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Follow. To all the fanfiction writers out there who spends sleepless nights just to update a chapter and who keeps going even if they're faced with harsh criticism, I wanna say thank you. Also, to all the artists who keep on adding art to the fandom and share their craft without expecting anything in return, thank you Clarus is free tumblr theme with 3 different color schemes; cyan, deep blue and red. Easy to customize and interchangeable CSS3 background gradients. Live Demo + Download. StoneWall Tumblr Theme for Writers and Journalists. StoneWall is a responsive and content focused theme made for writers and journalists. This theme supports every post type.

Author - Tumblr Theme for Writers. Author is a Tumblr theme designed specifically for writers and bloggers. The theme comes with a masonry-style grid post layout that gives more focus to your written content. It also features a sticky menu for including tags and links. It's the perfect theme a writer can use to build a successful blog. See. Textly is dedicated to providing attractive and functional themes for Tumblr users whose posts tend towards the verbose (such as personal blogs, fanfiction writers, etc.). No more having to zoom in to read every word Anonymous asked: you have the perfect theme for a fanfic blog ofmg aslkdjgasl;gj ur just perf . I always think it looks a bit boring but if you're on my blog, you're there for the writing so. My pet hate is when you zoom in to enlarge to writing on a blog and the theme keeps the sidebar in place so it hides the writing , annoys me so much x Forever Wolfstar. Aphrodite in The Titan's Curse, representing writers worldwide. When your ship is all fluff and cuddles but there's still half a fic left to go. Remus: We need to get through this locked door. James give me your credit card. James: Here. Remus, pocketing it: Sirius, break down the door

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  1. This blog features Viktuuri fanfiction writers and hopes to put the limelight on more of the deserving but lesser-known authors. It also provides a place for readers to promote their favorite writers and for writers to introduce themselves to the fandom. Tracking: #viktuuri fic intros | Blog runs on a queue. Social
  2. Fanfic Writer Request: Open (Marvel/Tolkien/The Covenant/Supernatural/Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) Bisexual l Behavior Analyst l Future PhD l INFJ l 31 with 5+ years on this hell site l Forest Witch Tumblr theme by Theme Anorak. Back to top
  3. The deadline for the 2021 Reylo Fanfiction Anthology, All Persisting Stars, is just over a month away and our writers are looking for betas. If you like reading Reylo fanfiction and helping writers with works in progress, please volunteer using our Google form here
  4. Master List (as of 6/19) So, this ISN'T my first fanfic account. This Master list will be used by me to also keep track of where I am in writing and what my goals are. That being said, I might for time's sake upload my old writing, even though it's ass. All the Supernatural ones are old, I might revamp them or I might just reupload them.

Writing Dispenser. Jul 3, 2021 • 25 notes. nyann-co: another non serious piece for @writingdispenser 's new chapter of I'm Gonna Like The Way You Fight because apparently that's all i can make. This is the funniest fucking thing how dare you. Jul 1, 2021 • 7 notes. Chapter 21 in images without any context Theme Hunter | Tumblr's #1 Source For Themes! baixxian. Fanfiction Recs Page No. 1 ft. Kim Jongin. ↳ Features. • Click filters on fic recs. • Custom auto scroll bar. • Unlimited number of fic rec boxes. • Unlimited number of filters. • Customizable colors All types of writing such as timestamps, drabbles, one-shots, series etc. are accepted. The minimum word count is 500 (please use the read more link). There is no upper limit. If you are writing a series, make sure there is a masterpost and release at least the first chapter by the deadline

I'm a multi-fandom fanfic writer. I've been writing since I was young, but just started posting to tumblr as of this year. I've got amazing support from my wife. You can find her work in the Affiliates section. She makes a good portion of my gifs lol by other-themes. A graceful theme often referred to as the Rolls-Royce of Tumblr themes by creatives and the like. It sports a fancy parallax effect and a mind blowing slideshows for your photosets. $49. Mirrorless. by stashthemes. Mirrorless is a horizontal theme with options for 1 or 2 columns Fanfiction Now. The mid-writing musings of an avid Wolfstar Shipper. Mysteries? a must. Humor? attempted. @zoeben on Ao3. Ask me anything PEPPERONY WEEK 2021: FROM 21-27 AUGUST! Hello! From 21 - 27 August we count on your participation to make this years' Pepperony Week happen.As always, each day will have a specific theme: we will have themes for fanfiction writers and the themes for gifs & overall edits - which doesn't mean you can't mix up the themes however suits you better

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Clumsy periods - Avengers Edition. Tony thinks it's hilarious that you drop, run into, and just in general spazz out during your period. He'll even occasionally ask you to do something, knowing you'll likely drop it. He'll watch it on replay, however, if he were ever to see you upset over it. You can bet he'd have a solution made in. Hermione woke with a start and sat up in bed. She was shocked at first to be waking up in a bedroom that wasn't her own. She glanced around as her eyes adjusted to the still dark room. She had no idea what time it was but clearly, it was still late at night or very early morning. She saw Draco lying next to her sleeping I've read fanfiction that made me sit down with myself and ask questions about how exactly I was defining myself relative to my experiences. Fanfiction writers are writers, writing about human experiences and societal themes whether they mean to or not, and not every instance is successful, but not every book is successful Fanfiction writers are like that dude who takes apart iPhones and figures out how to fix them. Apple definitely wants to put a hit out on that guy, because he's improving the product and making it available at no extra charge to other people who like to use iPhones. Media written by straight white cis men is our iPhone, queer and feminist and BIPOC-inclusive themes are our toolkit, and. allys-creative-bubble:. wonder-cole:. katelyn-renee:. mummybear:. I'm sorry I'm just getting to this, i think it must've got lost somewhere! But I'm afraid the only time I read is on tumblr really, or actual books so I'm not sure I'd be much help, hopefully some of my lovely followers can help you

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Life As We Know It {Chapter 25} Summary: After the sudden deaths of Nesta's sister and Cassian's best friend, they gain guardianship of their nephew, Nyx. Based on Life As We Know It (2010) and a prompt sent in by anonymous for our Nessian fanfic contest.This is a modern au. Instead of doing a tag list for this story, we have decided to have a set posting schedule Angsty Fanfic Writer. this post is tagged as food. this post is blacklisted because it contains food and is not fully visible on the index page. the link takes you to the permalink page. click here to view it. this post is tagged as nsfw ethereal-themes:. FANSITE THEME #03 BY ETHEREALTHEMES. Preview: here \ Code: here This fansite theme has a lot of options and is by far my most advanced theme! A few options are left/right sidebar, a fansite style welcome table or sidebar welcome, PXU photosets with customizable gutter margins and there's also two different icon styles (ionicons and outicons) that you can choose between

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  1. ine colors schemes such as pink, purple, light blue red and other soft colors. In today's post, we have gathered 15 tumblr free girly themes for fe
  2. Note: Once again, this week's round focuses on photos! Dialogue is entirely optional, though for some of these, it'd be fun to know the story behind the pictures ;) Tumblr mobile only allows 10 picture uploads (there are 10 questions), so collages are highly encouraged! Otherwise, the non-beta version of Tumblr desktop will allow more than ten
  3. Oct 16, 2020 - Explore Val 'ElaShal's board Fanfiction Ideas, followed by 158 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about writing prompts, writing inspiration, writing a book
  4. writing fanfiction is just. i'm being so creative and original. i'm plagiarizing everyone by accident. i'm a genius. i'm cringe. i'm too angsty. i'm too cheesy. this is not in character. it doesn't matter that it's not in character because these are my characters now. i love my hobby. this is the worst possible use of my time. i'm seeking validation. i'm projecting my own.
  5. Welcome, we write fan-fiction for a range of fandoms. We accept requests, feel free to send us an ask if you want us to write you something! Disclaimer: All Fan-Fiction posted on this blog is written by our writers, we do not post anyone else's Fan-Fiction or reblog other's Fan-Fiction
  6. Ok guys. In this post I will link any Dimeshipping Comics I translated so far. For the Dimeshipping tag on tumblr eats most of them ><. Like this you always have everything together! I will put my FanArt of them, the cut outs from the Comics, FanFiction and Videos as an extra in! At the end you find works from other Artists aswell!. Another addition

Requests are open. statistics. established: September 5th, 2015. about: Writing. theme by: seyche. Boundaries - Corpse Husband. Words: 606. Summary: Her chat goes crazy when they learn that Corpse and her will be streaming together. Note (s): This was written for @stylistiquements Corpse Husband Writing Event This theme is a premium theme, so image customization is available with purchase. Basic - Advanced HTML to edit. A lot of settings are in the main editor, but being an rp theme you will need to add a lot of details such as face claims, affiliates, project details, recommended blogs, etc My Fanfics! (Thank you so much, @mariamuses (Maria!) for writing my name so beautifully, you are a gem. <3) This is a SJM blog, so everything I write is based on her work. All characters belong to SJM. Also, I am always taking prompt submissions in my ask box, which you can get to by clicking HERE. *in front of the title notes fics that were written with the loml, @snelb Fanfiction Online was created to cater to the needs of fanfiction writers & readers. We wanted to provide a platform that helps writers promote their work and encourage readership by making their stories more accessible & reading them easier Writers against fanfictions: the case of Diana Gabaldon. In his post, Martin quotes Diana Gabaldon, which at the time had started the discussion on the possibility of drafting fanfiction.. In fact, the author of Outlander, categorically prohibits any fanfiction on your own narrative universe.Gabaldon, in a 2010 post on her blog (which she has now conveniently deleted), wrote that fanfictions.

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4. Tumblr. Tumblr isn't just for fanfiction, but it's great for sharing fanfiction as well as promoting fanfiction works you've posted elsewhere. Use the search functionality to locate the. supernatural, fanfiction, prompt, dean winchester, sam winchester, hurt comfort, submission, May 2. A destiel fanfic; set 5.14, My Bloody Valentine, at about 38 minutes in, Sam is in the panick room, detoxing from demon blood //again// and Cas tries to reassure Dean. Dean just says, 'I need some air', goes out to the impala, but Cas follows Will American-pick. Would love long-term work with an author on multiple stories (fanfic or original work). Happy to sensitivity-read works regarding LGBT themes (especially involving nonbinary characters), disability, and mental health (not involving graphic discriptions of self harm or suicide/suicidal ideation). How to contact: @blahdedahda

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RP Theme Recs. All listed links will direct you to theme rec blogs or theme makers that specialize in making themes for role-play accounts. The blogs under 'Free-To-Use' are blogs that provide free theme codes. The blogs under 'Commission' are blogs that can be commissioned to create personalised themes for your muses Wattpad. This writing platform was launched in 2006, and offers a free online storytelling community where users can post articles, stories, fan fiction, poems and more, using either the website or the Wattpad app. Users can comment, like stories, and join groups. Wattpad stories with the most upvotes appear in the What's Hot list and get. Other widely-disliked themes seem to fit into the fact that readers' likes tended towards fluffy happiness: major character death isn't what many people come to fanfic for. (In fact, fix-it fic, where writers explore possibilities like bringing major characters back from the dead, ended up #12 on the Yay list!

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I'm a multi-fandom fanfic writer. I've been writing since I was young, but just started posting to tumblr as of this year. I've got amazing support from my wife. You can find her work in the Affiliates section. She makes a good portion of my gifs lol. I'm willing to accept any request and if I cannot write it or do not feel comfortable I will. pairing: Jaehyun (NCT) + you (reader) genre: exes sharing a room; angst melts to fluff in the end; smut word count: 17.3k (i tried to keep it a decent length) summary: The time has come for your family's annual vacation.You've convinced Jaehyun to accompany you, though you broke up months ago, and pretend to be a happy couple to appease your overbearing mother Mafia AU Person A and Person B are leaders of rival mafias, but to everyone's surprise every time they meet up together for tea/coffee, they act like they've been best friends for years (if not since childhood) and talk about literally anything but mafia Person A is the intimidating leader of a mafia with less than intimidating hobbies. Person B is the one who finds out leading to. Tags // sorted by verse, pairing and story. fanfiction • harry potter • draco/hermione • How Did This Happen (complete) • Trials and Tribulations: Sequel to How Did This Happen • In Love With.. Thanks to the writers of fanfiction, we can break away from the everyday routine, the gray reality, at least for a moment. So you know, that you are one of the wonderful heroes. Thank you for your service Im not a fanfiction writer but im gonna pass this on to all the writers out there. Bc dang if it isn't true

Help us support our talented writer Lyra Verse and check out her original web-comic series, Generation Y!Links below. A young African American girl searches for her identity in a changing world and on the way, she continuously fights The Man and his minions TRAITOR 2 - b. barnes. Gif is not mine!!! Pairings: Bucky Barnes x reader, husband!Bucky x reader Warnings: angst, cheating, divorce, relationship/marriage problems, pregnancy, childbirth, swearing, mentions of sex, babies!!! A/N: OMG, I am so overwhelmed from the love I received on the first part. It was literally written in like 30 minutes because I was listening to Traitor by Olivia Rodrigo FAQ. An anonymous fanfic competition that challenges its writers to transform typical tropes into tremendous tales. Inspired by Chopped, with four rounds, four themes, and a mystery basket of four tropes in each round. It is open to writers of all skill levels and encourages all kinds of pairings and dynamics

Welcome to my personal fanfic library! If you can't find the fic you seek in our tags, we are more than happy to locate any fics you desire! Just ask! Please be kind; leave kudos and a review. If you choose to reblog, please do so from the author's Tumblr if possible FanFiction | unleash So throughout the story you will see the name of a song, this is intended to provide musical themes, adding more tension and entertainment. I am taking this next week off to give myself a writing brain break. Added, Synchrons of Redemption will also be having Ch.2 release at this same time. So it just gives me extra. Contains MATURE (NSFW, 18+) themes throughout including, and not limited to, bad language, smut. PLEASE NOTE: whilst this is not a dark series, per se, it is the sequel to a previous Dark Series and as such may contain mentions of dark themes (Non-Con and Dub-Con situations, kidnapping and violence) Dear Writers, — Fanfic writers, be careful! 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. I bring this up specifically because tumblr mentioned fanfiction in the post that they made and that is going to leave a lot of people misinformed. Remember: Do NOT paywall your fanworks

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Our edit creators deserve the same energy that fic writers get when someone repost their story. @nix-akimbo has had her edit not only stolen, but someone removed the watermark which means she gets no credit at all.. This is a digusting practice. Making edits whether they be manips, moodboards, gifs etc. is still a form of making fan art and creating things for fandom consumption and it takes. kik-me-not said: Do you consider fanfiction legitimate writing? Answer: I won the 2004 Hugo Award for Best Short Story for an H. P. Lovecraft /Arthur Conan Doyle mashup fiction, so fanfiction had..

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find me outside tumblr! she/her • reblogs, gifs, whatnots. 260721. here's a compiled list of resources to help anyone who wants to start writing fanfiction or just wants to get better at writing fiction in general. there's nothing wrong with using common themes, but if you wanted to put a twist on the theme, check out this post Wattpad is a website and app for writers to publish new user-generated stories. It aims to create social communities around stories for both amateur and established writers. The platform claims to have an audience of more than 90 million users, who can directly interact with the writers and share their opinions with fellow readers First, some resources. Some Individual Themes that work well/are meant for text post: Writer's Corner by Darian B/Redfox-themes (made specifically for writers! I highly recommend it, it even showcases your stories on the sidebar!; RP Theme (for set ups or a homepage of a group of RPers) by themesbyeris; And Ice (revamp) by waheythemes; Paradox (big post!) by etrotheme theme: moonflower. One-column, sidebar theme intended for writing and text-heavy blogs. Emphasizes larger post sizes and large, readable text. theme post preview code (pastebin) code (github) theme info. 05. theme: honeysuckle. Minimal theme with a lot of options: header or sidebar, one to three columns

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Most of the themes in the Omegaverse take from mating habits of pack animals, and typically portray a primal need for sex. and countless discussions about it on Tumblr. fanfiction writers. Welcome to the gif library. This blog is a collection of all my personal gifs free for fanfiction writers to use in their fics. My gifs are specifically made so that you can have 3 - 4 gifs in a header without Tumblr crashing the post or freezing the gifs day 1: You have to let me go.. - ROTS AU. Anakin kills the Chancellor. This doesn't come without consequences. day 2: Sole Survivor - TPM AU. Padme and the Jedi find no help on Tatooine. She comes back to Naboo, weeks later, to find a planet filled with corpses. day 3: I can't.. - No one ever taught Anakin to read, back on Tatooine IMAGINE being Holt's adopted child and visiting him almost everyday for lunch, whilst on these visits to the 99 you have caught the attention of RosaGIFs Not Mine *Y/N steps in to Captain Holt's..

Writing (fic style) Examples can be found here, or on my blog. I've decided on a general rate of $1 per 100 words, although longer fics will get a bit of a discount. Some examples of pricing: 500 words: $5. 1000 words: $10. 2500 words: $20. 4000 words: $30. 5000 words (generally the length of a longer book chapter): $35 Illustfolio 3 - Free Tumblr Portfolio Theme. Illustfolio is a creative Tumblr theme that comes with an adorable Kawaii themed design. It's perfect for setting up a portfolio website to showcase your art, drawings, illustrations, and designs. The theme features infinite scrolling, editable colors, and a customizable header section You can read my previous Tom Hiddleston fan fiction series, The Script on AO3! Summary: Eva Pond is an aspiring screenwriter who has a dream of getting her script to be produced as a full feature film

supercorp fanfic writer and angst bitch. patreon; ko-fi; Ask; Submit; Archive; AO3; RSS; Submit a post. © 2017-2021 - lostariels - Powered by Tumblr . UltraZen Theme by UltraLinx. One of my favorite writing tools is FocusWriter, a simple word processor that enables me to change its theme to a custom one.I usually use a fandom theme when I'm writing for a fandom, or just a general pretty one. Here's how Graeme Gott, the author of FocusWriter, describes the program

4. As we have multiple themes this year, the sole thematic requirement for fanfic submissions is that the theme word you've selected is included somewhere in the body of said submission and you let us know which one(s) you picked. Other mediums are not subject to this requirement but it is encouraged to be incorporated in some manner. 5 By this logic, fanfiction writers are loudly shouting back about squatters rights. Actually, yeah, we are. (via capt-brns) May 11, 2021. citrus-circuss: aruaninotarmani: aelenko: Indy Theme by Safe As Milk. Because it is actually the source of his power, much in the way that Zuko's power initially was sourced by hatred and anger, and is now sourced in the exact opposite. Aang's love for Katara is Aang's connection to all of his inner strength, all of his spiritual energy which allows him to be what he is. It is as Iroh says, Perfection. Yokohama Dumpster Paradise. I'm Em ( ´ ∀ `)ノ~ ♡ & I run this garbage can. Leave a Tip. { inbox: closed } I write headcanons, metas & fics for Bungou Stray Dogs. This blog is ship-free, and contains NSFW content, personal posts, rp interaction, and conversations with mutuals/followers. Tag List

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Please only use the 'Submission from Primary Blog' when you submit via your non-writing blog. As your url only shows up in the notes section of your submission, you may add your url anywhere in the description field of your link submission. Please ensure all relevant tags are used, and Submissions Guide is followed If you could, please go check him out he's amazing and it would help you understand what was going in the fanfiction better. I plan on updating every day until school starts. I might start posting two stories a day because I always get frustrated when I'm reading a fanfiction and they update like every month loki loki x reader loki laufeyson loki fanfic loki (marvel) loki x you loki show loki series loki odinson marvel loki x female reader fluff loki fluff loki love loki avengers mcu fanfiction writing loki fandom loki imagine so much fluff fluff fic 367 notes May 17, 2021. Install this theme. Fanfic writer. Gif maker. Photo taker. ©2017-2021 uglygreenjacket Theme by magnusthemes. To all you lovelies out there that keep asking after Hikari, I see you and appreciate you ️ It's not abandoned. I do plan on finishing it someday. I've just taken a bit of a sabbatical from Sailor Moon for almost a year now, and am now like suuuper. Call me Kay. 23 | INTJ | Cat Lover | Coffee Enthusiast Fanfic Writer. About My Writing AO3 The Demon AU. © theme by glentheme

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