felt, they were both killed during the horrible season-six hospital shooting Piracy has been a major challenge in the Nordic region for many years and 2021 is no different. New figures from Mediavision show that even though the supply of legal online video services has increased, piracy is still high.. According to research from Mediavision, 14% of all people 15-74 years old in the Nordics have illegally streamed or downloaded films and TV episodes in the past month In its 14-year history, prime-time drama Criminal Minds has created over 250 episodes about serial murderers, kidnappings, and other crimes worthy of FBI investigations. Although many of the show's storylines are fictional, some of the bad guys seem to mirror real-life criminals like Ted Bundy or Richard Ramirez

To date, there have been around 30 television episodes produced, many of them written by screen writers from new plots penned by Mankell. The global boom in Nordic Noir The success of Nordic Noir. Fun fact: for the sixth year running our Murder Mysteries to Binge Watch NOW was the #1 clicked story on BYT. And no wonder. Some of the best shows on TV are mysteries and your Netflix/Amazon Prime /Hulu/ Acorn / MhZ Choice / Masterpiece / HBO GO / Apple+ / Britbox ETC recommendations/queues are BRIMMING with murder, mayhem, AND amazing accents solving those murders and mayhem The first twelve episodes were a hit in its native land. The series was also nominated for the Best Nordic Screenplay at the Nordisk Film & TV Fond Prize at the Göteborg Film Festival in 2018 All episodes from all three series are currently available to stream, but you can also catch series three on Fridays at 9pm on Sky One. Most read in Streaming. Nordic Murders - All 4. 11 Crucifixed (Season 5, Episode 10). Kurt Sutter as Otto Delaney Not only was this a brutal murder to watch - Otto didn't do things halfway - but it was the beginning of huge problems.

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Remembering the murdered women erased by the pro-sex work agenda. Eva Marree Smith Kullander, a Swedish mother of two, was stabbed to death by her ex-husband during a supervised visit with her children on July 11, 2013. A few years prior to her murder, Kullander (known professionally as Petite Jasmine) lost custody of her children when a family. These Murder on the Orient Express-type stories where a villain exists among a group of known entities have lost their punch, and when the story can't cut the mustard on its own, the late twist. Bonus: A Nod to Nordic Noir. Released May 12, 2016. July 9, 2019. --:--. Despite originating from what is widely considered to be the happiest—and most beautiful—region in the world, Nordic. Time of death: Season 5, episode 10, Mother's Mercy Cause of death: Arya gouges out his eyes and stabs him many times before slitting his throat, out of revenge for the death of her dancing. The Nordic noir comes from some of Iceland's best writers for screen and is the brainchild of Thordur Palsson. 'The Valhalla Murders' is the newcomer filmmaker's leap of faith and surprisingly, it doesn't even come across as a project of someone recent in the business, especially in creating television series

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The Valhalla Murders (Iceland, 1 season) A sub-genre of crime dramas from Scandinavia and other Nordic countries called Nordic noir (think The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo ) have hit our. The Beast Must Die is tightly written, with a measured pace and that Nordic-noir style of direction that makes every long shot look like an advert for an expensive car.The Isle of Wight has rarely. Deadwind season 2 is another fine outing for this underrated Nordic noir, with a more complex plot but the same sense of underlying humanity keeping things together. This review of Deadwind Season 2 is spoiler-free. You can check out our thoughts on the previous season by clicking these words. The second season of Deadwind (or Karppi, as it was. Nordic True Crime is a bi-weekly podcast covering a wide range of real crimes from the dark and frozen countries of northern Europe. Season 3 Episode 9 - The murders at Orderud Farm A Norwegian village is rocked by a triple murder at a family run farm. The police will not be short of suspects, but who is telling the truth and who is lying Every body tells a story. A crack team of forensic pathologists reveal the truth behind murders and accidental deaths. David Suchet stars as Agatha Christie's celebrated detective Hercule Poirot in this collection of murder mysteries, where he pits his wits against crime and injustice using his little grey cells

Maren Ueland, 28, from Norway, and Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, 24, from Denmark, were found dead near the village of Imlil in Morocco's High Atlas mountains on Monday Pray, Obey, Kill is a five-part docuseries, directed by Henrik Georgsson, that examines a 2004 shooting in the tiny Swedish town of Knutby that left Fossmo's wife Alexandra dead and his neighbor. THIS IS THE 2018 VERSION OF THIS GUIDE - CLICK HERE FOR THE 2020 EDITION Fun fact: for the fifth year running our Murder Mysteries to Binge Watch NOW was the #1 clicked story on BYT. And no wonder. Some of the best shows on TV are mysteries and your Netflix/Amazon Prime /Hulu/ Acorn / MhZ Choice / Masterpiece / HBO GO / ETC recommendations/queues are BRIMMING with murder, mayhem, AND amazing. His idea: a slow-burning series that examined the tentacular implications of a single murder in the course of ten episodes. (Ultimately, the first season had twenty episodes, which turned out to. Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories is a podcast drama with a modern twist on old time radio that delves into the mystery of true cold cases and unsolved murders. With the help of an ensemble cast, follow our hosts as they take you on an entertaining journey through the crime scene, the..

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If you have binge watched The Valhalla Murders (2019-20) and/or are a keen follower of Trapped (2015-ongoing), I can assure you that Katla will not disappoint. Netflix's newest Icelandic addi(c)tion is a true slow-burning thriller set to the atmospheric hues of a fantastical Nordic noir At the very center of English literature is a work of art we might describe as Nordic noir avant la lettre. The moody detective sets about solving a murder—a case of poisoning—but finds himself tangled in a conspiracy. A man is stabbed; a woman's corpse is heaved out of a river. The final scene is slippery with Danish blood Welcome to the third issue of The Acorn TV Dispatch. In this month's newsletter we'll take a closer look at the new Acorn TV Original series Keeping Faith and the distinct part of Britain where it's set.We've got a special Q&A with actor John Nettles, who played DCI Barnaby in Midsomer Murders before Neil Dudgeon took over the role.. And we'll introduce Andrew Lannerd, a U.K. travel.

ACORN TV JUNE 2021 SCHEDULE AVAILABLE JUNE 7. Ms. Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries Season 2 (Acorn TV Original) (Episodes 1 and 2 of 8) A spinoff of the Australian sensation Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, the swinging 1960's crime series Ms. Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries follows the fearless and spirited Peregrine Fisher (Logie Award- nominated Geraldine Hakewill, Wanted), the. Roku had a few episodes (the first series actually) of a show called The Good Karma Hospital. Great show! For $0.99 we could have Acorn TV for the first month, so we could finish the other two 6-episode series. Immediately we found another show we like, Jack Irish. I have a feeling we are going to keep this longer than a month All the info there on the meanings of Scandinavia / the Nordic countries / Fennoscandia / the Scandinavian peninsula concurs with what I've read elsewhere, books, articles etc. The link saved me writing stuff out. Wikipedia is considerably better than it used to be and there are many articles that show signs of academic input if you know the topic Burden of Truth returns to The CW's primetime with an episode that finds Joanna handling a controversial case. Directed by Doug Marshall from a script by Brad Simpson, season four episode one will air on July 30, 2021 at 8pm ET/PT. The cast is led by Kristin Kreuk as Joanna Chang and includes Peter Mooney as Billy Crawford, Star Slade as Luna Spence, Meegwun Fairbrother as Officer Owen. Notably, many studies have reiterated the claim that conditions created under the Nordic Model impose additional risks to women in the sex trade. The women in street prostitution are now required to close deals quickly, thus being unable to perform a risk assessment (Le Bail & Giametta, 2018; Levy & Jakobsson, 2014; Rasmussen et al., 2014)

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2012 was our first year as a label and saw us bring to fruition many ambitious ideas such as the Nordic Noir Film Club, and with three events under our belt, as of writing - including the hugely popular 3-sitting screening and Q&A of the last two episodes of Borgen Season 2 with the luminous Sidse Babett Knudsen in Edinburgh, we are fully up. Sara Lund and Saga Norén have a lot to answer for. Their adventures in the murk of murder as they grapple with their own dysfunctional psychology entranced audiences who don't speak a scrap of Danish or Swedish. The search has since gone on for other gripping instances of Nordic noir. How long can it be before we accept that The Killing and The Bridge both had ingredients that aren't.

Watch and Embed Trailer. Watch Screeners. Download Photos. The Murders hits US shores beginning Thursday, February 4 th, with the entire first season streaming exclusively on Sundance Now, including the Sundance Now offering within the AMC+ streaming bundle. The series revolves around Kate Jameson (Jessica Lucas, Gotham, Melrose Place), a rookie homicide detective in Vancouver whose negligence. Frazier Glenn Miller Jr. was convicted of capital murder in 2015 and sentenced to death after killing three people outside Jewish centers in Kansas. In a self-published 1999 autobiography, the white supremacist pledged himself to Odin, the ancient Norse god of war and death