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Spotted Meaning in Hindi: Find the definition of Spotted in Hindi. OneIndia Hindi Dictionary offers the meaning of Spotted in hindi with pronunciation, synonyms, antonyms, adjective and more related words in Hindi Meaning and definitions of spotted, translation of spotted in Hindi language with similar and opposite words. Spoken pronunciation of spotted in English and in Hindi. Tags for the entry spotted What spotted means in Hindi, spotted meaning in Hindi, spotted definition, explanation, pronunciations and examples of spotted in Hindi SPOTTED-meaning in Hindi, Hindi meaning of SPOTTED, Get meaning of SPOTTED in Hindi dictionary, With Usage Tips and Notes, Quickly Grasp Word SPOTTED spotted meaning in Hindi with examples: चित्‍तीदार पृषत् कलंकित चितकबरा चित्तीदा click for more detailed meaning of spotted in Hindi with examples, definition, pronunciation and example sentences

English to Hindi Dictionary: Spotted Raftaar World's Leading Shabdkosh: Meaning and definitions of Spotted, translation of Spotted in Hindi language with similar and opposite words. Spoken pronunciation of Spotted in English and in Hindi spot. meaning in Hindi. 1. The device could not measure the color spot correctly. युक्ति रंग स्पॉट को सही ढंग से नहीं नाप सकता है. 2. By raising the density in very specific spots a whole lot. कुछ ख़ास स्थलों की सघनता को.

Spotted Meaning in Hindi, Definition of Spotted in Hindi

Chittidaar (Spotted) Meaning In Hindi Spotted meaning in Hindi Spotted = चित्तीदार (Chittidaar English to Hindi & English Online Dictionary. Search all Hindi words & phrases | Online Shabdkosh | अंग्रेजी - हिन्दी ऑनलाइन शब्दकोश । griase spotted - वसा चिह्नि English to Hindi Dictionary: dark-spotted. Meaning and definitions of dark-spotted, translation of dark-spotted in Hindi language with similar and opposite words. Spoken pronunciation of dark-spotted in English and in Hindi. Tags for the entry dark-spotted Spotted Meaning in Hindi. There are total 4 hindi meaning and definitions have been listed for the english word 'spotted'. 'मैला - maila', 'चित्तीदार - chittidar' and 'कलंकित - kalankit' are definitions in hindi

Hindi Word मैला Meaning in English - Spotted - मैला अंग्रेज़ी में अर्थ. मैला Meaning in English is Spotted, which is also written as 'Mailā' in Roman. Other Mailā Meanings in English include Blotched, Dappled, Flaked, Flecked, Freckled, Mosaic, Motley, Patchy, Pied, Spotty and Sprinkled etc spotted definition: 1. covered in small, usually round areas of colour: 2. covered in small, usually round areas of. Learn more Definition of spotted in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of spotted. What does spotted mean? Information and translations of spotted in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web

spotted meaning in hindi English Hindi Dictionary

  1. Spotless Meaning In Hindi Spotless Meaning in Hindi is बेदाग. It is written as Bedāg in Roman Hindi. Spotless is a adjective by form
  2. Spotted definition, marked with or characterized by a spot or spots. See more
  3. Spot definition: Spots are small, round, coloured areas on a surface. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and example
  4. Define spotted. spotted synonyms, spotted pronunciation, spotted translation, English dictionary definition of spotted. adj. Marked or stained with spots: a spotted fabric. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. * The word cheetah means spotted one in the Hindi language. The race for survival: can.

Spotted definition: Something that is spotted has a pattern of spots on it. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and example The vernacular name chital (pronounced / tʃiːtəl /) comes from cītal (Hindi: चीतल), derived from the Sanskrit word citrala (चित्रलः), meaning variegated or spotted. The name of the cheetah has a similar origin. Variations of chital include cheetal and cheetul Need to translate spot-on to Hindi? Here's how you say it In summer both sexes are spotted with white. It is common in England, where it is often domesticated in the parks. • Fallibly (adv.) In a fallible manner. Multi Language Dictionary. FROM: TO: Fall Meaning in Hindi. Dictionary is an essential part of individual life and the world of digitalization helped to carry a dictionary in your pocket.

Drawn meaning in Hindi : Get meaning and translation of Drawn in Hindi language with grammar,antonyms,synonyms and sentence usages. Know answer of question : what is meaning of Drawn in Hindi? Drawn ka matalab hindi me kya hai (Drawn का हिंदी में मतलब ). Drawn meaning in Hindi (हिन्दी मे मीनिंग ) is क्लांत.English definition. Sarang is a Hindu Boy name and it is Hindi originated name with multiple meanings. Sarang name meaning is Spotted Deer; Name of a God. Sarang name popularity and rank stands at 6610 among 29430 Hindu names. More similar Hindu Boy Name stained. बदनाम किया हुआ, धब्बा लगा हुआ, कलंक लगा हुआ, कलंकित किया हुआ, चिह्नित. spotted. कबरा, धब्बेदार, सारंग, चिह्नित. Tags: Chihnit meaning in Hindi. Marked meaning in hindi. Marked in. Abstain Meaning in Hindi. There are total 3 hindi meaning and definitions have been listed for the english word 'abstain'. Its first meaning is 'दूर रहना' which can be transliterated into english as 'dur rahana'. Second definition is 'परहेज़ करना' and its transliteration into Latin is translated as 'parhez karna' Splashed - Meaning in Hindi. Splashed definition, pronuniation, antonyms, synonyms and example sentences in Hindi. translation in hindi for Splashed with similar and opposite words. Splashed ka hindi mein matalab, arth aur prayo

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Intended meaning of Ena: Ena is an ancient word which belongs to Sanskrit language and is another name for the zodiac sign Capricorn. Ena is a grammatical term which includes terms like she, he, it, this and that. These terms are said inappropriate to start a sentence with. This name also has several other meanings depending on the context like. If you're concerned about words where Kaaleen used for example shivkaleen, then it's particularly about the time or era. It means the object is from the specific time or era. If you just want to know about an independent word Kaaleen, then they're.. Spot Meaning in Hindi. There are total 18 hindi meaning and definitions have been listed for the english word 'spot'. 'घूमने वाली तेज़. English to Hindi Dictionary: Grease spotted Raftaar World's Leading Shabdkosh: Meaning and definitions of Grease spotted, translation of Grease spotted in Hindi language with similar and opposite words. Spoken pronunciation of Grease spotted in English and in Hindi

spotted in Hindi - spotted meaning in Hind

spotted deer शब्द से संबंधित परिणाम चीतल एक प्रकार का चित्तीदार बड़ा साँप या छोटा अजगर जो खरगोश, बिल्ली आदि छोटे जंतुओं पर निर्वाह करता ह 1. The spotted eagle ray is hunted by a wide variety of sharks.: 2. It is a relatively small eagle ray, reaching up to in width.: 3. Spotted eagle rays are most commonly seen alone, but occasionally swim in groups.: 4. Eagle rays, turtles and sharks also visit this latest addition to the islands'reefs.: 5. There are butterfly fish, eagle rays, murray eels and many other species of fish English to Hindi Dictionary: Hopped Raftaar World's Leading Shabdkosh: Meaning and definitions of Hopped, translation of Hopped in Hindi language with similar and opposite words. Spoken pronunciation of Hopped in English and in Hindi Freckle is an English word that is translated in Hindi and carries a lot more information on this page. Freckle meaning in Hindi is झाई and it can write in roman as Jhaai. Along with the Hindi meaning of Freckle, multiple definitions are also stated to provide a complete meaning of Freckle

Playing 04:43 From Alia Bhatt to Varun Dhawan, Bollywood celebs spotted in Mumbai Now Playing 02:18 BMC directs Sonu Sood to convert his Juhu hotel into a residential bui.. While the music video for Ariana Grande's single Positions was a massive success -- it racked up over a million views in an hour -- it also left fans a little confused. Some of the lyrics seemed. Yum meaning in Hindi. १. एक साथ उत्पन्न बच्चों का जोड़ा । यमज ।. २. भारतीय आर्यों के एक प्रसिद्ध देवता जो दक्षिण दिशा के दिक् पाल कहे जाते हैं और आजकल. The resulting offspring were striped, speckled, and spotted. Jacob did this only when the stronger animals were mating, so he ended up with the strongest and - James W. Goll, The Seer: The Prophetic Power of Visions . Laban meaning in Hindi, Meaning of Laban in English Hindi Dictionary. Pioneer by www.aamboli.com, helpful tool of English Hindi.

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Ullu = Owl patha = Kid Kid of an owl but it's used to call someone a dummy Chital definition: any of several S Asian deer of the genus Axis, esp A. axis. They typically have a... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and example Rickettsia is a genus of nonmotile, gram-negative, nonspore-forming, highly pleomorphic bacteria that may occur in the forms of cocci (0.1 μm in diameter), bacilli (1-4 μm long), or threads (up to about 10 μm long). The term rickettsia has nothing to do with rickets (which is a deficiency disease resulting from lack of vitamin D); the bacterial genus Rickettsia was named after Howard. English Translation of तिल | The official Collins Hindi-English Dictionary online. Over 100,000 English translations of Hindi words and phrases

spot in Hindi - spot meaning in Hind

half-day = आधा दिन की छुट्टी. Usage: On Saturdays many schools have a half-day . Usage: शनिवार को कई स्कूलों की आधा दिन की छुट्टी रहती है. Other words to learn. ostrich meaning in Hindi. transformer meaning in Hindi. front_line meaning in. The definition of hollo is to shout or an exclamation originally shouted in a hunt when the quarry was spotted. Hello is alternatively thought to come from the word hallo (1840) via hollo (also holla, holloa, halloo, halloa). Hello Meaning in Hindi . If I fly, Marcius,/Halloo me like a hare Kartik Aaryan spotted riding a bike in Mumbai Updated : Feb 4, 2021, 20:47 IST Dressed in a casual blue T-shirt and jeans, the actor was seen arriving at a photo studio on his bik

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From Hindi In the dictionary, the colloquial Indian word, yaar, has been defined as a noun to refer to a 'familiar form of address: friend, mate'. It is originally a loanword from Persian Yaar/یار in both Hindi and Urdu. According to research, yaar was first spotted in English usage in the year 1963 Zareen Khan was spotted outside a pet shop in Bandra. Late Disha Salian's name gets mentioned in end credits as Varun Sharma... From Kareena Kapoor Khan to Kartik Aaryan, Bollywood celebs spotted. But, surprisingly, Hindi is not listed as an available language on the front-end website, meaning it is not activated yet. The Hindi version was first spotted by Gemwire.gg and India Today Tech.

English meaning of Muniya. Muniya का मतलब (मीनिंग) अंग्रेजी में जाने। Muniya kaun hai? Muniya kahan hai? Muniya kya hai? Muniya kaa arth. Hindi to english dictionary(शब्दकोश).मुनिया को अंग्रेजी में क्या कहते हैं WhatsApp after launching the much-awaited 'Dark Mode' feature for its users is now reportedly working on a new feature that will delete messages automatically after a stipulated time as set by users How to say spotted in Swahili. Swahili Translation. unaona Find more words Kareena Kapoor Khan Spotted looking stunning in a kaftan top with Husband Saif Ali khan who style in a black kurta. Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor twinning in black for a Birthday party

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उल्लू के पट्ठे / उल्लू का पट्ठा means offspring / disciple of an owl . उल्लू / owl is considered an animal without thinking power. पट्ठा / Pattha is a disciple or an offspring. Ulloo-ka-pattha is a person who acts mindlessly like an owl,. Snakes Dream - Snake Dreams Gives Alerts & Great Message. Snakes Dream - Snakes Dream sometimes gives you an alert and a great message while sometimes it is fruitless.It all depends on the scenario in which you see the snake dreams.. Our knowledge, emotional state, the social structure of our family, phobias, mindset, and values of our culture all play their role in interpreting the dream Meaning: Comic character name used in the Jungle Book. Breed: Chippiparai See More: Types of Dogs & Breeds with Pictures 8. Batuk: Indian Pet name used for calling pet dogs at home. Meaning: Boy is the meaning of this Indian name Breed: Rajapalayam 9. Bolly: This is a fancy name for a male dog International Business News: For months, speculation over Jack Ma's whereabouts has run rampant. Maybe the embattled billionaire had fled to Singapore, some posited. Or he had be

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Spotted hyenas will often perform a greeting ceremony: standing side-by-side and head-to-tail, each sniffing the erected phallus of the other. But this seems a little over the top And the kid was drinking it, and a security guard spotted it, and called the police, who called an ambulance that rushed to the ballpark, whisked the kid to the hospital. Ein Ordner sah wie das Kind die Limonade trank und rief die Polizei, welche einen Krankenwagen bestellte der zum Stadion eilte und das Kind ins Krankenhaus verfrachtete

Hindi is the fourth most spoken language in the world after Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and English. The Union Government promotes the spread of the Hindi language as a medium of expression of India's rich cultural heritage. At the state level, Hindi is the official language of the following Indian states Leopard - Spirit Animal, Symbolism and Meaning. Leopards are extraordinary animals. Their outside appearance is not the only thing that describes them but it definitely adds a lot to the whole image of this animal. Leopards are vicious animals, predators that live in southern parts of our planet. Their outside appearance is unique because. Four suspected drones were spotted at different locations in Samba and Jammu on Friday morning, news agency ANI reported. Drones have been sighted in the Union Territory earlier as well since the. Pronunciation of oriental spotted fever with 1 audio pronunciation and more for oriental spotted fever. German Greek Hebrew Hindi Hungarian Icelandic Indonesian Italian Korean Latin Latvian Macedonian Add a meaning

Know चीतल meaning in hindi and translation in hindi. चीतल word meaning with their sentences, usage, synonyms, antonyms, narrower meaning and related word meaning spotted deer (p. chital ) 5. a white-spotted antelope (p. cItala ) चीतल Definitions and Meaning in English. 1 Voluptuous (वलप्चवस / वलप्चूअस) meaning in Hindi. आकर्षक,आनंदी,कामुक,भोगी,विलासमय,भोग विलास का; Voluptuous sentence spotted in recent news. Known for her voluptuous and curvaceous body, Kim would have definitely looked super hot draped in a sare To better understand the meaning of Then , certain examples of its usage are presented spotted hagrid - - To understand the meaning of Then, please see the following usage by J. K. Rowling in Harry potter and the sorcerer's stone. Spoken pronunciation of Then in English and in Hindi. Get meaning and translation of Then in Hindi. Hindi words for dapple include चितकबरा, रंगबिरंगा, छींटेदार, धब्बेदार, चितकबरा होना, विचित्र, चितला, कबरा, रंग-बिरंग and रंगबिरंगा कर देना. Find more Hindi words at wordhippo.com griase griase absorbent griase paint griase solvent griase spotted griaseproof coating See 'grieve' also in: Google Translator Shabdkosh Wikipedia.com Dictionary.com Merriam Webste

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They spotted a niche in the market, with no serious competition. Tags: niche meaning in hindi, niche ka matalab hindi me, hindi meaning of niche, niche meaning dictionary. niche in hindi. Translation and meaning of niche in English hindi dictionary. Provided by. Samsung is looking to bring a new Samsung Galaxy A22 5G model in Europe. This is likely a slight toned-down model of the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G that was launched in the market in January. The ultra. Dragonfly meaning and symbolism includes opportunity, transformation, spontaneity, ancient wisdom, and other mystical qualities. These beautiful winged insects have fascinated people for thousands of years. In fact, the dragonfly spirit animal is a powerful totem that appears in the spiritual beliefs of many cultures Intended meaning of Sarang: Sarang founds reference in many Hindu Epics in which it has different meanings depending on the context. Sarang is referred in Arthav Veda, Mahabharata and Brahman (ब्राह्मण) with the meanings as dappled, spotted, of a variegated color or having a dappled body. This word also finds reference in Kavya.

As adults, Insects have bodies with three segments and three legs. This natural feature gives Insect connections with the three-fold Divine. Some of the most commonly talked about Insects in the world of Animal Symbolism and Animal Spirit Guides include Bees, Butterflies, Crickets, & Spiders. Insects are communal creatures Top 10 Grim Reapers Caught On Camera & Spotted in Real Life - Unbelievable Grim SightingsThe grim reaper is a legendary being known to collect souls from the.. spot (spŏt) n. 1. a. A mark on a surface differing sharply in color from its surroundings. b. A blemish, mark, or pimple on the skin. c. A stain or blot. 2. Games a. A mark or pip on a playing card; a spade, club, diamond, or heart. b. A playing card with a specified number of such marks on it indicating its value. 3. Informal A piece of paper money. spot definition: 1. a small, usually round area of colour that is differently coloured or lighter or darker than the. Learn more

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griase griase absorbent griase paint griase solvent griase spotted griaseproof coating See 'grilled' also in: Google Translator Shabdkosh Wikipedia.com Dictionary.com Merriam Webste libtard definition: 1. used by extreme right-wing people to refer to someone who believes in personal freedom and that. Learn more

Cheetah {Acinonyx Jubatus}Thilam Oonappuu (Malayalam: തിലം ഓണപ്പു) | Balsaminaceae

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Bluebell Flower Meaning In Hindi Friday, February 26, 2021 Bluebell Flower Meaning In Hindi Flowers Tulip Hyacinth Daffodil Rose Orchid Sunflower Calla Lily Poppy Pink Spotted Lily Car Pretty Flower Names Flower Images With Name Flower Names . Pin On Types Of Flowers Life Quotes Sayings in English & Hindi: Life is an Incredible Journey to live, to laugh, to love, to help, to achieve, to see, to experience each and every moment to its fullest.In Short, Life is a Journey which everyone should Experience to its Fullest. Life consists of all sorts of challenges and difficult times that are meant for us to make us stronger

These past days I've being seeing white butterfly even when am out of town I do,i have being on same job for 5years with a little pay package hoping I get something better,Two days ago a friend called me about a job in a far away town though the pay package isn't that much I feel like I should take it cause I need a change but m scared.Thinking about seing these butterfly constantly m thinking. Someone added 'googling' as a skill on CV, landed an interview. See viral tweet. 85 Days of Night. Two young bears spotted roaming around mall in Tennessee, USA Sarang Name Meaning in Bengali. Sarang is a Hindu Boy name and it is Hindi originated name with multiple meanings. Sarang name meaning in Bengali is দাগযুক্ত হরিণ; একটি Nameশ্বরের নাম. Sarang name meaning in Bengali, popularity and rank stands at 6649 and lucky number for Sarang is 6. Name. Sarang fugacious definition: 1. quick to disappear; not lasting very long: 2. quick to disappear; not lasting very long: . Learn more

Gulivinda (Telugu: గులివింద) | Balsaminaceae (balsam

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The meaning of ladybug spiritually often relates to elements of domestic balance, inner peace, environmental security, and good health. The colors red and black are both associated with the root chakra, which is the energy that a ladybug represents Quiescent origin. mid 17th century: from Latin quiescent- 'being still', from the verb quiescere, from quies 'quiet'. Quiescent in a sentence (word usage in recent Hindu newspaper) Extremely Massive Quiescent Galaxy Spotted in Early Universe. They should be in a dormant, or quiescent, state.; This suggests the presence of a quiescent black hole - a cosmic body not actively feeding.

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J&K: Suspected drone spotted in Satwari Earlier on July 16, a drone that was seen operating around the Jammu Air Base was picked up by the radars of the anti-drone system deployed by the National. A drone was spotted near the Indian Air Force Station in Jammu on Wednesday night, keeping the security agencies and police on tenterhooks, news agency ANI reported What does hind mean? A female red deer. (noun Hindi words for woodpecker include हुदहुद, कठफोडवा, वृक्षाम्ल, कठफोड़ा, काष्ठपात्र and कठफुड़वा पक्षी की जाति का पक्षी. Find more Hindi words at wordhippo.com Translation for 'spotted' in the free English-Russian dictionary and many other Russian translations. bab.la arrow_drop_down bab.la - Online dictionaries, vocabulary, conjugation, grammar Toggle navigation shar Makeup artist meaning in marathi makeup meaning in marathi saubhaya makeup artist meaning in marathi makeup artist meaning in marathi. Pics of : Makeup Meaning In Marath