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Being collectively drunk is fine. If you are drunk texting someone else that is also drunk then everything seems to make sense. Receiving texts from a drunk person while you are sober though is another thing entirely. Here are the 17 funniest drunk texts ever sen These are 21 of the worst drunk texts that people have sent: 1. Ate 3 boxes of peeps on Easter and took the nastiest shit. Tried texting a pic to my group of guy friends but instead sent it to the girl I had been dating for 3 weeks. 2 years later she still brings it up. 2 We dug up a Reddit thread from 8 years ago about the worst drunk texts people have sent, and damn, people in the last decade really went hard. Have you sent out worst drunk texts than the ones listed below? Posted by abbyadler. Share. Tweet. Stumble. Pin It. Email. 1. Pin It. Via u/SKetterling

Suddenly your ex, or that girl in the office you have been mildly flirting with and exchanging funny texts with, seems like just the person who would love to join you for one last drink. Tongue out, one eye open, the other squinting with concentration while you jab awkwardly at the screen with your index finger, you marvel at the poetry of a funny drunk text you are capable of when the. level 1. Biomortis. · 8y. Was blitzed and my feet really hurt (I have bi-lateral clubfeet with corrective surgery) so I sent my dad one that said Thanks for the fucked up feet you dopey cunt He didn't appreciate it at all. In my defense, he did provide the fucked up gene. 515. level 2. [deleted] · 8y 15. Best drunk text he's ever received. Naturally, I can't remember texts I sent while drunk. But my best received from a drunk person? Up tree send help no shoe. 16. A drunken proverb from a roommate. Mine usually are just spelling and grammar nightmares, but my roommate drunkenly sent this gem: Beliefs are gone toads are.

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The more you agonize over the text message the more time it will take you to recover from sending it in the first place. The sooner you accept the situation for what it is, the sooner you will be on your way to inner peace. Own It. Once you have accepted the fact that you sent the drunk text — or multiple texts — own up to your actions According to The Sun, for the last few days, Reddit users have been sharing the worst drunk texts that they've ever sent — with hilarious results. And now they've gotten even worse. What was the worst drunk text you've ever sent? Close. 2.4k. Posted by u/[deleted] 4 years ago. Archived. What was the worst drunk text you've ever sent? 1.6k comments. share. save. hide. report. 91% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best

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  1. Drunk people really are the best and the worst. Avoiding drunk texts is totally possible without giving up drinking! Technology made it easier to avoid drunk texting and drunk driving. The app Drunk Mode(iOS, Andriod) helps hide cell contacts so you don't accidentally drunk text and call
  2. Reddit users have been sharing the worst drunk texts they've ever sent and the results are both mortifying and hilarious. Reddit user D_rotic sent a text, which he believed was to his friend.
  3. Drunk words are sober thoughts, baby. Tips ; We asked Lancs students what their worst drunk texts are and we're embarrassed for them . You decide to text your ex, parents, mates, or.
  4. Drunk texts happen, and while it wasn't your finest moment, it couldn't have been your worst. So forgive your drunk ass for hitting send and forget your stupid mistake. Have a drinking plan. One stupid drunk texting experience can be enough to last a lifetime, so if you never want to go through that hell again, you need a plan for next time
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  6. My drunk texts ruined many would-be romances before they even began, but they also accelerated the ones that lasted. It was my way to get close to a man for the first time, to show him who I.

Users on reddit have been sharing the worst messages they have sent and received. See if your drunk texts match up to these: There were murder confessions. Nudes that definitely went to the wrong person. Declarations of lust Messages you never want to receive from your parent Alternatively download the 'Stop Drunk Texting' app that removes numbers from your phone for a 12-hour period, because making your hangover worst with drunk texts is basically a huge no-no Drunk text was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2006, are now transparent. Roundups of the worst drunk texts ever, on sites such as BroBible and Daily Mail, are obviously fake,.

21 Drunk Texts from Tipsy Parents. Wrong Number Texts Get Very Dirty Very Fast. 29 Drunk Text Wins And Fails. 29 Great Moments In Drunkenness. 22 Girls Owning Your Awkward Flirty Texts. 27 Hilarious Texting Wins And Fails. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Goes On The Most Insane Text Rant. 18 Special Things About Texting Friends He texts just to chat and not asking you to make plans. It's the worst kind of false hope when your crush's name pops up on your phone and you think he's going to ask what you're up to this weekend and all he does is make small talk. The sad truth is that guys get bored and text girls they don't really want to hang out with (571): View more from Virginia So I went home with some chick last night... I'm not sue what's worse: not getting a nut at 5am, the condom breaking and not being replaced, feeling poo when I put my finger in her but, sleeping on a heroin mattress in her living room, her swine flu coughing fit at 7am or realizing she peed the matt at 10am Main Channel - Kidd and Cee : https://www.youtube.com/user/lmorton17Vlog Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkE2-ekaNOa_aYR_Ji8OUyAMAKE SURE YOU LIK.. It'll be too late to take it back once the light of day hits, and there's nothing you could do except wallow in your embarrassment. We dug up a Reddit thread from 8 years ago about the worst drunk texts people have sent, and damn, people in the last decade really went hard. Have you sent out worst drunk texts than the ones listed below

On this week's episode we ask each other questions on the spot. We cover: advice you wish you could tell your pre-sober self, the worst drunk text we ever sent, simple sober joys, worst hangover stories, and more! Tune in every Tuesday for new episodes and be sure to subscribe for the latest update PEOPLE CAUGHT CHEATING OVER TEXTS! Caught cheating by texting wrong number/person! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! TEXTING PRANK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v.. These are the most excruciating drunk texts that people have ever sent A jumbled array of badly spelt and often embarrassing drunken thoughts being delivered into the inboxes of exes, friends and. 37 People Share The Worst, Most Embarrassing Text They've Sent While Drunk 30 Hilarious Times A Text (Or Sext) Got Sent To The Wrong Person 21 People Talk About The Time They Accidentally Text Messaged The Wrong Perso Unfortunately, hindsight is 20/20, and plenty of people have ignored this sage advice in favor of firing off drunk texts to friends, family members, and even total strangers. While they probably regretted hitting send the next day, I'm sure the hangover was penance enough. These texts are their stories: 1. Smooth move drunk me from funn

People Admit The Worst Drunk Text They've Ever Sent Uploaded 08/17/2016 in facepalm We've all been there, but maybe not to this exten Read hours later, when the birds are chirping and the coffee is brewing, these messages are hilarious at best, offensive at worst. Here's a list of 20 texts you might've received, and what they. The best cure for a hangover is water, water, water. You need to rehydrate your body with something healthy to clean out all the toxins you poured down your throat last night. Until your body is back to its healthy percentage of H2O, don't even worry about that drunk text. 2. Re-read your texts to assess the damage Can you share some funny drunk texts you had with someone? Sorry, Nour, but I rarely text and my drinking days ended the night I fell off a train. Mind you, that was. Drunk Text Reveals What We Truly Feels. by Kris De Vera Estrella on February 02, 2021 in Life , Relationship. If somebody drunk text, you appreciate it because they think of you when they can hardly think straight. Based on the definition of Oxford Language, drunk texting is a text message while drunk typically one that is embarrassing or foolish

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9: Hospital bee incident, these are just the worst. 10: Wrong number man gives the funniest text ever. 11: Britney Spears famous meme photo makes for a funny text fails. 12: Gangsta can't use iPhone. Or can he? Auto correct wins again. 13: Dad is just looking for his shotgun, nothing biggy. 14: Lets go party! Never mind, wrong numbe Best Drunk Texts You've Ever Read viewed by 6.1k people and contain funny and fails photos or videos that will make your day. This Articles posted by our author Funny Things, 6 years ago 6 years ago on NeedFunny. Share Best Drunk Texts You've Ever Read to Facebook, Twitter or other social media to help friends find these funn Drunk texting the worst of the worst ideas yet seems a good one when we are under the influence. It could be down to our zodiac sign why we do it. They will just like everyone who drunk texts regret sending it in the morning or they may just feel that you being told what a POS you are was long overdue and be thanking alcohol for giving them. iPhone is a smartphone. When you send a text message, it checks spelling mistakes and corrects your writing. Like Siri, iPhone autocorrect has a good sense of humor and often replaces original phases with funny, epic or even scandalous expressions.. SEE ALSO: How to Download Free Music to iPhone Since coming to iPhone in 2012 autocorrect got much smarter, but unique texts are still hilarious

A Drunk Girl's Guide to Late Night Texting (Based on Lots of Personal Experience) texting etiquette, I must first declare this a shame-free space. That is, we must all agree that no one late-night texts elegantly, or eloquently, or respectably, and that's fine. We, as humans, are allowed the time and space to be reckless with our words. Drunk texts to myself, I should've left this thing at home Start a band called Dwarf Cooter Black people are the second worst at being President Tell all of your friends you're moving back to.

Shutterstock. Text messages are not the place to hash out a complex debate. As Psych Central founder and editor-in-chief John M. Grohol, PsyD, explains on the site, texts are meant to be brief—so if a conversation is going to go deeper or could present opportunities for disagreement, it should be had in person. Any conversation that's serious or is likely going to lead to a disagreement. The Carrollton bus collision occurred on May 14, 1988 on Interstate 71 in unincorporated Carroll County, Kentucky.The collision involved a former school bus in use by a church youth group and a pickup truck driven by an alcohol-impaired driver. The head-on collision was the deadliest incident involving drunk driving and the third-deadliest bus crash in United States history Drunk Texting Lyrics: Said I'm all up in my feelings, doubled up on this shot / Got me feelin' some type of way / Told you I hate you, I don't mean it / And the only thing that I got / Is the pain.

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YouTuber shares friend's drunk texts on billboard. Hello. Can I stay w u or not. U break my heart. ok ur the worst. Smith then continued to text Mariduena with pleas of desperation. Dobrik felt obligated to teach Smith a lesson about drunk texting and proceeded to buy space on a billboard and publicly shame him. Footage of the. Calling an ex when you're drunk is never good, but the worst drunk dial story I have doesn't involve an ex at all. 99% of my OTHER drunk dials/texts have resulted in feelings of guilt and/or regret the next day though... Report as inappropriate. 10/31/2008. sue s. Philadelphia, PA The 25 Worst YouTube Comments Ever. YouTube is like the DMV; the dregs of humanity mixed in with all the (relatively) normal people and allowed to roam freely. Here are 25 of the worst YouTube comments that will make you cringe, laugh, cry, vomit, and say Oh no you didn't!. All at the same time The next morning I asked if he meant everything he texted and he said yes, a drunk man means whatever he says. I asked the same question to all my male friends and got mixed replies and now I'm more confused. Do men really speak the truth while they're drunk or is it just BS? What you say is a decision If that was drunk texting, I'd like to hear that person when sober. When Ive enjoy my bourbon and text, I cant figure out the next day what the hell I wrote. One of the worst inventions made - cell phones. Bring back the old party lines and pay phones. Hahahahahaha

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Nov 10, 2017 - Explore Melody Sackett's board I Wasn't That Drunk Texts on Pinterest. See more ideas about drunk texts, i wasnt that drunk texts, funny texts. Nov 10, 2017 - Explore Melody Sackett's board I Wasn't That Drunk Texts on Pinterest. #15 Worst Text #Fails of 2013: Texting is dangerous territory! Sometimes we say what we want. Drunk Text Savior, iOS, 99 cents Like a sober personal assistant, Drunk Text Savior will evaluate your message, making note of spelling errors in your text (or Tweet or Facebook update). If it detects enough errors, it flashes a message that says, Warning! You May Be Drunk! You have some warning signs in your text. Possibly too many drinks 3. Texts and emails are flirty and sexual. You can tell so much about a man's interest in you by the content of his communication. Players, who only have a sexual interest in you, use texts and emails as opportunities to turn the discussion into sexual conversation

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A quarter-century after the worst-ever drunk driving crash, survivors share with a new film why people should remember. Karolyn Nunnallee still remembers that morning 25 years ago when her husband. Lewis Capaldi has been outed as the worst drunk texter in the world of showbiz. One Direction star Niall Horan made the revelation on breakfast radio this morning. The pair struck up a friendship. I Wasn't That Drunk Texts, Ranked Best to Worst. Spongebob!!! | LolBuzz.Net - Funny Pictures, Epic Fail, Epic, iPhone Autocorrect, Iphone Text, Funny Joke, Comics, Troll. Image uploaded by Lolbuzz.net. Find images and videos about funny, text and lol on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love

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Barstool Sports. August 16, 2020 ·. ‪Firing off i miss you drunk texts to every girl in your contacts at 2am (via ig:_subhan_14_)‬. 1.7K1.7K. 467 Comments 396 Shares Here is a list of the five worst days of the year for drunk driving. Avoid hitting the road, especially late at night and early in the morning on these days to stay away from intoxicated drivers.

The reason why he sent you a message could be a longing in an unstable state when drunk. However, this is a good response to the message of a drunk one: 0.1 1. No Need To Berate. 0.2 2. Reply With Good Words Or Do Not Reply. 0.3 3. Pay Attention So She Will Stay Away From You On May 14, 1988, twenty-four children and three adults died when a drunk driver crashed into their school bus in Carroll County. It was the worst drunk driving crash in United States history. A.

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Jets Wire takes a look at the worst draft picks in Jets history by round. text email link Sam Neumann. April 27, 2021 8:25 am ET Montana for drunk driving shortly after being drafted. He. A man has recorded the moment he confronted Tucker Carlson at a fishing supplies store in Montana and called him 'the worst human being ever' in a rant about the Fox news host's stance on Covid. Texting in traffic isn't simply a problem among teens and 47% of adults admit that they text while driving. Texting drivers are 23 times more likely to be involved in a crash than non-texting drivers (Driving while Texting Six Times More Dangerous than Driving while Drunk, 2014). A mobile phone while driving is not only physically distractin Let's face it: Getting drunk is the absolute worst. Know what's also the absolute worst? Drunk people who have to tell you everything via text when they're a dozen deep, bro.What better way, then. Let's be honest, drunk-texting is something almost everyone likes to do. Honesty is hard and takes effort but when you're drunk, it seems so easy and communication becomes something you don't have to think about at all! Let's see the top 10 drunk texts

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See these text and understand that drink is't for everyone. These people never, never need to drink again 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. - Part Read another drunk text from the story Hilarious Texts by walkinginclouds (meh) with 42,106 reads. texts. i wasn't that drunk dude, you were in my closet..

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These are some seriously funny drunk texts from moms that will completely confirm this theory. This collection of funny mom texts feature moms from all walks of life cutting loose for a little much needed R&R. Moms deserve a drink more than just about anybody on the planet. These funny texts from drunk moms are sure to have you rolling B F Jones is French and lives in the UK. She has flash fiction and poetry in various UK and US online magazines. Her poetry chapbook, Last Orders, and collection, Panic Attack, will both be published by Close To The Bone late 2021 3am drunk texts I want To lick your Wounds Clean Start Somethin

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When texts and emails go wrong: 5 people reveal their worst mistakes 'Drunk, I ended up in a gutter in Ladbroke Grove in a white dress - ruched, vintage number - on my 23rd birthday.. 10. When your're drunk side thinks it's being helpful, it isn't. Imgur. 11. Drunk you will sleep just about anywhere. Imgur. 12. Drunk you can't text. Imgur. 13. Drunk you makes the worst kind of decisions. Imgur. 14. Drunk you shouldn't be trusted with valuable things. Imgur. 15. Drunk you sucks at giving gifts. Imgur. 16 15 People Confess The Worst Things They've Ever Done Drunk. it's also when the infamous group text invites, DM's and promoters come in handy. my drunk self came to the glorious conclusion that it would be a good idea to cannonball into a puddle while screaming POOLPARTYYYY! at the top of my lungs. 5 Texts like these come off as clingy and make it seem as if you have no other options, so you result to begging. In the best-case scenario, the woman will just ignore them. But in the worst case, she may feel entitled to use that shift of power you just gave her, and rub it in your face Like it or not, people are held accountable for what they saydrunk or sober. One of the worst things about getting drunk is waking up the next morning with no memory of the night's events. Instead, other people are forced to fill in the blanks and explain how hours of non-stop brutal honesty has likely damaged a few friendships.

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To teach Smith a lesson about drunk texting, Dobrik bought space on a billboard to publicly shame him. Dobrik's video has since gone viral, receiving more than 10 million views on YouTube Feb 17, 2016 - Explore Ajmal Mir's board Funny Drunk text messages on Pinterest. See more ideas about drunk text messages, funny drunk texts, drunk texts Liz Hammett, 36, a mom-of-one from Ohio, is an evil genius when it comes to tormenting her mother - and her album of hilarious text messages have been loved by thousands. It's a BRAND NEW collection of Texts from Mittens on Catster, and Mittens is afraid Drunk Patty's about to pop him in the oven October 31, 2016, 8:40 AM. Most of the time, all goes well. You type out texts and they come out just as they're supposed to. But every once in a while something goes embarrassingly wrong. 2. Respond immediately to every text. No one like textpectation (that terrible feeling you get when you're waiting for a message response). Even five minutes is too long to wait. If you wait more than six minutes, he'll probably assume you died and move on to his next Tinder match In 2009, Car and Driver conducted a driving test with their editor-in-chief and an intern to prove or disprove that texting while driving was more dangerous than drunk driving.The first step of their experiment was to test and measure the reaction times of both drivers while driving sober with no distractions, and then while reading and sending text messages on their cell phones