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Scottish variety introduced in the early 1800s. Enormous leeks that are 9-15 long by 2-3 in diameter. Tender white stalks, dark blue-green fan-shaped leaves. Mild flavor, stands winter well. Good buncher for market gardens. 80-150 days from transplant One of the best winter-hardy leeks you can grow. This Scottish heirloom has provided families with hearty soups and stews since the 1830s. An old dependable leek that produces thick white stalks 2-3 inches in diameter. The mild flavor and smooth, tender stalks explain why this variety has been passed from one generation to the next Giant Musselburgh Leek. Rating: 91 % of 100. 14 Reviews Add Your Review. An heirloom that was introduced in 1834 near Edinburgh, Scotland. Large, very thick stems; tasty mild flavor. Grows well in most locations; perfect for home or market. This old favorite has a huge size and is very winter hardy. $2.50

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[105 days from transplant] The Musselburgh is a large, mid-season leek well beloved in Britain for its mild flavour, tender stalks, and excellent tolerance to cold. It also happens to be one of the larger leeks, averaging 9-15 long by 2-3 in diameter, with just one leek providing a more than ample portion for the average soup or stew leek | vegetable GIANT MUSSELBURGH From $3.65 QUICK ADD. GIANT MUSSELBURGH. LEEK SUCCESSION. LEEK SUCCESSION. leek | vegetable LEEK SUCCESSION $9.95 QUICK ADD. LEEK SUCCESSION. TADORNA. TADORNA. leek | vegetable TADORNA From $3.35 QUICK ADD Giant Musselburgh Leeks are extremely cold-tolerant which makes them perfect for late harvests or for over-wintering. They form a very thick base with little bulbing, making cleaning easier and offering more weight per plant. Deeply colored blue-green flags stand upright. Mulch well for overwintering in northern regions

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Leeks require a long season, but are otherwise very easy to grow. Start the tiny seeds indoors in early spring, about 8 weeks before last frost date. Seeds do not need excessive heat or sunlight to germinate; ideal germination temperature is 60-65 F. Seeds take 10-14 days to germinate. Sow seeds ½ inch in deep pots (six inches at least) The Musselburgh leek is a mid-season leek, grown in Central and Eastern Scotland. Compared to more popular French varieties of leek it has a shorter, thicker white stem and a longer green flag, a common feature of Scottish leeks. The leeks are suited for the harsher Scottish conditions, and are known for their robust resilience

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The Young Grower. Today at 10:00 AM. This little one was hatched by Lady Grey this year I originally t hought it was a male but after some time the crown hasn't grow and she has no saddle feathers so I'm more then positive she's a lady but we will see what happens over the coming months. She is so Dark & Gorgeous. Leek 'Musselburgh' is extremely hardy and one of the most useful types of leek, being one that can be picked over winter from Dec to April when there is little else in the vegetable gardena very hardy leek. With medium-dark green tops and large, tender, white stalks which have a mild flavour; it is a very dependable performer that has. Heirloom Musselburgh Leek Seeds 187. $ 3.65 - $ 37.50. Certified Biodynamic and Organic. HEIRLOOM. One of the best, extremely hardy, enormous size 9-15x 2-3 in. diameter tender white stalks, medium to dark green fan-shaped leaves, mild flavor, stands winter well, good for home gardens, local market or shipping Yes. You can grow leeks in a container. Make sure that your container is 12 deep and has drainage holes. Fill with a mixture of potting soil and compost to a level about 4 below the top of the container, which will give you room to blanch the leeks later by adding layers of compost or soil. In hot weather you should keep them out of direct sun

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Giant Musselburgh leeks are a cool season biennial grown as an annual, thriving in well-worked, composted, well-drained soil, and lots of water. Usually heirloom Leeks are planted in fall in the South and the spring in the North. Leeks can be direct seeded or greenhouse started (to yield larger plants). To start indoors, plant leek seeds 8-10. Time to Sow the Musselburgh leeks early under glass for a summer cro Meanwhile my Musselburgh leek seedlings are just about ready to plant out. Over the years I have tried lots of different leek varieties. Some giant leeks, some pot leeks, some new F1 varieties and some heritage varieties. I have decided that you really can't beat Musselburgh - a good old favourite for a reason How to grow Musselburgh leeks. Sow outdoors, March to April, thinly in a seed bed, 1.5cm (½in) deep, directly into finely prepared, well-cultivated, fertile soil that has already been watered. Seedlings usually appear in 14-28 days. Water well until plants are established. Transplant 15cm (6in) apart into 15cm (6in) deep holes made with a dibber Easy to grow and Winter-hardy leeks with an excellent resistance to disease Benefiting from a strong growing habit, these Musselburgh plants will bear generously-sized leeks, which feature thick stems and deep-green foliage. These plants are additionally eas

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Harvest leeks by lifting carefully with a fork, aiming to avoid damaging neighbouring crops. Top. Five to try 'Musselburgh' - winter hardy with white stems. Pick from December to April A leek connoisseur, Weaver notes in his book Heirloom Vegetable Gardening that 'Musselburgh' stands on its own the tough reliability of this one takes it past a long list of leeks with. Leeks - Giant Musselburgh. $ 3.50 - $ 13.50. 2303 Allium ampeloprasum. 105 days from transplant. Also known as Scotch Flag. This dependable and cold hardy Scottish heirloom leek dates back to the 1830′ and it was first grown around Edinburgh. Stems are 10-15″ long and 2-3″ thick, with pleasantly mild flavour, great for winter soups. Leek 'Musselburgh' - a reliable mid-season leek, with good flavour and texture. A good cropper, it is also very hardy and has good resistance to rust; Leek 'Pandora' - an early variety, with long regular stems, this can be harvested from September to January

Giant Musselburgh Leeks ( Allium ampeloprasum) grow up to 15-inches long and have deep blue-green leaves with stout, 2- to 3-inch, snow-white stalks. Use as a flavorful and aromatic addition to soups and sautés. (80-150 days from transplant) Each packet contains approximately 100 seeds. Easy to grow and frost tolerant Leeks - Musselburgh. £ 5.99. (20 Plants) A tried and tested traditional variety. With its strong growing habit, Musselburgh produces huge, handsome leeks with thick stems and dark green leaves. It is reliable, easy to grow, winter hardy, with good disease resistance and an excellent strong flavour

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Leek 'Musselburgh' Seeds. This well-known, traditional variety produces long, white stems with a sweet, mild flavour. The glaucous green leaves have good cold hardiness and plants are slow to bolt in spring. Harvest throughout autumn and winter for use in a variety of savoury dishes Some of the best varieties of leek to preserve in root cellars are Arena leeks, Giant Musselburgh leeks, Nebraska leeks, Elephant leeks and Zermatt leeks. 7. By Cooking In Olive Oil. Wash your leeks thoroughly using the method given above and then slice the vegetable into half moon shapes. Then take some olive oil and cook the sliced leeks in it Leek Musselburgh. Probably the best known of all the leeks. Mid season cropper with tasty, good sized, tender stems. Very hardy variety. Sow - February - April. Harvest - November - April. Seed count - 425 Musselburgh Leek. Most popular variety/strong growing habit. Very winter hardy, thick stems. Ready from December onwards. Oarsman F1 Leek. Medium to dark flag leaf, the plants remain virtually free from bolting even when direct drilled. Second early to mid season maturity slot. Shows good resistant to bolting. Pot Leek The Giant Musselburgh Leek is an heirloom variety of leek that was introduced in 1834 near Edinburgh, Scotland. A dependable leek, which produces thick white, stalks 2-3 inches in diameter growing up to 15 inches long, having a tasty mild flavor. Leeks are a frost-hardy cool season crop requiring a long growing period and this variety is no.

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Giant Musselburgh Leek. SKU. giant. $2.65. Old time favourite. Delicious and mild-flavoured. Thick, succulent stems are used as an autumn and winter substitute for green onions. Maturity is about 100 days. Approx. 500 seeds/pkg Leek 'Musselburgh' Overview. Allium ampeloprasum var. porrum 'Musselburgh' is a heritage cultivar of the broadleaf wild leak, this traditionally popular vegetable is winter hardy and produces thick white tasty stems which can be harvested from Nov. through until Feb. Commonly known as Leeks, they are biennials which are grown for their long fleshy stems and strong taste ideal for adding to. Leek Seeds - Giant Musselburgh - Microgreens. Plant seeds 1.5 inches deep in rich soil. Thin seedlings to 5 inches apart with rows 12-18 inches apart when seedlings are 4-5 inches tall. This variety is late to bolt. Leeks are ready for harvest 80-130 days after sowing Click here for much more detailed information on Musselburgh leeks. ATLANTA This variety was awarded an AGM in 2009 and is still probably the best autumn leek variety. The white part of the stem is thick and long and it keep well to at least March. This is an F1 variety so although the seed heads look spectacular they will not come true to type

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  1. Leek 'Musselburgh' - seed Allium porrum. DESCRIPTION: Sweet delicate onion flavoured vegetable especially popular during winter as an addition to soups, tarts and casseroles. PLANTING: Plant late summer in warmer climates and spring to autumn in southern states.Sow seeds directly into their final position or into seed trays. Transplant when seedlings are approx 15-20cm high
  2. Leek Musselburgh is a popular mid-season leek that is very hardy and produces thick, short stems packed full of flavour. Use as a hot vegetable in stews and soups. Our plug plants will be ready for pulling from mid/late September from a May planting. See the tabs above or click these links for information on: Delivery , Size Guide and Advice
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  4. An old favourite, Musselburgh Leeks are easy to grow and incredibly versatile. The long thick stems and broad leaves are packed full of flavour and nutrition, the perfect addition for stews, bakes and casseroles. From seed to dinner plate, impress others as you tell them you grew and picked them yourself. They are sure to be the talking point.
  5. Leek - Musselburgh is well-known and reliable traditional variety, which is easy to grow, with good disease resistance and an excellent strong flavour. First acclaimed as Highly Commended by the Royal Horticultural Society in 1918 and still one of the most popular leek types
  6. 'Giant Musselburgh' leek . Allium porrum 'Giant Musselburgh' is a Scottish heirloom variety that produces 2- to 3-inch-thick stems. It is exceptionally cold tolerant and matures in 100 days. 101274276 'King Richard' leek
  7. Introduced in the 1830s in Edinburgh, Scotland, the Giant Musselburgh leek variety is also known as American Flag or Scotch Flag. The term flag does not have a patriotic reference, but instead means plants that have sword-like foliage. One of the most popular varieties, Giant Musselburgh leeks are extremely cold hardy and adapt well to areas where frost and freezing temps are common. They are.

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Leek Musselburgh Seeds, average packet contents : 400 seeds. Free Delivery on Packet Only Orders, when you spend over £15. A well known popular amateur variety, Leek Musselburgh is a very high yielding variety with long shanks and good cold tolerance. Plants are erect with medium green foliage. Some rust resistance Leek, Giant Musselburgh (Organic) - 50 Seeds - Heirloom - Open Pollinated - GMO Free (Allium porrum) SouthernSeedExchange 5 out of 5 stars (6,110) Sale Price $2.06 $ 2.06 $ 2.75 Original Price $2.75 (25% off) Add to Favorites Chinese Leek/Garlic Chive Nira Seed.

Giant Musselburgh Leek (Allium porrum) - 20 Seeds. One of the best winter-hardy leeks you can grow. The mild flavor and smooth, tender stalks explain why this variety has been passed from one generation to the next Heirloom. Musselburgh is a large popular Leek that does well in the garden throughout winter. Easy to grow and known for its strong growing habit. Produces green tops and large tender white stalks. Grow your own Leeks from seeds. Fast shipping NZ wide. Buy Leek seeds online Musselburgh Leeks were an obvious choice for Erica to grow in the garden as they represent an iconic Scottish ingredient. First and foremost Musselburgh Leeks taste great, but they are also perfectly suited for Scottish climates, providing a crop throughout the late autumn and early winter when other crops are in short supply I've been growing leeks using the same method for the past three or four years now and it seems to be working quite nicely. Rather than tray-sowing and then pricking out individual leeks into modules, I use deep plastic troughs - the sort of thing you can find in most large supermarkets at this time of year or online of course - about half filled with general purpose compost

Heirloom Leek Variety. Giant Musselburgh leeks are a wonderful, older variety. This large, reliable, mild flavoured leek is a great staple for Autumn and Winter. This leek is an old Scottish variety and dates back to the1830s While Musselburgh was once famed for its mussel beds it is also known for the Musselburgh leek. I decided to marry the two amazing ingredients together for this simple savoury tarts recipe. 10 fresh mussels in their shells. You will know if they are fresh as they should be tightly closed. Toss out any mussels that are open while raw Regular price £1.99. 31308518719539 1.99. Sow these Leek Seeds - Musselburgh under protection to give them a great start to life. You'll not believe the quality of these superb crops. Pack Contents: 700x Leek Seeds 20 Field Grown Bare Rooted Musselburgh Leek Plants. Musselburgh is a mid season, mild flavoured leek with short, thick white stems. The leeks need planting a distance of around 9 between plants and 12 between rows

Musselburgh is known as The Honest Toun, and celebrates this by the annual election of the Honest Lad and Lass. The town motto Honestas dates back to 1332, when the Regent of Scotland, Randolph, Earl of Moray, died in the burgh after a long illness during which he was devotedly cared for by the townsfolk.His successor offered to reward the people for their loyalty but they declined. The garden leek is a Mediterranean species that was cultivated by the Egyptians as early as 3,200 BCE. Thomas Jefferson planted a variety of Flag Leek in his vegetable garden at Monticello in 1812. The Giant Musselburgh Leek originated in England in the early. Approximately 150 Giant Musselburgh Leek seeds per packet This rare Scottish heirloom has been around the States since the 1830's. Considered one of the hardiest winter crops, this traditional leek offers a delectable mild and smooth taste. Traditionally, this biennial crop, offers harvests well into the fall in protected areas, through the winter and even the spring. We know of folks harvesting it from frozen ground! This delicious crop has been. Leek Giant Musselburgh. Regular price. $3.50. Sale price. $3.50 Sale. Shipping calculated at checkout. Size. Packet 1/8 oz 1/4 oz 1/2 oz 1 oz. Packet 1/8 oz 1/4 oz - Sold out 1/2 oz - Sold out 1 oz - Sold out Giant Musselburgh' makes my most superb crop of leeks. Long in the shank, firm, and a good choice for overwintering, it has acclimated itself to my garden, getting bigger and hardier every season. 'Scotland', with its blue color, isn't just a pretty face but is also a hardy, short-shanked leek with, what I consider, the best texture and.

Leeks can suffer from Onion Flies, the Allium Leaf Miner, White Onion Rot and Allium Rust. The best defence against these scourges is a horticultural fleece (for the pests) and soundgarden hygiene practices (for the diseases). soundgarden hygiene practices includes washing tools and boots regularly, especially if you have been to another garden. growing leeks A few years ago, when I lived in Scotland, I often walked through the picturesque streets of Musselburgh, a village perched on the outskirts of Edinburgh. I especially admired a stone house with a beautiful border of green leaves, blue leeks covering the stones of the street to the front door Giant Musselburgh leeks have thick large stems. They are very hardy and have a mild flavor. King Richard leeks do well in warm weather. They are a short-season variety with tender, small stalks Leeks can also be frozen or dehydrated into a powder which will last up to a year. Wash and trim your leeks, and wrap the bases in a damp paper towel or foil before putting them in the fridge. Giant Musselburgh (105 days to maturity) Bleu de Solaize (105 days to maturity

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  1. Planting Leeks. Planting leeks can seem daunting, but it shouldn't. These are surprisingly forgiving plants and are super-easy to grow! When To Plant Leeks. There are two types of leek plants: early season, and late season. Early-season leek varieties are generally planted in the spring for harvest in the late summer or early fall
  2. Wild leeks were used as a food source as early as 4,000 B.C., the Bronze Age. Long popular in European cuisine and sometimes referred to as the gourmet's onion or the poor man's asparagus, leeks have grown in popularity in the United States. While the leaves of leeks are edible, the plant is grown primarily for its stem
  3. The extra-late season leeks like 'Giant Musselburgh' and 'Laura 'are extremely hardy, needing 150 to 180 days from seed to maturity. I expect to experiment with several cultivars to grow here where I have colder winters, looking for the best for my soil and zone. There are many more leek cultivars than I mentioned above
  4. Leek Musselburgh Seeds Allium porrum. Hardy, reliable & versatile. Very hardy and reliable, especially in colder regions. Thick stemmed, broad flags. Leeks provide a crop from summer through to spring. They are a good source of folate. Can be sown direct in the garden or started indoors. Height: Width: Depth: Plant Class: . Habit: . Early/Late.
  5. LEEK, Giant Musselburgh - Allium ampeloprasum var. porrum FULL SUN Native to the Mediterranean and parts of Asia, leeks have been an important food crop for many cultures for millennia. The ancient Egyptians, Romans, Welshmen and even Shakespeare knew the leek. Leeks are extremely cold hardy and remain perfectly edible even after freezing and thawing
  6. Maybe I am a bit biased towards leeks as one of the finest varieties of leeks in the UK is the Musselburgh leek and that's the town I grew up in. Ingredients for leek confit. All you need are 4 large leeks. 1 nice big sprig of fresh thyme or a teaspoon of dried thyme if fresh isn't available
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  1. Leeks are an onion relative that is very easy to grow. This vegetable native to Western Asia and the Mediterranean is a cool season crop well suited to cultivation in Wisconsin. Because it irequires a long growing season, it is best started indoors many weeks before spring arrives. Lean more about this tasty vegetable by reading this article..
  2. A Sow Indoors: January - February Sow Outdoors: March - April Row Width: 12/ 30cm Harvest: October onwards Average Seed Content: 26
  3. Musselburgh Leeks seeds can be sown directly into prepared garden soil after all danger of frost has past. Sow seeds in shallow rows that are 6 inches apart. Thin seedlings when plants are 3 inches tall if needed. As the leek grows gradually mound up soil around the plant base until it's buried to at least 6 inches
  4. MUSSELBURGH SEEDS (LEEK) - Plant World Seeds. This famous and delicious Scottish 19th century heirloom variety of winter leek has large, very thick stems which have a fantastic sweet yet mild flavour. This variety is winter hardy and is slow to bolt
  5. LEEK; Musselburgh. £2.20. Pack size 250 seeds 5g 10g 25g 50g 100g. 250 seeds 5g - Sold out 10g - Sold out 25g - Sold out 50g - Sold out 100g - Sold out
  6. As Leeks are highly resistant to the cold they can remain ground until required throughout winter and picked as needed. It is only necessary to remove Leeks from the garden at this time of year if the soil becomes too wet, as there is a risk the roots could rot. In warmer parts of the year, leeks can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a month

Leek can be used in many recipes that call for onions. The flavor and texture of leek holds up to a lot of cooking, so use leeks in soups, stews, and other simmered dishes. Storing. Whole leeks will store for weeks in a refrigerator and months in a root cellar. Giant Musselburgh. Prizetaker Leeks require 70 to 170 days to come to harvest and grow best where the temperature ranges from 45° to 85°F. Recommended Leek Varieties 'American Flag' (120 days) and 'Giant Musselburgh' (150 days) are favorites Leeks can handle frost but need at least six hours of full sun per day and a sheltered spot. They require finely textured, well-composted, free-draining soil with a pH close to neutral, and regular feeding and watering. Cultivars include Elephant, Autumn Giant and Musselburgh. Also look out for the perennial clumping multiplier leek

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NOW only. $0.99. Leek - Giant Musselburgh. Giant Musselburgh Leek Seeds (100% Heirloom/Non-Hybrid/Non-GMO) Mild, sweet, onion-like flavor. - A very hardy variety.-. Blue-green leaves resemble giant scallions. Day to Maturity | 100 days Leek Seeds | Plant leeks in the spring, and late in the summer or fall Leek Musselburgh Approximately 325 Seeds in the packet An old favourite, easy to grow and very versatile. The long thick stems and broad leaves are great on their own or in stews and casseroles. Rich in Vitamin A Outdoor Planting: Sow seeds thinly 1.5cm deep direct in growing bed in rows 12 (30cm) apart. Keep the so

I grow other hardy varieties of leek in addition to Musselburgh - variety is the spice of life and all that - but I like my winter leeks to be chunky, so every year I wrestle with the temptation to sow them extra-early in the hopes of producing drainpipe-sized leeks. Despite being able to shrug off frost and snow once mature, cold. Leeks are a great vegetable to grow in our climate, especially if you are a beginner and are looking for something easy to grow without the need for lots of ongoing maintaiance. 'Musselburgh' is an old Scottish variety which remains popular, is pretty hardy, matures in the autumn but can be left in the cold soil for a long harvest period leek 'Musselburgh'. This plant will provide nectar and pollen for bees and the many other types of pollinating insects. It is included in an evolving list of plants carefully researched and chosen by RHS experts. Divided into 3 groups these lists, linked below, are maintained by a team of RHS staff and are reviewed annually Musselburgh is the most popular variety for its strong growing habit. It is very winter hardy producing thick stems and will be ready from December onwards. Not only is the leek a well known tasty winter vegetable, but its root system has the added advantage of improving heavy soils

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Early varieties are the most suitable for baby leek production. The later blue-green types are also used as a dot plant in bedding schemes. A good crop for harvesting over a long period, with good shelf life performance. 320-480 seeds per gram. Sow mid March-May, at 1.1-1.9kg per hectare (transplanted) or 1.9-3.4kg per hectare (direct drilled) Leek Musselburgh Leek Allium porrum. A very hardy and reliable winter favourite. An 'ageless' favourite producing thick medium length, tender stems with broad leaves. A very hardy and reliable variety of Scottish origin, introduced in 1834! Height: Width: Depth: Plant Class: . Habit: . Early/Late Flowering: . Flower Size: . Despatch Option. Browse 0 musselburgh leek stock photos and images available, or search for chard or heirloom tomatoes to find more great stock photos and pictures. Explore {{searchView.params.phrase}} by color famil Leek 'Musselburgh' Our Ref No : 16201. £2.25 Stock : 3. Size: 9 cm. Product Details. 9cm. pot broadcast (Approx. 20 plants) small seedlings Season: Harvest from November onwards.A popular mid-season variety that produces thick, short stems packed full of flavour.Exceptionally hardy very reliable and heavy cropping.Leeks are high in folic acid. Leek Musselburgh. Leek Musselburgh Improved is a very hardy and exceptionally fine strain of this popular mid season variety. Leeks prefer ordinary well drained soil in sun or semi-shade and can follow early peas or potatoes. Sow seeds in early spring outdoors in a well prepared seed bed. Sow seeds thinly 1cm (½in) deep in drills 23cm (9in) apart Musselburgh is a reliable old favourite leek variety for good reason. Produces heavy crops of solid white stems through the later, lean Winter period. This variety is exceptionally hardy and stands well in even the coldest winter. Seeds Per Pack - 200. Sow in May to June, 2 seeds per cell in modular trays, and plant out 8-10 weeks later without.