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Riesige Auswahl an CDs, Vinyl und MP3s. Kostenlose Lieferung möglic Ipe Deck Refinishing. Over the past 10-15 years Ipe wood has become a staple in modern deck building. It is prized for its natural reddish brown color, tight grain, and long lasting strength and durability. Although beautifully built and designed Ipe decks pop up each day, not much is known on how to properly care for and maintain this valuable.

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Quick Tip #1: Use A Deck Cleaner Specifically Formulated for Hardwoods. Deck cleaning should be performed as a two-step process with cleaning agents specially formulated for hardwoods. For the first step, East Teak recommends EFC-38 Wood Deck and Siding Cleaner/Stripper, designed to remove aged and failing oil-based wood finishes Next, featuring Ipe Oil® as the star attraction, our Hardwood Deck Restoration Kit makes the job of restoring hardwood decking to its original natural color a breeze. Ipe Oil ® is known world-wide as one of the best hardwood oil finish on the market to restore the natural wood color of your deck, railings, steps and everything in between Restore-A-Deck Semi-Transparent Wood Stain works very well for exotic hardwoods such as IPE, Mahogany, Tigerwood, etc. Restore-A-Deck wood stain's long-lasting composition works hard to absorb quickly and penetrate deep into the hardwood grain to withstand the elements and stay true to its beautiful finish This is top notch Ipe deck restoration work here! Brushing ensures that we work the oils into the wood grain. This also ensures we can get between slats as much as we possibly can. All visible areas of the wood will be coated. This will safeguard your deck boards to the fullest extent

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Our favorite IPE Deck Cleaners in order: Restore-A-Deck Kits. Defy Wood Cleaner. Messmers Part A. IPE is a great wood and looks absolutely beautiful when stained. Problem is that you will need to reapply every 9-12 months. Using a deck cleaner that works the best will make the chore of reapplication easier and more effective. 24 Comments. RSS The art of the ipe deck finish is to apply it with a brush and then wipe off excess, like a hand rubbed finish on a fine piece of furniture. 3. Do not install decking without finish applied on all 4 sides, and sufficient rack time to dry. Do seal (with oil or wax) the cut ends (end grain) on installation. Prefinishing ipe, in our considerable. Ipe Cleaning Overview: The customer had a Multi-Level 1000 square foot deck with 170 linear feet of railings, custom seating, and three sets of stairs. The deck needed a good cleaning and deck finishing brings out the original colors and protects it. The total time for 4 men was 4 hours Method 4 -Sand your deck, starting with an 80 grit sand paper on an orbital sander and finishing with 100 grit sand paper. Once you're done, vacuum your deck, or rinse it well with water to remove any dust and apply Ipe Oil. This should bring it back to the beautiful deck of years past! YouTube. AdvantageTrimLumber

IPE decking maintenance. Ipe Decking Maintenance: Close to 0, or 5 Golden Rules of 'Ironwood' Care. Every deck surface, no matter whether it's Ipe, treated wood or composite decking, can hardly avoid at least some of possible outdoor effects.. Generally, this can be the sun, rain, leaves, dirt, mildew, mold, insects and the like Ipe, Cambara, Mahogany, Brazilian Redwood and Purpleheart have become popular choices in decking material for several reasons. They are beautiful woods that are durable and elegant, and they are by the definition of some, low maintenance. Ipe deck care and maintenance is an annual investment, since the wood is so dense and will not allow for much penetration of any wood sealer or stain

Ipe' decking, cumaru, jatoba, massaranduba, garapa and tigerwood hardwood decking is the most beautiful decking in the world.. To maintain the color and pronounced grain patterns, you must finish the deck periodically with a good oil-based deck finish made especially for hardwoods Teak & Deck Professionals Deck Services Exotic Woods IPE Wood Restoration. Ipe (pronounced e-pay) is a naturally durable hardwood grown in South America, with lower quality Ipe coming from Central America. Ipe is also known as Ironwood, Brazilian Cherry, purple heart wood and Pau Lope to name just a few. While these are not all Ipe, they are.

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Need Help with restoring your IPE deck or wood? IPE is a very dense wood that originates from Brazil. This wood is naturally resistant to rot and decay and when treated correctly, is absolutely stunning! The key to maintaining your IPE is in choosing a stain oil finish that penetrates into the IPE properly and can be cleaned and re-coated with. Most decks can be serviced in just one day and ready for use the next. Exterior Wood Aficianados. Not only can we perform Ipe deck refinishing and maintenance. We can restore all of your exterior wood surfaces made of Ipe, Teak, Cumaru, Redwood, Mangaris, Ironwood, Pau Lope, Douglas Fir, Cedar, Oak, Walnut,Balau, Massaranduba, and more

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. IPE, or Brazilian Walnut sometimes referred to as Ironwood or Lapacho wood is an absolutely beautiful and relatively common wood used on outdoor decks in the Maryland and Washington DC area. The color of ipe decking can vary from reddish brown to a more yellowish olive brown. Normally dark brown or black strips will shine thru in.

Take a look at the steps involved in refinishing an Ipe deck and bringing it back to its original look!www.teakmaster.co This 10-piece Hardwood Deck Restoration Kit includes all of the essential tools and is perfect for the DIY homeowner looking to renew their deck back to its original luster. Simplify the rejuvenating process by eliminating harsh stripping and sanding. This kit contains wood cleaner and brightener, stir stick, roller bucket grid, 3/8 in. roller cover, roller handle, scrub brush, lint free rags. Restore-A-Deck wood and deck cleaner will prep and remover dirt and grime when reapplying a new coat of stain to your IPE wood. Steps to use RAD IPE Cleaner: 1. Wet surface of deck. 2. Apply with a garden sprayer or mop. Let sit for 10 minutes. 3. Lightly pressure wash or heavy scrub with stiff brush to remove dirt and grime. 4. Repeat for.

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What Is Ipe Decking. Pronounced as ee-pay, Ipe is a strong and sturdy Brazilian walnut flooring.It is a beautiful exotic wood that grows in South America. Ipe wood is strong, hard and resistant to abrasion, rot, insects and extreme weather. It is also twice as dense as other woods and five times harder At Deck Restoration Plus we are experts in all exotic species of hardwoods like this IPE Deck. See how we have enhanced the natural tones of the wood on this Deck. Another example of Plus at Deck Restoration Plus is our building of other structures like this Custom Built Pergola

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  1. We Restore Decks Maryland's Premier Deck Professionals Servicing Annapolis & Surrounding Providing expert restoration, remodeling and repairs 5/5 Start Your Deck Project We Restore Decks Annapolis Deck Restoration Bring your deck back to life with our proprietary restoration process Start Your Estimate 5/5 Start Your Project Our Exclusive 7 Step Restoration Breath new life into old wood and.
  2. ants off of wood decks. How to Maintain a Wood Deck: The best way to keep your deck looking its best is by periocally cleaning to remove surface dirt and conta
  3. Exotic Wood Deck Restoration. Decks can be made from a wide range of exotic hardwoods including Ipe, Mangaris, and Teak. While exotic hardwoods can share many similarities, they also demand to be treated with specific care and attention due to their high densities and unique characteristics
  4. Ipe Decking. Durability. Ipé (pronounced ee-pay) is a large tropical hardwood tree that grows abundantly throughout Central and South America. Also known as Ironwood, Brazilian Walnut, Pau Lope or Lapacho, Ipe (or ipé) is prized for its durability, strength, and its natural resistance to decay, wet conditions, and insect infestation
  5. e what type of sealer is on the surface before attempting to clean - Some sealers may require a very mild detergent in order to remove, while others may require a caustic stripper
  6. Maintenance Tips with Pictures. Ipe Deck Finish, Ipe Deck Cleaning,Ipe Deck Cleaning 2,Cleaning your deck Natural Look: If a natural weathered look is desired, Ipe decking will normally season in 6 to 12 months.At this stage, the wood will continue to weather to a silvery gray color and no further maintenance will be required except for normal cleaning

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Ipe Oil ® deck finish has been specially formulated for hardwoods like Ipe, Cumaru, Tigerwood, Garapa, Meranti, Teak and many others. This deck oil highlights the wood's natural colors and makes decks look vibrant. With low VOCs, and Transoxide pigments, it also extends the life of decking by blocking UV rays The Ipe Wood Decking and Teak Accent Furniture: Before the Restoration. These project images came to us from one of our contractor friends, Carolina ProWash in NC. The homeowner wanted the contractor to restore and protect their weathered Ipe wood decking and Teak accent furniture

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Ipe Deck Staining and Upgrade in Raleigh. These Raleigh homeowners called us out to discuss refinishing their Ipe hardwood deck. They had tried to clean the Ipe deck before but it never looked finished. We have cleaned, sanded, and stained hundreds of Ipe decks so that was pretty straightforward. The biggest problem I noticed was with the. Ipe deck . Cleaned Pretty large project with balcony and nice furniture set sealed in Dark Walnut . This deck was restored by our company 3 years ago. I proud we use a sealer this quality . Cleaned and ready for another 3 years. We're booked for a month and a half ahead, but there is still time to order our service Wood is the best decking material for disbursing heat making the deck cooler to walk on and Ipe also has a similar fire rating to concrete. Basically, it's a naturally non-combustible material. Plastic and composite decking is very hot and can create a fire hazard if installed outside a UV reflecting window Ipe is the densest and hardest commercially available natural wood. It's so dense that it has a tendency to sink in water. With Ipe as a decking material you gain an amazing surface that almost nothing can penetrate, is mold, rot, and termite resistance, and has an amazing lifespan of 75 years

Within ipe wood are natural oils that preserve it; combined with the wood's exceptional density, you can expect an ipe deck or fence to last up to 50 years without replacement. 4. For longevity, ipe requires maintenance. Above: Left unfinished, a water-resistant ipe deck has turned a silvery gray color Ipe Decking is the most durable decking that weathers beautifully. We ship Nationwide - Cape Cod to Nantucket, Vineyard, NY, CT, RI, NH and to California Deck Restoration Kit; Deck Tools. Ipe decking should be allowed to rest where it will be installed for 7 days before installation in order to get acclimated to your local temperature and moisture levels. Never store the decking directly on the ground, or right on top of a cement surface.. Supreme Deck is one of the most sought after deck restoration companies in Michigan. We set the standards in sealing, staining, cleaning, refinishing, repair, maintenance of composite, Trex, wood decks, Rainbow Play Sets, log homes, and fences.We have serviced over 25,000 decks in the Bloomfield, Ann Arbor, Novi, Canton, and Brighton (MI) Michigan areas since 1991 IPE Maintenance. Ipe or Brazilian Walnut is sometimes referred to as Ironwood or Lapacho wood; it is an absolutely beautiful and relatively common wood used on outdoor decks within the Maryland and Washington DC area. The color of ipe decking can vary from reddish-brown to a more yellowish olive-brown. Normally dark brown or black.

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  1. Ipe Cleaning, Sealing, Refinishing - We are experts in Ipe, Cumaru, Garapa And all exotic Brazilian Hardwood species decks, fences, siding. House Restoration - We restore cedar shake shingles, siding like Cypress, Cedar, Even Ipe
  2. An experienced ipe deck builder told me to not sand ipe as you remove the layers of dead cells which absorb the sealer. That was why it turned grey in about 4-5 months. Also, lay the boards end grain curving downward to drain better and avoid cupping after rain. I bought ipe to avoid splinters and because it looks great when new so I'm trying.
  3. Restore and enhance the beauty of your wooden surfaces. With multiple sealant and stain options, we have the perfect product to protect and preserve your deck or fence. We specialize in staining pine, exotic hardwood, trex, ipe, brazilian Hardwood, etc. Proudly serving our neighbors in Manassas, B

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  1. It was not my choice of color. Jake Clark and company were kind enough to send me 10 gals. of stain gratis. Rustic brown was the color sent. 5 went on a customer's WRC deck. About 1 gal. will go on my ipe' deck. You sound like my wife Judy! She likes the RS light brown, she actually lambswooled our teak furniture with it this morning
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  3. in cleaning, restoring, refinishing, preserving (staining, sealing) and maintaining all exterior wooden surfaces such as redwood decks, IPE decks, cedar shingle siding, redwood siding, fences, teak patio furniture and any other natural exterior wood. We power-wash, sand & preserve with semi-transparent stain. You may not have to replace it

192 reviews of Teak Master After purchasing a brand new set of teak patio furniture I was recommended by Teak Warehouse in Monrovia, CA to TeakMaster for sealer application and maintenance. This was back in 2005 and Teakmaster has been keeping my furniture in showroom condition ever since. Tim, the owner, is such a professional at wood restoration iDeckPro™ offers ready-stock products, 15 to 20-year manufacturer's warranty, and lowest price guarantee for its manufacture-direct products, including Mangaris Red, Mangaris Gold, Mangaris Diamond, Mangaris E-Deck, and Ipe decking. Thank you for trusting iDeckPro™ for your project. Get referral incentives as a token of appreciation. Refer No We can restore the beautiful look of your valuable wood deck with use of proven restoration techniques DeckWise Deck & Wood Cleaner - Part 1-16 oz. for 600 Sq. Ft. of Decking 4.3 out of 5 stars 8 DeckWise Ipe Oil Hardwood Deck Semi-Transparent 250 VOC Natural Finish (1-Gallon The Ipe Restoration Kit is intended for furniture that has been.

Ipe Seal ® End Sealer - 16 oz. End sealer for coating end grain cuts. Bottle top has a built-in brush for easy application. $ 19.95 per 16 oz. Buy Online. DeckWise ® Deck & Wood Cleaner (Part 1) Clean up to 600 square feet of wood surface per 16 ounce jar, or up to 1,200 per 32 ounce jar Armstrong-Clark Wood Deck Stain applies at about 150-200 feet per gallon. Actual coverage varies depending on wood porosity. Gallon Sizes: 1's and 5's. Coats Required: 1 Coat. Coverage Per Gallon: 250-400 sq. ft for exotic hardwood decking. Temperature Ipe Deck Restoration. Ipe Dock Restoration. Ipe Restoration with Hardwood Wiping Stain. Cedar Deck After Stained with Timber Oil Amaretto. 11 year old Ipe Deck before staining with Hardwood Wiping Stain Amaretto. 11 year old Ipe Deck after staining with Hardwood Wiping Stain Amaretto

We consider ourselves the highest end deck refinishing and restoration company in Southern California. We have the experience and results to prove it. We have completed deck restoration projects throughout Southern California. We work on commercial and residential decks from Santa Barbara to San Diego Deck Washing & Sealing in MD, VA. We are proud to offer extensive deck services for all kinds of woods, and have worked on many species of wood decks including PT lumber (pine), cedar, redwood , ipe, mahogany, to name a few. Our services range from full deck restoration to annual maintenance We Restore Decks is passionate about restoring decks and the art of deck restoration. Contact us today for a Free Deck Restoration Estimate! 410-263-627

Ipe deck restoration in Atherton #ipedeck #ipe #de. This is a restored and stained Garapa hardwood dec. #redwoodfence, #fence, #fencing, #fencecleaning, # #firststreetshoppingcenter #ipesiding #ipewalls #i. Follow us on Instagram. Interested in getting a free evaluation & recommendations Ipe (pronounced EE-pay) is arguably the strongest and best quality wood decking material available today. It is 3 times stronger than Cedar and 8 times harder than California Redwood. It is an exotic hardwood that is highly resistant to mold, decay, insects, and rot, and will last for many years with minimal maintenance Bluebird Deck Company is an environmentally friendly deck restoration and maintenance company based out of the world-famous ski town of Park City, Utah. deck, deck salt lake city, deck staining, local contractor, wood deck, redwood, ipe, cedar, mahogany, redwood deck, ipe deck, cedar deck, mahogany deck, wood deck cleaning, wood deck stain. This solution will help open up the wood surface much more than a citric blend. This solution will allow your stain to penetrate the IPE hardwood. If you have an IPE wood restoration project and live in Sarasota or Venice, Florida, and would like a free quote, call Gulf Coast Stain and Seal Co. at 941-702-1526

Supreme Deck Restoration has been a leader in the deck cleaning industry in Michigan since 1991. We set the standards in deck restoration that other companies try to follow. Deck refinishing is our area of expertise. All of our decks that we stain are hand brushed for top quality Decks:Since 2006, Apex DeckSavers has provided deck restoration, deck cleaning, deck pressure washing and deck staining services on hundreds of decks in the Apex, Cary, Chapel Hill area. From pressure treated pine to cedar to exotic hardwoods such as Ipe, all decks are given the highest level of quality service. This pressure treated deck Deck Restoration Bundle & Save! Learn More Deck Cleaning The first step in our deck cleaning process is to spray your deck with an environmentally safe solution that will kill the mold and algae living on the surface. The type of solution we choose is dependent on your decking material, so for example, the cleaner [ Dramatic Deck Restorations Before Before After After The pressure treated deck in this photo was sealed with an old redwood color stain. The deck finish was chipping and flaking. Apex DeckSavers stripped, pressure washed, and restained with Armstrong Clark Cedar Stain Before Before After After This beautiful exotic hardwood Ipe deck is cleaned and hand Find a Reliable Deck Builder in Austin, TX. Want to spend more family time outside this summer? Install a beautiful new deck with the help of Restore Atlas, LLC. We provide custom deck and patio installation services in the Austin, TX area. We use pressure-treated lumber and can work with Trex, Ipe and TimberTech decking materials

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Ipe decking. Tabebuia spp. Size 21 x 140mm. Each and every spring you spend days to try to renovate and restore the beauty of your hardwood deck. Finally when all your efforts pay off and the hard work is finished, you are able to enjoy your hard labor. The year passes by and there is the new spring again and the your are Let the IPE deck dry for at least 24 hours before stepping on it again. How to Maintain IPE Deck - Refinishing. Once every decade or so, you might want to refinish your IPE deck. This DIY project is time-consuming but necessary and highly rewarding. To refinish IPE decking, you will have to remove the previous sealer with a wood stripper The maintenance of an Ipe decking is really quite simple. However, we get calls almost every day from people that have done it wrong. We also have homeowners that were initially happy with the maintenance of a deck and end up with a stick or gunky deck. There are many mistakes that can be made, Continue reading Proper Maintenance of Ipe Decking The IPE CLIP ® System - An edge mount deck fastening system Made in the USA by DeckWise The DeckWise ® Hardwood Deck Maintenance & Restoration Kit is a specially assembled kit which includes everything Homeowners and Contractors need to maintain the natural wood color of hardwood decking

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Ipe is the finest quality wood decking material available. Ipe is an exotic hardwood that is naturally resistant to rot and decay, is 8 times harder than Redwood, and is guaranteed for 20 years without preservatives! IPE Decking has an extremely dense, tight grained wood. Generally a deep rich brown with some pieces displaying red and amber hues If you let your Ipe go gray then there is a lot less maintenance required but even then every 2-5 years a cleaning or even sanding is a good idea to keep the deck in good shape. In your climate this may go even longer due to the dryness of the Rockies Iron Woods® Ipe is a top performing timber with resistance to decay, termites, and marine borers. It dries extremely well with little checking, twisting, or bow. Ipe can be used in ground contact and salt water without preservatives. It is widely used in commercial exterior construction and as residential decking due to its low maintenance. The first set of pictures are before and afters of a PT deck I did the week before I did the ipe. Day 1 clean. Day 2 neutralize. Days 3, 4, and 5 dried to get the right moisture, and still wasn't quite where it needed to be. Day 6 stain. The second set of pics are of the proximity of the ipe deck. Day 1 clean, Day 2 neutraliz

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Home Boat Design Forums > Construction > Boatbuilding > Wooden Boat Building and Restoration > using IPE instead of teak. Discussion in 'Wooden Boat Building and Restoration' started by fishweed, Jan 15, 2007. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Joined: Jun 2006 I had thought if I were to use Ipe on deck, I would use it as a veneer 10mm or so. That. Ipe Deck Maintenance Tips. Ipe, also known as Brazilian walnut or lapacho, is one of the hardest woods in existence, but it isn't rare, and it makes a long-lasting and attractive material for decking Installation of Your Ipe Deck. Fasteners and screws. There are two types of fasteners and screws we recommend for Ipe wood. Use either stainless steel or Protech coated. Any other fasteners can ruin the appearance and finish of your Ipe wood deck. If using stainless steel, make sure you have 305 grade stainless steel or higher Building a deck that you don't have to constantly maintain or replace is easy with Ipé decking. This Brazilian hardwood's many features and benefits create outdoor living spaces that can easily tackle any climate. Ipé hardwood is a generally chosen for its high density and resistance to scratches, decay and insects Ipe Decking Cost. The average Ipe deck costs $4,700 for a 10x15 foot space, including labor and materials. It can range between $3,500 and $9,800 depending on the wood grade quality and the level of difficulty to build. Expect to pay between $4 and $8 per linear foot for the lumber compared to $3 to $7 per foot for pressure-treated wood.Labor adds another $25 to $45 per square foot

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RESTORATION: We offer both Structural and Surface Restorations for beauty and longevity. Call on us for your ongoing maintenance or for your one-time renovation needs. A properly maintained decks looks beautiful, adds value to your home, and lasts longer. learn more about our restoration process. You take pride in your home An Ipe deck is the king of South American hardwood decking - the gold standard for fine exterior decking. Typically used for decking, docks and other outdoor applications, Ipe is one of the most dense, durable hardwoods in the world, lasting for decades in service. Ipe decking is even used commercially for municipal projects such as the.

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We stopped using Cabot's products. Summer of 2012 was the last year we used Cabot products on our decks. Cabot known as a great stain manufacturer for a long period of time. We used to use Cabot's Australian Timber Oil on our ipe deck projects, because this sealer last longer on exotic hardwood, then other sealers Ipe lumber is the hardest, strongest and most rot resistant wood decking material available today. It is 100% natural and contains no man-made preservatives. Send us your materials list and we will give you a firm price on your lumber package including shipping directly to your door. Ipe the ultimate outdoor woo Ipe decking is usually air-dried (AD), but it is also available in kiln-dried (KD) for special areas. East Teak also stocks all the accessories (fasteners and sealers) - to complete your deck. Call us for recommendations on the latest finishing products. Downloads: Ipe Decking Datasheet - A printable information sheet about Ipe Decking