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Für jedes Haar und jede Haut das richtige Produkt. Jetzt kaufen - bei Stopperka The prime direction for your home to face is either South Facing or East Facing! Both of these positions receive a large amount of natural and direct light which might be a little warm in the summer depending where you live, but it will help with heating costs in the winter

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If you want to be on the safe side, install it on the north or east side of your house. During winter, the sun rises and sets a little more south, whereas during summer it rises and sets a bit more.. I always thought that would be the best direction for the front to face. Anything from N to W would be great

North is best for passive solar reasons. But there are lots of opinions. Another viewpoint is to face whatever direction presents the fairest weather orientation. In other words, if the worst storms and winds come from the North, try to face south Placement of your house is easy on a lot that faces north or south to the street. Plan your site so that the widest sides of your house also face north and south. This usually means that the ends..

The facing direction is the magnetic compass direction that the house faces. Sometimes this is based on the location of the front door, other times it may be based on the flow of qi, such as a grand view or the street. So, it really depends on each house plan and situation, in which it takes an expert to determine this for you Here's what you need to know about the aspect effect. For those who live and breathe property in Australia, having a north-facing home can seem like the holy grail of house hunting. What this means is if the main living areas and/or the garden of a home is north-facing, these spaces can maximise natural light as the sun moves from east-to-west.

Typically a south-facing home gets sun for most of the day, especially at the front of the house, and is therefore usually brighter and warmer. A north-facing home gets sun at the back of the house.. Generally speaking, facing south is considered the best facing direction and some would even argue it deserves a premium. This is why when an apartment faces south for example you will almost always see it highlighted in the advertising for the property (i.e. killer southern exposure!). But there are downsides to facing south Vastu prescribes the East, North and Northeast as the most favourable directions that your house should face. However, there's more to it than just blindly setting the house to face one of these directions

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  1. For desks, the direction connected to money and success is obviously a lucky one to face. In addition, the improving your health direction will also invite good luck and prosperity. The least desirable at the desk may be the personal growth direction that may lead to too much relaxation and procrastination if you have trouble focusing
  2. Best Direction: South-facing and East-facing In terms of house Feng Shui, the door is an inlet, just like a person's mouth and nose, thus playing a very important role. Therefore, particular attention should be paid to the house direction in Feng Shui. If the front door has a poor direction, it may violate the Feng Shui taboo
  3. For this reason, it's important to work with your builder to orient your house in a way that allows for direct sunlight when and where it is most beneficial. For instance, in the summer (when the sun is high and warm), you can use overhangs and trees to shade your home. In the winter (when rays shine at a lower angle), the sun's rays shine.
  4. e, I made sure to get a south-facing back garden, and it's lovely. Even in the winter the patio and kitchen are full of light
  5. Select a design that allows daytime living areas to face between 15° west of north and 30° east of north on your site. Most project home companies will mirror or flip a design to suit your needs at no extra cost. East is best in warmer climates and west in cooler climates

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and there you are, the direction that you have just noted in step 2 is the direction your house faces. Hence, if while coming out of your home, you face North - then you have a North facing house; similarly if you face South while coming out of your home, then you have a South facing house This is also a direction that derives immense energy owing to its exposure to the sun in the morning. It adds vitality and energy into the house and its inhabitants. North: It is believed that this placement can bring wealth and fortune to the family and hence, it is the second-best direction to place your main door or entrance There is very much confusion among people about the facing of god's idols in pooja ghar, in the shastras position of god is mentioned and it is very precise and specific, the position is at the Varun devta padh, it comes in west direction and when.. Even though the saying goes, Back door guests are best, if everyone who comes to call needs to step over the boots on your mudroom floor, you won't be happy. For you, the direction your home faces matters a great deal. Don't put up with an unsightly mudroom. Try these 15 tips to keep it organized But what's the best direction for a home's windows to face? South-Facing Windows = Top Choice For residents of the northern hemisphere, the top benefit a south-facing window offers is sunshine. Our city of Cincinnati enjoys approximately 2,600 hours of sunshine each year, so let's take advantage of it with south-facing windows

Which way is best to orient the house for maximum cooling efficiency? Question Which way to face the front door? Which way is best to orient the house for maximum cooling efficiency? Asked by amy. we are about to build a house in Texas. I am assuming to face the front door toward NORTH, but would like your opinion. We also want to build a pool. Best solar panel direction overall South is the best direction for solar panels to face overall. In nearly all cases, homeowners will achieve the highest electric bill savings and a quickest payback period by facing their solar panels south over any other direction Finding the best direction to sleep depends on if you follow Vastu Shastra or Feng Shui. If you follow the Hindu practice of Vastu Shastra, you avoid sleeping with your head pointing North. For people living in the Northern hemisphere, any direction except facing North is advisable But then may face a down fall. If your house already has a door facing South West, fix 2 Hanumanji's tiles ( with the Gada in his left hand) outside the door & see the difference

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Dear Sharma Garu, My name is Venkata Ram Akella and birth star is Pubba my wife's name is Pragna Kameswari her birth star is Revati, I am buying a West facing apartment, however the main entrance of the apartment is east facing technically NE(Esanayam), could I but this. 8 doors, 4 big windows, 1 small window in kitchen and 1 exhaust in each bathroom (2) Record the direction you are facing {face towards}, using a compass, while you are facing outside and that direction is the direction your house {house facing direction}. For example, if you face North {while coming out of your home} then you have a North facing house; similarly if you face South then you have a South facing house When we are building a house, we try to place it to make the most of our sunshine and light. If you had the choice, you would have the kitchen and livingroom facing south and west. This would fill these rooms with sunshine and light from midday to sunset. Bedrooms would face east and would get the morning sun

Orienting a Home for Maximum Efficiency. by Rachel Lyon, Editorial Director for The House Designers You're probably used to hearing about the latest and greatest products to help you create a more energy-efficient household, and while those are still critical to the overall picture, there are ways you can use your natural environment to your advantage as well In this image road is in front of the house, this road direction is Southeast for this house. The house is at Northwest to the road and road is towards Southeast to the house, this house is called as Southeast facing house. The exact degrees for this direction is 135°. 90° is the East direction and 180° is the South direction The red end shows north, while the white end shows south. Press Ctrl and use your mouse or touchpad to rotate the map. Turn the map to roughly face the direction of the property you want to measure. If the red needle is now still on top, the property is north-facing, if the white needle is now on stop, the property is south facing

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  1. g it's South) or 2. Look at the floor plan, and make sure rooms are in good areas for the Flying stars Bagua period 9 (year 2024- 2043) Or 3. Follow this article and just make sure the bedrooms are in the lucky sections of the Kua. (depending on what direction the house faces
  2. The easiest way to bring the outdoors in is with large windows and doors. Here is a great example of this type of house design and block orientation . If you purchase a block with a north facing yard, you will have taken a major step towards building a dream home that will not only be more energy efficient but also a delight to live in
  3. e and evaluate your home to deter

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  1. What Direction Should a Greenhouse Face? Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Greenhouses should be oriented to the sun. The purpose of a greenhouse is to trap the heat of the sun and create a micro-climate that is warmer than the surrounding environment, allowing gardeners to extend their growing season. The best.
  2. Because the house in these places may easily lead to natural and man-made disasters, and various diseases, thus adverse to your health. 2. Direction The direction decides the orientation of a house. The most auspicious house direction in Feng Shui is south-facing, which is good for light, Qi absorption and family harmony
  3. Best Direction for Study Table by Vastu. Just as which is the best direction to study, equivalent importance is given to finding the best direction for study table. Having your study table at the right spot is of utmost importance as per Vastu. The right placing of the study table helps students concentrate better on their lessons
  4. The principles of feng shui on sleeping direction are anecdotal at best. Practitioners may advise that you place your bed away from windows and doors to encourage the flow of chi while you sleep
  5. The Chinese Feng Shui system also explains the importance of finding the best direction to sleep. According to this system, you need to pay attention to the direction of your bedroom furniture as well as the location of your bedroom in your house to let the positive energy flow freely. This will also help you get good sleep
  6. Regardless of compass orientation, bluebirds prefer nesting boxes with openings facing away from prevailing winds that might blow rain into the house, as well as away from midday to afternoon sun that overheats the inside. Bluebirds will initially choose a house regardless of the direction it faces
  7. These are the best directions that your entrance should face. Positioning the main entrance can play a major role in the home's vastu. Follow this expert advice on vastu directions for the main door: Let positivity enter! North-east: It is known as the most auspicious direction in a home. This corner is the most energetic due to its exposure.

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However, when you use your kua number to determine your best directions, you may discover a south-facing house isn't your ideal match. Benefits of a South-Facing House in Feng Shui In feng shui, the biggest benefit of a south-facing house is the auspicious energy that pools and then enters your home through the recognition and fame sector The head of your bed should be up against a wall, but not sharing a wall (on either side) with any electronics or the bathroom. Balancing energy on both sides should be encouraged by placing matching night stands there, for example, and no sharp angles should point at the bed. Advertisement. To get more personalized instructions, use the Eight. The direction of the house doesn't matter according to Vaastu Shastra. It all depends on the location of the main entrance or the door of the house. The Benefits of Living in West-Facing Homes. According to Japanese home design philosophies, homes that have west-facing doors have a sense of youth and exuberance

Get online driving directions you can trust from Rand McNally. Plan your trips and vacations and use our travel guides for reviews, videos, and tips East-west units are much dreaded in Singapore because they face the full force of the afternoon sun, all year long. The east-side of the house is likely to get the morning sun, whereas the west-side of the house is likely to get the afternoon sun. Either way, there is no escaping the sun in an east-west unit Which Direction Should Beehives Face For Best Pollination? Many experienced beekeepers suggest that the entrance of a beehive ideally should face towards the south or to the east. The southern exposure makes sense. During the winter months - at least in the northern hemisphere - the sun sits low on the southern horizon Orientation of the panels. While the angle of your solar panels is important, a more important factor in your energy production is going to be the direction your panels face. For the best results, solar panels should be oriented towards the south. This is because the sun is always in the southern half of the sky in the northern hemisphere

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  1. It must be constructed in a way to ensure that when you step out, you face the north, east or north-east direction. The main door to your home should be constructed with superior quality wood. It should tower above the other doors in your house, and look the most appealing
  2. g out of the house. The direction of the main entrance as per Vastu, is the most important aspect, while taking a rental home. The best entry is north-east, followed by north-west, east. North and west-facing homes are also considered good
  3. This can be used to track the all 4 direction with respect to you house. When you step out of your house through your main entrance, the direction that you face, is the directional facing of your home. So, if you walk out in the east direction while going out of your home, then you have an east facing house vastu
  4. South-facing house vastu tip #3: Have the master bedroom in the South-west Helps in generating positive energy and creating a relaxing haven. The south-west is the ideal direction for master bedrooms in south-facing houses. This direction is said to generate positive energy and make the bedroom a relaxing and inviting space
  5. Recent research, however, suggests that the best direction depends on your latitude; for example areas above 40 degrees latitude are better suited with a North by East/West orientation. Always face the entrance away from prevailing winds to limit heat loss from cold air entering your greenhouse each time the door opens

This house belongs to Mr. Ramachandra, this is said to be East facing house as the road is towards East direction. Let us discuss the imagination and practicality. Some properties may have bigger dimensions and measurements and there is a possibility to divide the property into two portions, what about smaller properties or apartment flats and. The student will know how to orient a house on a building site for greater comfort with less energy cost. OBJECTIVES: The student will be able to: 1. Explain the best way to orient a house on a given lot to save energy, primarily cooling costs. 2. List other recommendations for home builders to aid in reducing energy consumption. 3 A Buddha statue should always face east, as Buddha reached enlightenment by meditating upon the rising sun, according to legend. A Buddha statue must never be placed on the ground; it should always be elevated. It is also improper to place a Buddha statue in the bathroom. It is preferable to place the Buddha statue in a room that is dedicated. This makes electricity from fuel-free solar power plants extremely valuable. But that's all just the back story — now, let's get to the interesting point of the week, which is the best direction to face solar panels — the answer seems to go against a very long-held assumption regarding this matter Doors of the living room can only be in North East,North,East,West. Students while studying should face only North or East directions. The book shelf should never be placed on top of study table. Using pendulum clocks helps in studies. The ratio of length and breadth on the study table should be in 1:2

Ideally, the house would have the opening facing east, looking out onto an open area, and facing away from prevailing winds. If you don't have a location that meets all these criteria, facing the house so the rain doesn't blow in is the most important thing. Mama Bluebird won't want her babies to get cold and wet When you're thinking about getting solar panels to adorn your rooftop and power your home, there's a lot to consider. Apart from how much power each panel can produce, how many panels you'll need, what size, and how well they'll work with your rooftop, you'll also want to consider the best direction for solar panels to face Vastu suggests that the host must face the North or East when guests visit. And guests must be seated opposite to the host. This can be achieved by a simple seating arrangement change. Also, all electronic items must face south, the direction of fire. That will ensure the best and positive energy flows into your house Of course, most people don't get to decide which direction they face their solar panels. It's determined by the shape of their roof. So to help people decide what is the best direction to face their panels, for all the Australian capitals I'll describe: The direction in which panels will generate over 99.9% of maximum possible output A bat house is also is a great way to provide cover for wildlife, Bat houses should be mounted on poles or buildings, which provide the best protection from predators. Wood or stone buildings with good solar exposure are excellent choices, and locations under the eaves often have been successful. All bat houses should be mounted at least 12.

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  1. The best panel direction to maximise self consumption of solar electricity will depend upon a household's electricity usage patterns. Panel directions and the type of households various orientations generally best suit are given below: North Orientation: Panels that face north will produce the most electricity overall
  2. Which way do solar panels face? The conventional recommendation is that a roof direction should face south for best exposure to the sun. Though south facing roofs will have the most direct sunlight exposure, the takeaway is that your roof does not have to face south for solar to make sense.Factors like the cost of energy and available incentives will affect your solar economics much more than.
  3. What direction should the fins face on soffit vents - toward or away from the house? -Don. Soffit vents are installed under the overhang in the eaves (known as the soffit) to allow cool, outside air in the attic to reduce the temperature. Since warm air rises, outside air is drawn in the soffit vents - and exits near the peak of the roof.
  4. g from. The water drainage should also be considered to avoid any flooding of the house when it rains
  5. • Face the nestbox away from prevailing winds, and if possible, face it toward a tree or shrub that is within 100 feet of the box to provide a landing spot for the young bluebirds when they first leave the box
  6. A great deal of debate happens about which direction a house should face for it to be vastu-wise. (Since there are four major directions and sub-directions in Vastu, these arguments might go on and on. The four directions are north, south, east and west while the sub-directions are north-east, north-west, south-east and south-west.

Master Bedroom should be in the South-West Direction, as it is considered to be the best setting for a house facing east. Vastu for the house is like water for fish, and the position of the bedroom plays a vital role. Brings long and quality sleep East Facing House - Don'ts. Toilets should not be constructed in the North East corner North, South, East, West: Which Way is Best for a House to Face? By Bill Primavera My homebuying history involves three purchases. The first was a wonderful town home in the historic neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights. The second was a large historic home in northern Westchester and my current residence is in a The direction of your house or the direction that it faces is the direction that you face while you are coming out from your house. The main entrance direction, based upon Vastu principles, is the crucial and vital aspect while you are planning a home. You should ensure that the entry falls somewhere around the north east direction or east.

the optimal direction in which you need to aim your antenna. So let's suppose you live in Area 2, per the location finder map shown in Step 1. You determined from the chart that your antenna will need to be aimed North or Northeast toward the X in the location finder map in northern Minnesota. The exact direction is determined by your specifi Starting from Own Direction 1, 3, 7 facing house directions are good.2, 4, 6 Directions are average. And 5, 8 Directions are bad. The results are as follows for each house facing the direction from the Own Direction Never face the idol or picture of God towards the north, otherwise, the worshiper will face towards the south. Never build a house of worship in the south direction Previous house faces north. Current house faces south. There is good and bad to both. South facing makes the backyard more hospitable in the summer and helps to melt away snow on the driveway in the winter. North facing provides more lighting and warmth on the back side of the house where the most used rooms are situated So which way should a subwoofer face in home theater? Here is the short answer. For the best sound quality, the subwoofer should be placed with the speaker facing out to the room, and the port should be away from a wall. Bass waves travel in all directions, but it's important to have the speaker facing your main listening area

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The best way to decide is to lay out the floor and visualize what looks best. Here are a few tips to help you decide. If you're installing your flooring on a main floor, you will want to float the floor in the same direction throughout all of the rooms to create a cohesive feel. If you have a width wise open concept, run the flooring parallel. According to feng shui, these four animals control the energy in a person's life. Place feng shui tortoise in the right direction for positive energy. Secondly, placing a tortoise or a turtle in the backyard of your workplace or home will result in the abundant availability of energy. Enhancing your career is best possible with the placement. The north east direction is the most auspicious one in Vastu. This direction is associated with god and piousness. Hence, it should be kept free from any interference, including the TV, so that the positive vibrations are not hindered. Learn how you can bring in the positive energy of money with Vastu

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Finding the Facing Direction of a House. Here are several ways to find out the facing direction of a house. Find out where the most Yang side of the house is (based on the Yin Yang Theory). The Yang side is usually the side that's most active. Meaning, it's the side where the road is and where most movement occurs Why Mandir/Pooja room in North-East Zone!! You all must have read or heard about it somewhere that according to Vastushastra, mandir in a house is be kept in the North-east corner. Let's see some of the facts behind this practice: 1. North-east co..

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My plot face is East - South majourity is East side . Entrance will be on 5th Pada. I want to make a Master bedroom with stairs and kitchen on South East direction and car porch with guest room and POOJA room should be on North East side .and a living room should be middle of the house i.e. North East . Can this Map is satisfying the Vastu tip Laying the flooring in the same direction as the pathway from the front of your house to the back of your house is by far the most popular choice. Not only does it make a space appear larger, but it also helps invite people into your home by showing them what direction to go Important Tips. • The study room should always be facing the east or west direction of the house, north is the second best direction. • The child should face east or north while studying and all their rewards and recognitions, certificates, trophies and motivational posters should be displayed on the north or east wall Mirror Direction as per Vastu plays an important role in keeping negativity away. If you sense some negative energy coming through your house, place the mirror in such a position that it deflects that energy outside the house. Mirrors can ward off negative energies. Mirror Placement in the Dining Roo So what's the best way to cool my two-story house? If your upstairs is warmer than downstairs, consider watching this video because I'm going to share some o..

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Draw out the South part of the house and divide it into nine equal parts or 'padas' from the South-East to the South-West. The main entrance in a South-facing house must be located in the fourth pada and will face towards the North and the East. This is considered as the most auspicious. But if it is impossible to locate the entrance in. The south is the best direction to place your head while sleeping. And so, your bed position can be tweaked accordingly. According to Vastu, this position is linked with prosperity and happiness and, most of all, the best quality of sleep. For children's bedroom, the headboard should ideally be along the east The main advantage of a south-facing house or garden is the amount of sunlight you'll enjoy. As the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, the south side of any house will see the most hours of sunlight during the day - especially in the Northern Hemisphere - so a south-facing garden takes advantage of this The best place for pooja is the north-east corner of the house. The pooja mandir, in which the deities are placed, should face in the east-west direction in the north-east corner so that the pooja.

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Your home is only going to go up in value as much as the other houses around you. If you pay $500,000 for a home and your neighbors pay $250,000 to $300,000, your appreciation is going to be limited. Sometimes it is best to is buy the worst house on the block, because the worst house per square foot always trades for more than the biggest house Whether you work at home or in an office, the work desk is an essential piece of furniture where you get your work done most of the time, if not all of the time. Therefore, it is an absolute must to have the desk placement right if you want the power of the elements to help you achieve any more than just staying average. The feng shui of placing and positioning the office desk comes down to 3. If North direction is not available (free), East is the second best direction for an office in home of in general. The East direction is related to Lord Surya (Sun) and it gives great name and fame. According to office rules of Vastu Shastra, the entrance of an office building or office room or office flat should face towards North or East. The ideal direction that solar p anels must face, So, the best that you can do is calculate an angle that has the least average annual loss. The most common way that has been adopted widely is

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Puja room or a prayer room is an intrinsic part of every Hindu hosehold. This is mainly because rituals such as puja are an integral part of Hindu worship. In Hindu culture God is considered the owner of all creation and we consider the puja room as His room. This is a religiously pure room, in our mind. A lamp is lit and the Lord worshipped. Direction. In the northern hemisphere, the general rule for solar panel placement is, solar panels should face true south (and in the southern, true north). Usually this is the best direction because solar panels will receive direct light throughout the day Other tips for finding the perfect place to store your firewood include the following: Choose a dry, breezy area of your property. Keep the wood about 20 feet from the nearest door to your house to prevent pests from having a direct route inside. If you're stacking wood next to a structure, stack it at least a few inches away from the structure.