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If you still have some doubts about your career in paleontology, the following pros and cons should help you make a choice. PROS OF BEING A PALEONTOLOGIST 1.A paleontologist gets an access to different kinds of work from real outside experiments to simple work in office The benefits of a career in paleontology range from an excellent career outlook to a challenging and rewarding daily life. Paleontologists have the chance to uncover artifacts that detail the progression of human and plant life and make intriguing discoveries. As of 2014, the median annual salary for paleontologists is $67,470 The Pros And Cons Of Paleoanthropology. 1571 Words 6 Pages. Show More. Within the field of paleoanthropology, many controversial subjects and debates are intertwined in the field of study. The subject of what constitutes a new human species materializes tension within the field. The debates that arise from paleoanthropologist tend to be personal 2) What are the pros and cons of being a paleontologist? The pros for me are that i get to fulfill a life long dream, get to meet lots of like minded individuals, travel and work outdoors, get to work with some rare and little known fossils What Paleontology Is Not. Firstly, paleontology does not include anatomically modern humans - this is anthropology and archaeology with the former being the study of people and the latter the study of the material remains of people in the past. Nor has it traditionally studied human ancestors. However, a niche area of paleontology studies fossils related to ancestors of anatomically modern humans

academic paleontologists to bring scientifically sig-nificant fossils into public trust. To be clear, the SVP bylaws also allow hobby collecting where con-ducted legally. In fact, academic paleontologists often depend upon fossil collecting by hobbyists and amateur paleontologists particularly because innumerable important scientific. Paleontologist are scientists that study ancient life, well known for finding and studying the extinct group dinosaurs. In fact the research they do is more broad and can be separated into two types. For example Vertebrate Paleontology, ones whom study animals with a back bone and invertebrate animals with no back bone.Paleontology can consist. Pros And Cons Of Being A Paleontologist. 713 Words; 2 Pages; Pros And Cons Of Being A Paleontologist. How are deserts, dinosaurs, and rocks similar? These are all things that a paleontologist can work with. This is a job that should be for people who want to because then they will work harder, and it can help them with doing other jobs by.

Being a geologist is a great way to impress your friends whenever you're in the outdoors. I can describe the geological history of the area just by studying the rocks and landscape. Being in academics allows me to live in many different places around the world, which I love Below are some of the pros and cons of being a cosmetologist. Pros Financially Rewarding. One of the pros of becoming a cosmetologist is that it can be both financially and emotionally rewarding. Cosmetologists who have developed a large client list and work at a popular salon can make a lot of money

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  1. Pros And Cons Of Dinosaur Bones 809 Words | 4 Pages. TITLE Sue is one of the biggest and most complete T-rex skeleton ever found (text book pg. 140). If this skeleton would've been lost to illegal fossil trade dealers, then scientists and paleontologists would have also lost valuable evidence
  2. Pros. Located near the badlands where paleontologist go to find lots of fossils; Cost is cheap near $15,551; Has the study needed for paleontology which is geology; Cons. Does not have the highest pay for the United States for the occupation of paleontology; May have to travel to far places for a long time; Some of the work conditions may be a.
  3. All over the Earth, millions of dinosaur fossils - which are naturally preserved remains - are being found and studied by a special kind of scientist called paleontologists. These professional dinosaur bone diggers are the reason why we know so much about prehistoric ages, thanks to their efforts to uncover the mysteries of the past. 1
  4. For example, the pros and cons of forensic anthropology include working on crime scenes. For some people this may be exciting, while for others it may be challenging. In other fields of anthropology, you may be working in extreme climate conditions, such as cold or hot weather, when out on field excavations
  5. es the advantages and disadvantages of tourism and provides a logical conclusion. On the one hand, one of the main advantages of the developed tourism industry is that it brings a lot of benefits to the contry and a large number of new jobs for the local people. Tourists spend money on a wide range of services, including hotels.
  6. Being creative is a huge asset in a job search - but being unable to ask for help can weaken it. Find out the pros and cons of being a intuitive job seeker, and how to play to strengths

Aspiring paleontologists should have extensive knowledge of biology and geology. A double-major with full training in both is the best educational option. Chemistry, physics, calculus, statistics, and computer science are also very important Perfect for an introvert. If you like hydrogeology or environmental geology, you may still travel, but certainly not as often as a petroleum geologist. Other pros include involvement with an industry that has the potential to improve the environment and protect human health, along with interesting and varied work Reliability, validity, sensitivity, specificity, ascertainment bias, and interpretation of data using biomarkers should be reviewed just as carefully as any other variable. These problems remain whether the biomarker is being used as a variable in a clinical trial or in an epidemiologic study. Reliability or repeatability is crucial 1. Making A Difference. As stated previously, one of the number one reasons why people choose the teaching profession is the opportunity to make a difference in others' lives. People interested in this field are usually those that work well in the humanities and have an internal want and need to help others. 2

Higher than average earning potential (mean annual income as of May 2014 was $105,390)*. Minimum required education is a bachelor's degree*. Allows you explore in natural habitats*. Cons of Becoming an Oceanographer. May require long and irregular work hours*. May require regular traveling* The Advantages of Being an Archaeologist. Pop culture often glamorizes archaeologists as treasure-hunting adventurers with lives of non-stop action. Archaeology is really a lot more about careful science and a lot less about being chased by Hollywood villains, but that by no means implies the career is disappointing.

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What are the pros and cons of strict/relaxed molecular clocks? The strict molecular clock is the oldest and simplest model of molecular evolution, which says that rates of change along the branches of a tree are homogeneous, that is they are all e.. Cons: If you spend a lot of time in the field, starting or maintaining relationships and/or a family is very difficult. The hours can be long and in some cases it can be lonely. Also, you do mining or petroleum work, your job stability is tied to the value of a commodity, which you have no control over. Pros: It pays well Warm Blooded Versus Cold Blooded Dinosaurs At a time, scientists believed all dinosaurs were cold-blooded. However, with a recent discovery of a dinosaur found with a fossilized heart in the northern part of South Dakota in 1993, many paleontologists are starting to think that there were some dinosaurs that were warm blooded Creative Writing Prompts: Paleontology. Paleontology has been a way of life for us for at least the past four years. My oldest, who will be turning nine in the next month loves everything dinosaurs, fossils, evolution, and more. She's determined to be a paleontologist when she grows up, and I am positive she'll follow through with this goal Since paleontologists do not have typical work hours, they must be willing to alter their schedules when new opportunities present themselves. When working in the field, paleontologists may work around the clock. 00:00. 00:02 09:16. GO LIVE

A friend of mine in Arizona is developing a drone that uses lasers to scan the ground for fossils. It works but has its limitations. (Like it only works at night). It is pretty cool. When I go hang out with him, we always discuss the pros and cons of this sort of thing. To me, field work becomes too snarge boring Technological advancement: De-extinction could be a big step forward for genetic engineering. Environmental benefits: Threatened or damaged ecosystems could be restored with the help of certain now-extinct species. Justice: If people pushed plant and animals species into extinction, perhaps we owe it to these species to try and bring them back Pro radioactive dating gives an absolute age for the rocks dated. Con radioactive dating can only be used to date fossils older than approximately 50,000 years old. Pro The half life of radioactive substances are empirically determined. The ratio of the parent to daughter atoms can be used to determine an exact age given the assumptions that none of the original parent atoms have been eroded. Pros of creationism:Recognises that there is a god and creator of everything.Satisifes literalist Bible readers.Can be used to fill in gaps of current scientific knowledge.Useful in finding said. Isocyanates are increasingly being used to create polyurethane products used in the manufacture and repair of automobiles, in spray-insulation for homes and other buildings, special weather-and wear-resistant paints, and for industrial products used to protect a variety of materials including cement, fiberglass, aluminum, and wood

Many of us have genes from extinct human species in our DNA. Some of these genes have been helpful, but others seem to be destructive. When modern humans moved out of Africa between about 60,000 and 100,000 years ago, they met other types of humans who had already made the move to Europe and Asia Pros: - As indicated above, genetic engineering is meant to eliminate flaws in humanity's genetic makeup. Consequently, those children that were genetically modified before birth will probably emerge healthier on average than a normal baby. Geneticists will be able to target specific genetic defects and get rid of them before the child ages Pros & Cons of a Career in Geology. You will notice that being a geologist is incredibly rewarding, however, there are advantages and disadvantages that should outweigh salary in considering a. A mineralogist is a scientist who specializes in the classification of minerals and other precious stones. The nature of the work varies according to location, and for this reason travel is often required. However, depending on qualifications, a mineralogist has the potential to earn a decent salary Conservation paradox - the pros and cons of recreational hunting Recreational hunting -- especially hunting of charismatic species for their trophies -- raises ethical and moral concern

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Visualization & Debugging Tools: Another advantage of using MATLAB is you can write codes, debugging the whole code, and also visualize exact observations under a good environment. This whole environment looks extremely productive. Great Documentation: Even those who are staunch supporters of OpenCV states that whole part of documentation. Creation is the belief that God took seven days to create all the stars, planets, moons, water, plants, and all life on earth. This is a belief that is adopted by Christians all over the world. Evolution is a more scientific approach to the creation of the universe and earth. Evolutionists believe that the universe took millions of years to. The Cons of Buying a Metal Detector. No device is perfectly complete with just pros, as it is the case with everything else. There must be a few downsides that may deter you from making this purchase. False Alarm . There is no such thing as a perfect system, even with this seemingly ultimate instrument This being the case, people who have been helped by biotechnology such as regenerative medicine, and who are consequently composed of biotechnology, are enhanced by this technology which basically.

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Pros and Cons of Living in Nebraska. While Nebraska may seem like the Midwest's shining glory, every state is bound to have some cons to wrangle alongside those pros. We've just happened to gift wrap them for you, so you can sit back and bask in the almighty knowledge every future Cornhusker should know. Pros of being a Cornhusker Founded in 1740, the University of Pennsylvania (U Penn) is located in downtown Philadelphia. It is a private non-profit university with 4 undergraduate schools and 12 graduate schools that offers degree programs at the baccalaureate, master's and doctoral levels. Read about the pros and cons of attending, tuition, financial aid and student. The pros and cons are the two main types of standardized testing. (Popham, 2001). I will look into them independently beginning with the pros and then cons. According to Sacks, (1999), the pros of standardized testing is a studying scenario, where a student has to pass certain tests to determine that he has acquired proficiency in various.. Metabarcoding monitoring analysis: the pros and cons of using co-extracted environmental DNA and RNA data to assess offshore oil production impacts on benthic communities Olivier Laroche 1 , 2 , Susanna A. Wood 2 , 3 , Louis A. Tremblay 1 , 2 , Gavin Lear 1 , Joanne I. Ellis 4 , Xavier Pochon 2 ,

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Posted: (4 days ago) May 11, 2018 · The Pros and Cons of a Low Down Payment Earlier this year, Down Payment Resource conducted an analysis weighing the pros and cons of lower down payments. They found that a major benefit of a low down payment is that it can get potential home buyers off the sidelines and into homeownership faster Abstract. Purpose: This research evaluates the utility of two different definitions of successful aging in predicting well-being.Design and Methods: We assessed the definitions of (a) self-rating and (b) Rowe and Kahn's criteria of absence of disease, disability, and risk factors; maintaining physical and mental functioning; and active engagement with life SciCafe. On the first Wednesday of every month at 7 pm ET, this popular after-hours event brings together inquisitive minds for an informal evening of drinks and conversation about cutting-edge science topics with experts from the field. For the 2020-21 season, the series will be presented virtually. SciCafe is free with RSVP Renowned paleontologist Kenneth Lacovara fact checks Jurassic World while giving his two cents about the pros and cons of genetically modified dinos. Spoiler alert: there are a lot more cons Beauceron sensitivity: They are a little bit more sensitive than other dog breeds. Soft punishment affects them emotionally. Beaucerons don't tolerate irregular daily routine, noisy household and frequent guest visits really well. They are receptive to their owner's emotions and make wonderful family companions

Letting the public name a newly discovered species could go horribly wrong. With thousands of species at risk of extinction, auctioning off naming rights helps increase public awareness and raise. A. Well, the pros certainly are that I think she's such an incredible actor. We hadn't worked together in many, many years. In fact, the last time I worked with her, I was kind of a kid Michael is a longtime contributor who specializes in topics relating to paleontology, physics, biology, astronomy, chemistry, and futurism. In addition to being an avid blogger, Michael is particularly passionate about stem cell research, regenerative medicine, and life extension therapies The entertainment industry relies heavily on makeup artists who are responsible for making all types of performers look their best or worst, depending on what the producer wants. Many reputable makeup artists work as freelancers, networking with their clients to turn up even more lucrative business contacts. Salaries. A Wife, That Most Interesting Specimen. Part of the Darwin exhibition. After a year or so in London, the 29-year-old Darwin began to think seriously about marrying. But like many an ambitious scientist, he was torn between determination to make a mark and desire to have a family

Imagine being a child living in a state with two parents in which, legally, only one parent is allowed to be their parent, Powell told LiveScience. In that situation, the family is not seen as. Skulls Of Modern Humans And Ancient Neanderthals Evolved Differently Because Of Chance, Not Natural Selection ScienceDaily (Mar. 20, 2008) — New research led by UC Davis anthropologist Tim Weaver adds to the evidence that chance, rather than natural selection, best explains why the.. Laura Dern recently met with TV critics to discuss her new HBO show, Enlightened,'' and working with real-life mom Diane Ladd on the show Essay On Cetaceans. 885 Words4 Pages. Unlike others who may be writing on the medical aspects and applications of mammalian genetics, such as specific types of cancer genetics or stem cell differentiation, my topic will discuss perhaps the not as applicable, but by no means less interesting radiation, biodiversity, and phylogenetic.

Pros: Very interesting. Actually using your geology degree and principles learned during school. My pay isn't great but it definitely can be in certain mineral industries/with more experience. Get to travel to places you'd probably never visit otherwise. You sound like a badass saying you're a mining geologist. Cons: Travel Pam Mandel is an award-winning freelance travel writer and co-founder of The Statesider, a newsletter of U.S. travel stories. Her latest book is The Same River Twice: A Memoir of Dirtbag Backpackers, Bomb Shelters, and Bad Travel. Show notes. When travel changes the way you think about the world. It's complicated. Wireless is neat and you can use your face as the trackpad, but you need to charge it or supply with batteries. Those with internal battery to save on weight, can have the battery die. Those that use batteries are heavy. Also most wireless mouse are not nearly as responsive or accurate as wired This is a tough one to answer, pros and cons on both sides, and many of those have already been mentioned. As you know, heating oil is almost the same as #2 diesel fuel that trucks use, except heating oil has none of those additives or detergents that diesel has. When I lived in NJ, had a place with an older style oil burning hot water boiler. As a lifetime fan of paleontology, I have always been bothered by how disconnected the subject is from other sciences. By this I mean the lack of paleontological discussion in subjects such as biology and other life sciences. Recently I wondered what science educators' thoughts were on paleontology in the school system. First I contacted..

Everything you need to know about becoming a paleontologist. Fear of being unavailable sabotages your productivity. What worked for me is creating a pros and cons list. One side lists why. Pros and Cons of Becoming an Archaeologist. Posted on April 16, 2012 by jillianclare. There are many misconceptions of what exactly an archaeologist does in the field. Many of these come from movies such as Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider where the hero/heroin seems to have to overcome largely fabricated obstacles in order to find mystical. Pros and Cons of Being an Archaeologist. Good things have a bad side too. Similarly, a career in archaeology comes with some pros as well as cons. Space below mentions the pros and cons of being an archaeologist. Pros of Being an Archaeologist - Ideal profession for people who want to make a career in unravelling mysteries of the histor

Renowned paleontologist Richard Leakey even called it a form of prostitution. Next week, the 3.2 million-year-old fossil goes on display at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. It could be the. Pros and Cons of Being a Pediatrician appealing to the mini paleontologist in every home. (Image via Facebook) Best: Sesame Street . Jim Henson's classic Sesame Street has been on since 1969, and it's no wonder. Some of the original episodes may have had some now-questionable content, but the Muppets have really upped their game • Discuss the pros and cons of being famous. Make a chart listing the different suggestions. Do all the students agree on what is considered pro and what is considered con? Take each suggestion and ask the students if they consider the choice a pro or a con. Discuss why there might be differences of opinion List of Bipedalism Pros. 1. Brain Enlargement. From observation, wild chimpanzees walk bipedally most of the time allowing them to carry and transport more items. For the early hominins being bipedal enabled them to diversify the use of limbs leaving the upper limbs for moving and making tools, which led to increased intelligence and brain. Champion Paleontologist Jack Horner forced out of his job by anti-marriage activists! This edgy wolfdog owner has a balanced overview on the pros and cons of owning a wolfdog. If you are uninformed on wolfdogs and want to learn a thing or two about them, watch the video. not to mention mountain lions being photographed near the.

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This scale measures the intensity of a person's workout on a scale of 0 to 10. This scale was developed by Gunnar Borg, and it is used by medical professionals to assess a person's health in a variety of ways. In essence, interactionists focus on the specific meanings and causes people attribute to illness Pros and Cons of Owning a Small Business. Owning a small business has its advantages and disadvantages. Each entrepreneur must weigh the pros and the cons carefully and decide whether or not the risk is worth the reward. It offers the status of being the person in charge. Some entrepreneurs are attracted to the idea of being the boss. In. From the viewpoint of career paleontologists, amateur fossil collecting has its pros and cons. On the one hand, Australia has a great band of citizen scientists keen to help us cover more ground, particularly as funding and field work resources are becoming more scarce. One of the most famous amateur collectors is Mary Anning from the UK. She. The early bird's anatomy matches that of modern flightless birds, a paleontologist says. Although it has long been debated whether the proto-bird Archaeopteryx was able to actually fly or merely.

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Pros: 1. Salary. The salary is one of the best pros of being a dentist. This lucrative career can offer you a great salary, not only do you have a fair amount of money in your pocket, but you also have a secure and stable income. That is until someone invents a toothpaste that will protect teeth and gums for life, which is very unlikely Critical Essay: Pros And Cons Of Social Media Marketing. Question. Task: Write a critical essay on the topic in your discipline, as outlined below. Draw on the four readings you wrote about in your Assessment 2 Annotated Bibliography and find another TWO scholarly sources of your own to support your critical discussion Paleozoologists work on archaeological sites with paleontologists and with paleoecologists, Depending on the animals being monitored and studied, there can be an element of danger to the job; so prospective zoologists must be prepared to accept this aspect of the role. Pros and Cons of working as a zoologist: Pros 4. Is study into the field of paleontology important? Should more funding be granted to paleontologists as they work to uncover clues from the earth's distant past? Or is the study of fossils a dead line of work? 5. There is a divisive split between academic and commercial paleontologists. Discuss your thoughts on the pros and cons of both.

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Dash Robot At-a-Glance. Our overall impression: The Dash Robot is fun to play with, and can be used to code, but there are other robotics for kids that we enjoy more. The Dash Robot by Wonder Workshop has been around for nearly five years. This little robot was one of the first on the market to bring fun, interesting, Blocky programming to a. Everyone has their own pros and cons to weigh when making their evacuate-or-not-to-evacuate decisions, said Josh Klapow, a psychologist at the University of Alabama, Birmingham, who specializes in. Pros and Cons of Being A Goalie. Naturally, being an ancient history and paleontology buff, I started it up. I would not regret it. I was floored by what I saw. The paintings themselves were over 30,000 years old, but they looked like they were done a few hours before camera crews arrived! It was incredible to think that all the TV shows. Most police officers go the extra mile for the people they serve, whether they are on-duty or not. They volunteer to make a difference, speak to scouting groups, make school presentations, and create a community which everyone can take pride in each day. 3. Job satisfaction rates are high for police officers

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In Doing this you must do two things. 1.Provide Arguments or Basis for your Side-In order to have reasons why your side is better. 2.Follow the definition you have used to describe your side-so you and your opponent can argue on the same topic. You will see the relevance in me explaining this later on in the round The middle class is at risk . Reports suggest that 47% of people employed in the US are at risk of being replaced by machines and 35% of jobs in the UK may similarly be threatened - with even. There are other pros and cons the little things that differ from life in Santa Fe. In Santa Fe, the air was clean. Yeah, you were at a higher altitude, and it took time to get used to the thinness, but here it's FILTHY, which means you're dusting and sweeping twice a day to get ahead of the grime being deposited everywhere paleontology more generally was fought a long time ago, and the outcome is orangutans being the sister group to the clade. In short, he's being a dishonest prick and should be ignored, as I am and gave pros [1] and cons of each method. The horizontal explicitly produced paraphyletic taxa, [2] the.

SOS is a computer-based Christian homeschooling curriculum that covers Grades 3-12. In this article, we'll distill about 25 Switched-on-Schoolhouse reviews from homeschooling moms and students who've used the program. We'll check out the pros and cons of this program, and compare it with other homeschooling curricula The AirPods Pro is quite expensive though, you have to set your priorities. It was, you can downshift while hitting the brakes. Casino gambling pros and cons by the year 2010, I will plan on writing a document on how I went about building this but I will need some time to write that. Can be complicated to set up, to shame and depression

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Julie has plenty of pros: smart, driven, a paleontologist, and cute. Let me take a swing at listing the pros and cons of the Bitcoin currency as it stands and get started directing you. CON: We must note that when it comes to the pros and cons of being a physical therapist, some may view the need for maintaining physical fitness as a potential con. The fact is, if you do not stay fit, it becomes quite difficult to fulfill your PT responsibilities. 6. Medical Knowledge

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Step 1: Start Learning About Earth Sciences in High School. You can start preparing to become a Geoscientist in High School by taking challenging science classes. Biology, Physics, and Chemistry are essential for this career. If available in your school, you should also consider taking Environmental Science or Earth Science classes How to Hero is a satirical guide to being a superhero, striving to cover all aspects of day-to-day superherodom and to give advice for any situation a superhero might find themselves in.. Starting in April 2017, the blog updates twice weekly with new topics, ranging from classic superhero staples like Costumes and Codenames to more specific situations like Sharing Your Powers or Being. 1. Pros are the scientific researches, info and proofs that prove the validity and the viability of the theory. 2. Cons are any scientific researches, info and proofs that the theory is unvalid and unviable

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The Kuiper Belt02:29. The kuiper belt is like the asteroid belt, only twice as wide, twice as tall and has at least twice as many stuff. The most famous member of the kuiper belt is the dwarf planet Pluto. The kuiper belt is suspected to host as many as 100,000 objects. The Kuiper belt starts just past the orbit of Neptune, or 30 AU to about 50. Having had unrivaled access to some of the most fossil-rich areas in the world, Jingmai O'Connor has worked hard to hone her expertise in flying dinosaurs and ancient avians to become one of the. msata ssd vs sata ssd. msata ssd storage. Go to solution Solved by Oshino Shinobu, December 29, 2014. The main difference is form factor. SATA SSDs tend to be a bit cheaper as well, from what I've seen. There's the benefit of being able to easily move SATA SSDs from system to system, as they're supported by every motherboard, unlike mSATA

A dish-Stirling system is a solar furnace that uses parabolic mirrors to focus sunlight on rock salt, which melts and can be used to heat water and produce steam to drive a turbine.These are more efficient than photovoltaic solar cells.It is said that the Greek inventor Archimedes used a solar furnace to set enemy ships on fire during a war, but this is unlikely, as he didn't possess the. The Out of Africa (OOA), or African replacement, hypothesis is a well-supported theory. It argues that every living human being is descended from a small group of Homo sapiens (abbreviated Hss) individuals in Africa, who then dispersed into the wider world, meeting and displacing earlier forms such as Neanderthals and Denisovans. Early major proponents of this theory were led by British. Black Lives Matter activists are calling for the removal of 60 statues of slave owners and racists across Britain. On a website called Topple The Racists, members can propose statues to fall Pros and cons of stratigraphie models in art history ROBERT BORK Everyone involved in art-historical scholarship has to confront the complexity of the historical record in some fashion. Art historians often attempt to tame this complexity by treating the past as a series of layers or strata. Such simple stratigraphie models of art histor The earth is only a few thousand years old. That's a fact, plainly revealed in God's Word. So we should expect to find plenty of evidence for its youth. And that's what we find—in the earth's geology, biology, paleontology, and even astronomy

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Program Data. The Bureau of Land Management manages, protects, and controls wild horses and burros under the authority of the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act (as amended by Congress in 1976, 1978, 1996, and 2004).. This law authorizes the BLM to remove excess wild horses and burros from the range to sustain the health and productivity of the public lands Pros And Cons Of Getting A Basenji ; In fact, paleontologists have even found depictions of the Basenji breed in ancient Egyptian relics, as well as in ancient Babylonian and Mesopotamian artwork. The Basenji survived the fall of the ancient Egyptian empire, persisting in the region as a wild dog of sorts. Besides being a more. The Boeing Company this week unveiled concepts for the Deep Space Gateway and Transport systems that could help achieve NASA's goal of having robust human space exploration from the Moon to Mars Paleontologists in Chile have found a fossil jawbone with teeth.The fossil comes from a skunk-like mammal that lived more than 70 million years ago.The discovery was published in the journal Scientific Reports in April 2021.Scientists say it could help a

Friends S 2 E 8 The One With The List. Ross is still torn between Rachel and Julie, so Chandler and Joey decide to help him by making a list of each girl's pros and cons. Monica finds a new job where her task is to come up with recipes involving Mockolate, a synthetic chocolate substitute that she and the rest of the friends find disgusting I didn't choose to have a child. Not if choosing means something rational—weighing pros and cons, coming to a conclusion. I tried that process but ran away from it because, even though I wanted a child, it seemed to me that creating a whole new person was such an enormity that no one could rationally decide to do such a thing