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Thieves particularly target 2004-2009 second-generation Prius models, though model years up to 2015 have experienced increased cat converter theft. How to Prevent Prius Catalytic Converter Theft? Here are 10 most effective tips to keep your catalytic converter safe Rhodium is commonly used in hybrid catalytic converters, and its value has skyrocketed in recent years, reaching a value of $14,000 per ounce. It's easy to see why stealing catalytic converters is such an attractive prospect to someone looking to make fast cash. Unfortunately for Prius owners, if a catalytic converter is stolen it isn't cheap. Thieves are specifically targeting 2004-2009 Prius, though model years up to 2015 have experienced increased theft of the catalytic converter. Even under lock and key, in lit parking lots, behind fences, under video surveillance, thieves are stealing these parts Which year models are prone to catalytic converter theft? Thinking of buying a Prius but all these posts of Cat theft have me worried. Is it just the Gen 2 Prius or are the newer models affected? 8 comments. share. save. hide. report. 84% Upvoted. This thread is archived

I had my converter stolen on my Gen 2 Prius last year in the parking lot where I work. It took over 3 weeks to get it replaced. Luckily insurance covered most of the $3,100 bill As 2019 Prius XLE owner living in the Bay Area, I am concerned about Catalytic Converter thefts. I know that older models are usually targeted but I have heard nothing on newer models like mine. Therefore, does anyone here have information on 2019 Prius models being target for Catalytic Converter thefts, and if so, do you recommend getting. Catalytic converters aren't cheap—it can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 to have a shop replace the catalytic converter on a Toyota Prius. In other words: Having your car's catalytic converter stolen can be a significant financial burden. But converter theft seems to happen far more often in major cities than in rural areas If you have been a victim of catalytic converter theft, you know how devastating it can be. Prius owners are now raising their voices to get Toyota to help them out with the issue. Here is what. According to the SMPD, the latest target continues to be the Toyota Prius, though all vehicles made after 1975 are required by law to have a cat converter. To decrease the likelihood of catalytic converter theft, the SMPD says to please follow these tips: Always park in well-lit areas or within your garage if possible

2002 Prius Model: N/A. There is a glaring question that still rings out to me on this whole catalytic converter theft topic: Why are there no third party cats for the Gen 1+2 Prius cars that have gotten an EO number? Here's a list of cars in my area that are the same year, make and model, and are close to my car's condition and this is. Q: I just had my catalytic converter stolen from my 2006 Prius. I had been trying to find someone to put an anti-theft cover on it without success. My Toyota dealer can't do it yet

A screengrab from a YouTube video shows the apparent theft of a catalytic converter in east London. Photograph: YouTube Crime wave targeting models such as the Toyota Prius and Auris is a growing. Thefts of catalytic converters have gone from 108 per month in 2018 to more than 5,000 per month in 2021 as thieves capitalize on metal price spikes WOODINVILLE, WA—Three separate Toyota Prius owners recently had the catalytic converters cut away and stolen from their vehicles, according to the Woodinville Police Department. Police said all. Thefts of catalytic converters have soared in the second half of 2020, according to one of the UK's biggest car insurers. The Toyota Prius hybrid is among the models most targeted by thieves.

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  1. *I'll update this list accordingly as new aftermarket catalytic converters for the Prius roll out. Magnaflow. Website- www.magnaflow.com According to EO D-193-151, Magnaflow has successfully proved their cats for the Toyota Prius pass California's standards and can legally sell both direct fit and universal catalytic converters for the following Toyota and Lexus
  2. Thieves have targeted Toyota Prius and other hybrid models. Just five years ago, an ounce of palladium was worth nearly $600, according to Johnson Matthey, a British chemical and technology.
  3. All of the recovered catalytic converters belong to Toyota Prius models ranging from the model year 2004 to 2009. Thieves who steal catalytic converters are after the precious metals inside
  4. Terrifying moment masked man charges at couple with a drill when they confront thieves trying to steal their car's catalytic converter. The thieves jacked up the Toyota Prius on the driveway on the outskirts of Bristol. Marta Fernandez-Anaes and Amjad Reza Mehdi could hear the noise of the theft
  5. Toyota is at the forefront of efforts to prevent catalytic converter theft, and has acknowledged that the second and third-generation Prius models (2004-2009 and 2009-2016) and second-generation.

Catalytic converter thefts nearly doubled so far this year. BeenVerified estimates there were 25,969 thefts from January through May, an 80% increase from the 14,433 reported stolen in 2020. By comparison, only 3,389 thefts were reported in 2019, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. Toyota, Honda and Lexus vehicles are top targets Catalytic converter thefts in your area. Conurbations such as London and the West Midlands predictably show the largest numbers (with the 13,716 recorded incidents in 2020 making the capital the global epicentre of catalytic converter theft, according to police), but the problem has spread across the country, with areas such as Dorset seeing a 187% increase in 2020 The Toyota Prius is the top model being targeted for catalytic converter thefts, according to APD. The other top models are the Honda Element, Ford Econoline, Chevrolet Express, and Toyota Tundra

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  1. Pacific Grove hit with rash of parts thefts from Prius cars message warning Prius owners of a rash of catalytic converter thefts. (Courtesy PG Police) 10 years in the Silicon Valley.
  2. May 13, 2021 - Investigators in the Houston Police Department Auto Theft Division are warning motorists to be aware of a rising national crime that has also hit Houston: catalytic converter thefts. Thefts of the converters in the city so far in 2021 have increased by 300% compared to the same time period last year. The converters contain precious metals and can be stolen from a vehicle in less.
  3. John Hansen explains why catalytic converters are so valuable to thieves. (Photo: Ward Jolles, WKOW) Them cutting them off on the street and so on and so forth is pretty much a new thing, Hansen said. Hansen has worked at Hansen Auto Service Center his entire life and says catalytic converter theft has only been an issue the past couple of years
  4. Toyota Model: Prius Toyota Year: 2007 Location: NeathPortTalbot; Share; Posted April 5. Hi, I have a second generation prius 2007. In February my catalytic converter was stolen. I discussed the repair options with my local mechanic and he advised me to get it done through Toyota as he had tried fitting aftermarket cats on 3 priuses and said.
  5. Theft of catalytic converters, an emission control device that reduces pollutants, have been rampant and the devices are valuable to thieves because of the metals in them. Police say Toyota Prius.

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Translate that into Toyota Prius that has a very high concentration of palladium in their catalytic converters, and you have a recipe for theft since a Prius converter can easily fetch a prime. Car manufacturers have also taken steps to protect catalytic converters from theft. Honda, for example, has fitted Accord and Jazz models from 2008 onwards with a tray under the car to make it harder for thieves to get at the catalytic converter. In models from 2015 onwards, the catalytic converter has been placed within the engine bay, so a. WOODINVILLE, WA—Three separate Toyota Prius owners recently had the catalytic converters cut away and stolen from their vehicles, according to the Woodinville Police Department. Police said all. Q: As a specialist in Toyota hybrids at Art's Automotive in Berkeley, we have replaced close to 100 Prius catalytic converters since late spring of 2019. Most have been 2004 to 2009 models, and.

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2012 Toyota Prius | Toyota. RELATED: Protect Your Catalytic Converter - More Thieves Want Them One of the first ways to prevent catalytic converter theft is to know if your specific make and model is a target in the first place. According to Nerd Wallet, Ford trucks, the Honda Element, and the Toyota Prius are prime targets.The Prius is popular due to being an ultra-low emissions vehicle, as. Muffler Tech has been in business for almost 21 years and catalytic converter replacement is a huge part of our business. The stolen cat epidemic has been p.. Toyota Prius catalytic converter scrap price. has turned into a wave of thefts of a car catalytic converter. According to the latest statistics, over the past six months, palladium prices have increased by more than 50%. (Germany, France, USA, Japan or China, RF); Car model, engine size, year of manufacture, country of assembly or where. Stephanie Dreadan says her 24-year-old son had his 2001 Prius catalytic converter stolen in the middle of the night two weeks ago, leaving the young family with thousands of dollars in repairs You can file suit against anyone for anything. You can also lose and might be liable for their attorney's fees. Explain to me just how Toyota is responsible for a criminal act by unknown 3rd parties. When you have answered that then answer just wh..

There has been a major uptick in stolen catalytic converter units from Prius vehicles, particularly in model years 2004-2009, but up to 2015 models have been targeted. The reason for these targeted thefts is the precious metals that the catalytic converter units are made of April 27. There were six reports of theft of catalytic converters taken from Toyota Prius's between 6:05 a.m. and 6:13 p.m. The vehicles were parked in driveways on Newton Street, Payson Road. According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's department, there has been a 400% increase in catalytic converter theft from 2019 to 2020. Now only three months into this year, we see record numbers. Catalytic converter theft is no small matter. It is a billion-dollar black-market industry that is destroying the environment and the lives of Prius owners. Catalytic converter theft is not.

NICB recently released a study on the rising nationwide catalytic converter theft trend. In California, the data indicates catalytic converter thieves prefer certain vehicles over others. Those vehicles most often targeted for catalytic converter theft during the past three years in California are the Toyota Prius, Honda Element, Honda Accord, Ford Econoline, Honda CRV, Ford F-250, Toyota. Last year, it was reported that the most stolen car in America was a late-model Honda Accord. Unsurprisingly, the most common target for hybrid thefts is the Toyota Prius. Long seen as the industry standard for green cars, the Prius has become a ubiquitous sight on American roads, with 1.4 million cars sold in the past 10 years alone. Still, I have to pay the $500 deductible, plus $300 to get a metal cage installed to prevent another theft. All because some a-hole can make $150 by selling it to an unscrupulous scrap dealer. Ugh. My dealer said they are only targeting 2004-2009 Priuses because the catalytic converter is very easy to cut off in those cars In another theft earlier this year, an accomplice keeps a lookout as a thief jacks up a Toyota Prius in broad daylight. Catalytic converter theft is soaring across the country as criminals cash in.

Prius was the most popular target of thieves in the past but since the pandemic many other makes and models are being sought out and have become the target of catalytic converter theft. This video explains more detail about the rise in theft and the variety of vehicle models targeted Catalytic converter thefts are up 172 percent this year, More than a third of these thefts have involved the Toyota Prius model due to the higher concentration of precious metal, CMPD said. Local police are busy responding to a recent rash of thefts involving catalytic converters. They contain expensive metals and have a street value of $250. They contain expensive metals and have a.

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Before the pandemic, catalytic converter thefts had become rare, averaging 108 per month in 2018, according to NICB data. That rose to 282 monthly in 2019 and spiked to 1,203 in 2020, increasing steadily as the year went on and reaching 2,347 in December Absolutely, Toyota has no fault at all, the catalytic converters are designed for completely different purpose and only recently since 2019 had become a target of thefts and of a high demand, before that rarely. I had hybrids since 2012 and my current car was parked on the street for years and no one ever touched Other catalytic converter thefts reported over the past year that involved Priuses included a Nov. 7 theft in the 1600 block of Veranda Park Drive that cost the owner $2,000 to repair, and an Oct. Some quick math reveals if that's true, the value of each catalytic converter is $3,000, which is a lot, even for the most valuable—and likely most often stolen—Toyota Prius cat

Catalytic converter theft is an industry-wide challenge. While the Prius is just as much at risk as any other vehicle, Toyota and Lexus have sold more than 4 million hybrids in the U.S., more. The precise number of thefts is unknown. The National Insurance Crime Bureau, the prime data source for vehicle thefts reported to insurance companies, stopped tracking converter thefts after 2015. In that year, the NICB wrote that nearly 4,000 catalytic converters were reported stolen nationwide - a 23 percent increase since 2008 Q: The catalytic converter just got stolen from my '07 Prius for the second time in two months — and it took nearly three weeks to get the part in to fix it the first time because this is.

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We are joining the fight against Catalytic Converter Theft! If your not sure why this is a big deal- just ask a few Prius Owners. It is known that their catalytic converters are considered valuable and that converter theft is at a all time high especially within the Southern California His catalytic converter was stolen—one of more than 350 thefts in Marin this year. A couple hours later, he was in his garden and heard the same sound—his neighbor's Prius had been hit, too. Catalytic converter thefts are on the rise in Marin and across the nation, and law enforcement officers are struggling to catch the culprits Newer models (for the Prius, that's 2018 onwards) have their catalytic converters better protected with anti-tampering devices as standard - and they are also stamped with serial numbers Discussion Starter · #1 · Jun 28, 2020. In my neck of the woods in California, the catalytic converters are being stolen frequently for the money value. I called around town to muffler shops and they say that the majority of cars that come in to get a new converter installed are the Prius's and very few if any Rav4 MagnaFlow offers high-quality CARB catalytic converters engineered for 2007 Toyota Prius sub-models and engine sizes. We combine efficient design and state-of-the-art manufacturing to meet or exceed required California and Colorado emissions standards. Select your 2007 Toyota Prius requirements and EFN to buy the best Prius catalytic converter.

Cars built after 1974 have catalytic converters, and most thieves would harvest them from unsuspecting owners. However, cars such as Toyota Tundra, Toyota Prius, Toyota Tacoma, Ford F-250, and Honda Element & CRV are the most common vehicles thieves target in the US. Although catalytic converter thefts happen at night, thieves can steal them. Thefts of catalytic converters have gone from 108 per month in 2018 to more than 5,000 per month in 2021 as thieves capitalize on metal price spikes It is made of sturdy yet lightweight aluminum and attaches to existing mounting points on your Prius. Once installed it provides a strong barrier against catalytic converter theft. We currently have kits that will protect the 2004-2009 model cars as well as kits for the 2010 - 2015 vehicles

HOUSTON — Catalytic converter thefts are on the rise. The Houston Police Department said the thefts are up nearly 400% compared to last year, and there's no sign of them slowing down As these thefts become more common, we estimate the average cost of a claim for a stolen catalytic converter is around £1,500. The most susceptible cars are: Pre-2015 Honda Jazz (post-2015 models have had their converter moved to under the bonnet, where it's much safer) Toyota Prius. Toyota Auris. Lexus RX In St. Louis, catalytic converter thefts jumped more than eightfold, from 50 in 2019 to 420 last year, with the trend gaining speed near the end of the year into early 2021. In Lexington, S.C. Word of warning to any Toyota Prius hybrid owners. My neighbours catalytic converter was cut out of her car on Sunday night. Two guys in a BMW got out, jacked up the car and cut out the cat with an angle grinder in less than 10 minutes

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  1. Denver, Colorado has seen a 1,600% year-over-year increase in catalytic-converter thefts during the pandemic. In 2019, residents reported 15 thefts of catalytic converters, according to data from.
  2. With the high rise in catalytic converter thefts, repairs costs can bring sticker shock to victims, with prices ranging between $3,000 to $10,000, HPD said in a news release
  3. Thieves are stealing catalytic converters from parked cars, as prices of precious metals spike. Thefts of catalytic converters have skyrocketed from an average of 108 per month in 2018 to 2,347 in.
  4. The catalytic converter thefts in El Dorado County are heavily concentrated in El Dorado Hills and Cameron Park. So far this year deputies have responded to a total of 60 reports of catalytic converter thefts, with 32 of them involving a Prius or an Accord, officials warned in a public Facebook post
  5. NORTHAMPTON — Police are warning Toyota Prius owners in the city of a string of catalytic converter thefts this year that have primarily targeted that make and model of car. In a Facebook post.
  6. Any car fitted with a catalytic converter could be at risk. In Toyota's case it is second and third-generation Prius models (2004-2009 and 2009-2016 respectively) and second-generation Auris Hybrids (2012-2018) which have been particular targets for thieves. Below we've gathered the best advice for Toyota owners who may be concerned
  7. There has been a sharp increase in theft of catalytic converters - and hybrid cars such as the Toyota Prius, Honda Jazz Hybrid and Lexus RX are particularly affected.. Admiral car insurance has.

Owners of older Priuses in Cambridge hit by swarm of catalytic-converter thefts. Cambridge Police report nine residents who own Priuses made between 2004 and 2009 had their catalytic converters stolen between Saturday night and Sunday morning. The Gen-2 models, which have also been hit in Jamaica Plain and East Boston, were on either side of. Catalytic Converter Theft Was Shock­ingly Quick, Prius Owner Says. MT. WASHINGTON, Calif. — Lisa Dott was awoken at 2:45 in the morning when she heard what sounded like power tools outside her window. A quick look in her driveway confirmed the worst. I saw the lower half of a person sticking out from under my car, and instantly knew. It may be possible to adapt a late model Prius cat guard to our 12th gen Corolla which rides on the same TNGA-C platform. Our goal is to help protect your Catalytic Converter from theft. Cat Security™ 2016-2021 Prius (getcatsecurity.com

Police forces have also recognised the spike in catalytic converter thefts, with Kent Police receive a significant year-on-year increase in the number of the emissions devices being stolen, with. In Philadelphia, there were 489 auto theft episodes in 2019 in which the word catalytic or converter was mentioned in investigative notes, police say. There were 866 in 2020, a 77% increase. The thefts are on pace to jump again this year, with 586 reported episodes as of May 7 The Original Cat Security™ cat shield The Original Cat Security™ cat shield The Original Cat Security™ cat shield. Our goal is to help protect your Catalytic Converter from theft. Available for select makes and models. Buy It Now (click Here) Call Us Today! (916)502-9500

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When Guardian Money highlighted the problem in February last year, rival insurer LV= reported a 600% increase in the number of catalytic converter theft claims between 2018 and 2019. Victims. Many thieves are stealing hybrid catalytic converters because they hold a high value. The reason hybrid vehicles are targeted most is because the catalytic converter on these models are used a lot less keeping the precious metals inside more in tact.That being said, catalytic theft is highest among Toyota and Honda hybrid model vehicles

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In a four-month period ending in late February, Sonoma County law enforcement agencies fielded more than 400 reports of catalytic converter thefts, officials say. In the first six weeks of 2021. The Athens Banner-Herald obtained 17 recent reports of converter thefts in Athens dating to Jan. 22, and of those thefts, 13 were from a Prius, the others from a Ford pickup, a Hyundai Sonata, a. Catalytic Converter Theft in Houston is on the rise. First noticed by local law enforcement agencies, this trend appears to be nationwide. It might even be global. Two factors are working together to drive the increase in thefts. First, stricter emissions standards worldwide have skyrocketed demand for the metals used inside of CCs Fit 04-09 Toyota Prius Catalytic Converter Anti Theft Protection Cover Shield US (Fits: 2007 Toyota Prius) $97.99. Free shipping. For 2004-2006 2007 2008 2009 Toyota Prius 1.5L Catalytic Converter Front 31379 (Fits: 2007 Toyota Prius) $232.12. Free shipping. or Best Offer. SPONSORED

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Thefts remain high so far in 2021 with a 57 per cent increase in claims for catalytic converter thefts in March this year compared to the same month last year, according to data from Admiral. I really hope police can take action. This is like the 5th time someone tries to steal a prius catalytic converter from my neighbors in the passed month. 81. There was a guy who operated his catalytic converter theft ring out of a van parked across the street from my house for months. After years of putting up with the summer heat in. Police arrested a man after an attempted catalytic converter theft Monday. Photo: Ford Whitefield-brewer. ATTEMPTED CATALYTIC CONVERTER THEFT IN WEST BERKELEY On Monday just after 3:40 p.m., police responded to 10th Street and University Avenue on a report of someone trying to steal a catalytic converter from a parked Prius, police said.Witnesses told police they had seen the theft attempt. In nearby Charlotte, catalytic converter thefts are up 172 percent this year, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department reported in April. More than a third of these thefts have involved the Toyota.

In 2019, residents reported 15 thefts of catalytic converters, according to data from the Denver Police Department. In 2020, 257 were reported stolen. And just in January of this year, another 108. Lorna added: Our data shows the most susceptible cars to catalytic converter theft are the Honda Jazz, Toyota Prius, Toyota Auris and Lexus RX. Year on year we've seen an increase in this. Prius are not alone in being targets, trucks and other hybrids are also frequent victims. However, Prius are perhaps the most well known. Stealing the catalytic converter usually means thieves will jack your prius up and then cut the converter out, often damaging the O2 sensor in the process. The entire event takes less than two minutes If you are a thieving bastard, you likely use a lithium battery-powered hacksaw or Sawzall or angle grinder with the appropriate metal cutting blade. Please use Quora bandwidth wisely, and not for planning nefarious activities Catalytic converter thefts are up 172 percent this year, according to Charlotte police. (Shutterstock) CHARLOTTE, NC — A string of thefts that have left drivers with an expensive repair bill is. Catalytic converter thefts are at unprecedented levels, spiking more than 1,000% in Seattle between 2019 and 2021. So far this year, the daily average number of catalytic converter thefts has.