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Die Webex-Technologie vom Marktführer Cisco ermöglicht Online Meetings in bester Qualität. Externe Kollegen einfach per Link einladen & ab ins virtuelle Meeting. Jetzt ausprobieren Mit Whiteboard, Breakout-Räumen, Desktopsharing, Recording & Playback, HD Video & Audio. ECOSERO bietet einfach alles für sichere, interaktive Online-Meetings und Webinare You will need to be creative and you should talk to others and share and learn about novel ideas that work. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started. Troop Meeting Format. A virtual meeting can have a very similar format as that of a regular in-person meeting. Preopening. Allow scouts time to show up; Maybe run a quick online quiz or other. Troll Themed Meeting. This is a very popular movie and could be made into a great virtual meeting theme. You could do a Netflix watch party if everyone has Netflix or have everyone watch before and then do activities during meeting. If you need ideas, Ill refer you to my favorite fun patch source, where activity worksheets are often included 100 Ideas For Troop Meetings THE SCOUTER'S BOOKS No. 1 100 IDEAS FOR TROOP MEETINGS BY DELTA and THETA Scouting is a boy's game but a man's job. Lord Rowallan, February 1945 THE BOY SCOUTS ASSOCIATION 25 BUCKINGHAM PALACE ROAD, LONDON S.W. 1 First published, 1953 Printed by Leveridge & Co.. St. Thomas' Road, Harlesden, London, Englan

10 Great Ideas to Make Virtual Meetings Successful and Keep Your Troop Active and Engaged. Add post to favorites This post may contain affiliate links and this site is not connected with, affiliated with, approved by, endorsed by The Girl Scouts of the USA or the Frontier Girls Online Troop Meeting Ideas. Scouts BSA. Hi! So I am an ASPL for my troop and I'm my troop has recently moved to online meetings over zoom due to corona. We are working hard but are finding difficulty getting troop meeting activities. So far we've done rank advancement, presentations and merit badge work. If anyone has any other ideas it would. 10 incredible Boy Scout Troop Meeting Ideas inorder to you would not need to explore any more . It's obvious that we like unique recommendations , primarilyfor important moment - inthis articleare 10 artistic Boy Scout Troop Meeting Ideas!. Getinspired! Getting a special concepts has rarely ever been easier. We have lotsof Boy Scout Troop. As Scout leaders, an important objective is to ensure Scout meetings are fun with positive outcomes. This compilation of Scouting activities is made up of challenges and games which can be incorporated into troop meetings to help satisfy that objective.. An individual Scout, a patrol, or an entire troop can purposely enter into a situation that tests their abilities

With Scouting meetings going virtual, it can be tricky to think of fun and engaging socially-distanced troop activities. Luckily, I've got you covered! In this article, I'll be telling you my 7 best remote meeting ideas to save your troop from boredom, even when unable to meet face-to-face. Without further ado, here are my [ Our troop was going to create a Kahoot game for our upcoming troop meeting, but we recently found out that Kahoot now has a free tier and a paid tier. (Find out more here). The free tier only allows 10 people to play at the same timeI remember when it used to be free for anyone with no limits As we enter day 15,000 of the pandemic, you're no doubt looking for new games that might enliven your next virtual Cub Scout den or pack meeting. Here are five ideas to try. 1. Scouting.

Somewhere in the dim, dark past the Troop meeting plan was created; preopening 10 minutes, opening 5 minutes, instruction 20 minutes, patrol meeting 20 minutes, game 20 minutes, closing 5 minutes. There's a lot Scouts can get out of meetings that follow a predictable plan, but there's also room for breaking the mold now and again Technology Information Troop Meetings Main Event Printable PDF file of Meeting Plans & Ideas for Technology OBJECTIVES This month's activities should: Define technology. Allow Scouts to become familiar with technology used in Scouting. Teach Scouts to be safe while using technology. Make Scouts better leaders in the use of technology. Demonstrate how technology is developed [ Spicing up the Virtual Meeting . Even if you don't have dedicated time set aside for virtual team building activities, you can still weave them into your weekly routine. Use these ideas to add variety and interest to your virtual meetings while getting to know your teammates better. Post a funny Picture. Ask group members to share funny. I am looking for the things below. I want to share with the service patrols to give them ideas other troops are doing. So, please post any meeting ideas you troop has done. My SPL is interested in the following details below. Ideally the response would be written as if it were going in to the Troop Program Features. Bullet points are fine.

Activity Ideas for a Troop Meeting? Hey r/scouting , I'm a fairly new SPL and I've run out of ideas for activities to run for the troop, last week I split the boys into teams in order to build towers with pieces of paper, and I think that I want to do something like that again, if anybody has any ideas, feel free to share Thanks for the A2A. I've been struggling with this question recently. The bottom line is that we find ourselves with a troubling situation. Notice, I didn't say unprecedented. Scouting has dealt with other epidemics in the past, including polio. W.. While the Troop meeting time allocated to Patrol activities will usually be 15-20 minutes, there is no reason you can't do a longer activity (just stretch it over a number of meeting nights). Also, on many camping trips, additional time (1-2 hours) will be allocated for Patrol activities - you can use these ideas for that time as well. 8 To find a pen pal troop within our Council, connect with other leaders on Facebook. Girls can then share stories during a troop meeting and leaders can share suggestions about what to write about. Play games together - games like charades, Scattegories, Kahoot app trivia, and Minute to Win it make fun group interaction online

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So Troop 582 (girls) met using Zoom video conferencing at our normal meeting time on Monday 3/16. Over 30 scouts logged in as did multiple adult leaders of both genders ensuring we were YPT. Use your resources wisely, whether that is getting help from the girls, finding ideas online, enlisting the help of troop parents, or talking to other Girl Scout volunteers. With a straightforward plan, room for flexibility, and so many resources at your fingertips, your meeting planning is bound to be one your troop will adore General Tips for Home Scouting and Cyber Chip COVID-19 FAQ - FAQ answered by BSA National office - NEW ITEM! COVID-19 & Wolfeboro - update on options for Camp Woleboro this summer. - NEW ITEM Scouting at Home - Virtual meetings - NEW ITEM DiY Face masks & face coverings.- NEW ITEM Cyber Chip - to help families and volunteers keep youth safe while online, the Boy Scouts of.

Online Troop and Patrol Meetings and Virtual Campouts Our Troops are holding our normal weekly Troop meetings online via Zoom - every Monday night from 6:30-8:00pm as usual. Check your Troop emails for information on how to join in. Scoutmaster Z is also continuing the Patrol competition online - so participate in the fun to earn points for. We want to hear some of your favorite games and activities or adaptations to the ones we have listed! If you need additional information for ideas on leading virtual meetings, be sure to check out the Troop Leader Blueprint and Girl Scouts at Home.. GSWO members can find more information about getting started with virtual meetings by checking out the Going Virtual learning path in gsLearn

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These easy meeting and learning activities will save you time and create an enriching experience for your troop. The key to balancing a busy schedule and your Girl Scout* troop is to choose time-saving activities for meetings. Here are some activities that you can pull together last-minute and/or require little to no prep work: Make your own. Meeting Ideas. Want to know what you should be doing with your troop from month to month? Just need an idea for a simple craft or activity? Check out our collection of helpful and fun resources to make your Girl Scout year amazing. To have a well-rounded Girl Scout experience, we encourage all troops to:.

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Now, Im in BoyScouts and tonight is my PLC (Patrol Leader Council) meeting. And we are trying to get new, Fun ideas and activities we can do for our meetings in the future, And Im really not that creative and am at a brick wall here. If you guys have any ideas, Please share. I just have one requi.. Do you have any fun zoom scout meeting ideas or scout games that scouts could play via zoom? This topic was automatically closed 7 days after the last reply. New replies are no longer allowed. Welcome! This forum has a treasure trove of great info - Scouters helping Scouters! Just a heads up, though - all content, information, and opinions.

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Finding fresh, new Boy Scout ideas for meetings and crafts can be challenging. Here is a list of six clever themes that can be adapted to your troop to make your next Boy Scout meeting a big hit Back to Troop It's time to start planning out your next Girl Scout year! Get back to basics and review the Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting for your troop's level. Make sure the girls in your troop have their uniforms ready and know how they should be worn. See the uniform diagram for information leaders on our Facebook page Girl Scout Leader 411 from MakingFriends.com offered some ideas for games and activities for first troop meeting: Donna replied: We did a bracelet of beads, 1 pink bead for every sister you have, etc. then they had a questionnaire with find someone who has more sisters than you. No talking just looking at the bracelets

Virtual troop meetings can take place via videoconferencing tools like Zoom or Skype. Visit our Girl Scouts at Home page for more information on free and low-cost tools for virtual meetings. Learn how to share your screen using Zoom and Skype. Adults should screen content before sharing with girls Program Ideas and Adaptations for Multi-level Troops. Your girls are ready to take on new challenges and have fun together! Spark their sense of adventure with these badges, Journeys, and activities, adapted for both virtual or safe in-person meetings. We'll be adding content throughout the year, so bookmark this page and check back often Boy Scout Meeting Ideas to Get Your Troop in Gear Tim Ahern | April 19, 2017. Post updated 2/15/21. Do your scouts ever seem less than excited about your meeting? Especially now, when most meetings are virtual, it's tough to get your troops in gear! As a leader, you have a lot of logistics to go through - updates on their next fundraiser. Scout Tests - online tests for scouts to test their knowledge Scout Schedule - sample schedule to reach First Class rank in 12-18 months Eagle Scout Schedule - sample schedule to reach Eagle Scout. Scouting is a game with a purpose. These outdoor group games are aimed at team building for your scout patrol or troop

  1. Keep your Girl Scout troop connected through online meetings to keep girls engaged with one another, while keeping safe. Here are some tips on how to run a productive, fun, and engaging online meeting. Choose a virtual platform: There are several different virtual tools you can use to host an online meeting. Here are several suggestions
  2. Monday, October 26, 2020 0 1732. Find Ideas for all Required Adventures in One Place, listed by Rank and Adventure! Strategies and Ideas for Virtual and Distanced Scouting! Guidance for Den Leadership, Training, Uniforms, Family Involvement, Roundtable and More! 30 Day Challenge for Venture Scouts
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  4. Every so often we dedicate one Troop meeting to inter-patrol games; an evening of skill, spirit and leadership competition. These evenings are designed to be very loud, continuously active and, as a result, are tremendously popular with the Scouts
  5. While we can't be in-person, keep your Girl Scout troop connected through online meetings to keep girls engaged with one another, while keeping safe. Here are some tips on how to run a productive, fun and engaging online meeting. Choose a virtual platform: There are several different virtual tools you can use to host an online meeting

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  1. Scouting Continues! Best Practices During COVID-19 Restrictions. Virtual Meetings. The most recent from BSA on Digital Safety and Online Scouting Activities. Troop 1760 SPL, Seneca District Shares: The PLC just had a virtual meeting via Zoom and there are some things we are planning for our continuing time in quarantine
  2. BSA Troop Meeting Ideas. Boy Scout troop meetings are planned by the patrol leaders council and the scoutmaster. The meetings are held weekly, or every other week and are presided over by the senior patrol leader. Troop meetings provide time for friendships and bonding between patrols and by the boys within patrols
  3. Scout Tests - online tests for scouts to test their knowledge. Scout Schedule - sample schedule to reach First Class rank in 12-18 months. Eagle Scout Schedule - sample schedule to reach Eagle Scout. Most scoutmasters close the troop meeting with a Scoutmaster Minute giving the scouts something to think about
  4. Click above for fillable troop meeting planning form. First Aid Information Troop Meetings Main Event OBJECTIVES This month's activities should: Show Scouts how to evaluate a scene. Help them understand the first aid needs to consider on outings. Teach them what to say when calling 911. Cover basic first aid skills needed for advancement
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  6. meetings. They have good ideas! Work with the adults in your troop; get them involved. Depending on the day/time you meet, you may want to include a snack time. Brownies have a short attention span. Be sure to plan many . activities during a meeting and break longer activities into smaller sections

Instead of holding a meeting as they usually do in the Counsel Room at OLGC they took it online! On Wednesday March 11th 27 Scouts of Troop 976 utilized online video teleconferencing via Zoom to participate in their meeting. This inaugural approach went extremely well keeping the Troop not only on schedule but connected with one another That page should have a welcome post pinned to the top of the page with open invite to Roundtable - the big monthly scouting meeting of the district. This FB page can help you collect a lot of ideas to share at Roundtable (ie outstanding troop adventures, cub activities, eagle service projects, special awareds, etc) Unit Program Ideas. Lots of ideas for Unit Program and Award Scheme; Start planning how you can still focus on Award Scheme activities; Explore some fun collaborative activities at ScoutWired.org - MineCraft, Factorio, JOTI, Discord; Aly Harris - State Leader - Venturers has prepared an ongoing mega list of fun and instructive ideas for Venturers to keep in touch and for Award Scheme Suggested troop meeting ideas are grouped by essential, challenging, or advanced. Here are a few you can see in the guide. Learn the basic components of cooking: time, ingredients, recipes, cookware, heat sources , technique (essential) Consider how the basics can be used for a dinner menu (essential Jan 30, 2019 - Explore Girl Scouts of California's Ce's board Brownie Meeting Ideas, followed by 329 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about girl scouts, brownie girl scouts, brownie meeting ideas

Troop 25 Senior Patrol Leader Micah Bernard led Monday night's virtual meeting. Submitted photo. Life Scout Micah Bernard, 14, is a senior patrol leader for Troop 25, and was the guy in charge. Camping program ideas: Troop meetings. Suggested troop meeting ideas are grouped by essential, challenging, or advanced. Here are a few you can see in the guide. Get a fire spark kit. Instruction: Essential. Design a campsite setup. Learn to tie two half hitches, taut-line hitch, clove hitches, and lashings Facilitating Virtual Troop Meetings; For ideas and tips to engage every level of girl in your virtual troop meetings, Make sure that girls and guardians have signed the Girl Scout Internet Safety Pledge before participating in any online meetings or events. Here are a few additional safety tips when using Zoom

Best Practices, Suggestions & Ideas to Consider. Mentoring Pairs (Troop 333) Keep Scouting and Practice Social Distancing (Troop 46) Virtual Campfire Story (The Lantern, by Gordon Bain, Troop 628) Troop On-Line Games. Orienteering Courses @ Madison Parks (On the Map LLC) Scouting through Web-Conferencin The weekly Troop meeting is the glue that holds a Boy Scout Troop together. These meetings, planned and run by the troop's youth leaders, can be full of excitement, learning-by-doing, and satisfaction. Meeting time devoted to learning new skills and organizing future campouts, service projects, and other activities help keep interest levels. Online Scout Rank Resources - Scout Rank. Following onset of Social-Distancing post Covid-19, many Scouts and Troops have raised many questions regarding rank advancement. To clarify confusion and to allow Scouts to continue advancing during Social-Distancing, the BSA has outlined special guidelines to Advancement during Covid-19 Journeys - the core of the Girl Scout leadership experience; Badges - symbols of accomplishment ; Volunteer Toolkit (VTK) - the online troop management system with everything you may need, from creative meeting ideas to tracking your troop's finances VTK Guide for Troop Volunteer The Cub Scouting Together Program will model how to do virtual meetings. We will offer technical support for how to run these meetings via Zoom. We will offer two or so den meetings per month for each of 6 den levels. We will host one pack meeting per month. Our emphasis will be on fun, novel, outside, doing, etc

Troop meetings have a certain structure. Each meeting should begin with an opening (game, ceremony, Promise, etc.) and can be filled with patch/badge work, hands-on activities, a snack and/or time to brainstorm ideas for future meetings. Each also should end with a closing. (See page 3 for some opening and closin Your ideas Other adults in your troop The internet HELPFUL HINTS Keep track of girls' comments and ideas from throughout the meetings. They have great ideas! Work with the adults in your troop; get them involved. Depending on the day/time you meet, you may want to include a snack time

Troop parents or service unit members can pay instantly online. Without having to download an app or create an account, members can easily make online payments for their troop and service unit activities and events. Receive your collections. Sit back and watch your collections come in Below is a list of free and low-cost tools troops and communities in other councils are using for virtual meetings. While we cannot endorse or support specific online meeting tools, we encourage you to look at these and alternative options and discuss with parents and girls to determine what the best solution is for your troop or community needs Troops that are able to run online meetings as needed (or wanted) should do so. GSUSA recommends maintaining a virtual to in-person ratio of at least 20/80, which means to maintain virtual troop meetings at least 20% of the time to keep tech skills and virtual meeting habits fresh

Holding virtual troop meetings creates an array of new challenges and exciting opportunities to deliver a powerful Girl Scout experience into the lives of girls. Above all, let's make sure we are connecting online safely. Follow these Virtual Meeting Safety Activity Checkpoints. Video and Audio-Conferencing Tools with free version Whether you've already hosted virtual troop meetings and have ideas to share or you're just looking to get started, this conversation is for you! We may touch on how to use Zoom for your virtual troop meeting, but for a deeper dive into Zoom, please register for one of our Zoom 101 discussions All members of the patrol are encouraged to get to the meeting early . Opening Ceremony: The patrol should decide if they would like to do more than the traditional presentation of the colors. Ideas for more creative opening ceremonies can be found in your program guide or online. Consult the patrol's ASM if help is needed To keep your troop connected, consider hosting virtual meetings. Check out this article from Girl Scouts of the USA: How I Make Virtual Meetings Work for My Troop . For additional updates regarding postponed or canceled events, and the latest Troop Meeting Guidelines , visit GSNNJ's COVID-19 Updates and Resources

Looking for a last-minute meeting idea for a Junior Girl Scout troop? Check out these ideas: Make your own journals Make macrame bracelets for the Jeweler badge Make ice cream in a bag DIY Spa Make seed bomb swaps Do a free patch program on Lewis & Clark (note: You'll need computer access) Make no-se

Once they'd talked about it in groups have each group present their ideas to the rest of the troop. After each group has gone have the troop vote on the decorations they want to have. Opening: Flag Ceremony Put on your own flag ceremony to open the meeting [Ceremony Resource Included] GSUSA's Girl Scouts At Home Activities website page - Take a look at Girl Scouts of the USA website page for lots of ideas for at home activities. GSUSA's Virtual Events Calendar - Log on, tune in, take part! This GSUSA calendar is home to resources that allow girls to participate online & in real time The first meeting you have for the year should be a Parent Meeting. Whether you are a brand new troop or a returning troop, it is important to know what your parents can expect of you and what you can expect of them. The content of the meeting will change based on if it is your first year or your fourth year, but below are some good guidelines. 1

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Arrange a weekend camp or camporee and set up the station at the site. Arrange a program of camp activities to run concurrently. Invite parents and other supporters to visit the station to see what the Scouts are doing. Organize a weekend hike and take portable radio equipment. Log the contacts made for the amateur radio operator Virtual programs are a great way to connect with your Girl Scout sisters and earn badges and Journeys while at home. Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains encourages you to stay safe and healthy while continuing your Girl Scout experience from home Your troop is ready to make just about all their own plans from meeting ideas to spending cookie money. Your girls have earned the right to tailor their scout experience to be something they will remember for years to come. MakingFriends®.com has tips, ideas and complete kits to help your girls as they progress to a girl-led troop Meeting Three: Make a game of what to put in your daypack. • Make a Kaper Chart for the troop's day outing • Collect permission forms. Junior Girl Scouts. Meeting One: Brainstorm ideas to help choose a site and determine what activities the troop will do when they . get to the day outing site

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10 beautiful Girl Scout Brownie Meeting Ideas to ensure anyone will likely not need to search any more . It's clear which people areenchanted by extraordinary ideas , primarilyfor very special moment - at this website are definitely 10 fun Girl Scout Brownie Meeting Ideas!. Getinspired! Finding a exclusive concepts has rarely ever been much. Boy Scout Troop 335 in Greater Lafayette is findings new ways to come together while still practicing social distancing. News 18 spoke with the troop today about their idea to turn a gaming platform into a meeting space. TIPPECANOE COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI)—What we did was we set up a discord server, said Troop Committee Member Michael Witt 5 Tips for Conducting a Virtual Meeting: Etiquette. The key to a successful video conference or phone conference meeting is to remember that you are in a meeting, stresses Colaric. Give your. Scouts online games and activities. Have an adventure online. Play a game in the park. Try something new in your meeting place. However you're doing Scouts, we've put together some ideas to get you started. Check out the activity links to help you plan your programme, wherever you may be. You must read and follow the guidance on getting.

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Printable-Troop-Meeting-Agenda.jpg 743×923 pixels Author: Laurence Green Created Date: 20190321184936Z. Social Gathering. If you choose a social gathering, there are many fun summer Girl Scout meeting activities like swimming at a local pool or beach, hiking in the woods, picnicking at a local park, or even horseback riding. If the weather is too hot to allow for outdoor activities, remember you can always choose an indoor venue as well Schedule meetings using the schedule tool. Name your meeting and add the date, time and duration. (For your meeting to remain free, it needs to be 40 minutes or less. If you schedule your troop/group meeting time for 30 minutes, you can use 5 minutes before to get ready and 5 at the end for those few last minute comments before you close up. Delivering the Cub Scout and Boy Scout program to boys and girls in the cities of Temecula, Murrieta, Wildomar, Canyon Lake, Lake Elsinore and Menifee Banquet - $200 to $1,500. Monthly pack meeting program segments - $50 to $350. Key Ideas and Goals Keep it simple. Don't require large corporation policies and procedures. We're all volunteers with very full lives. Divide and conquer the accounting so that each step is a smaller easier process

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Webelos to Scout Transition. It should be the goal of the Cubmaster and Webelos leaders to graduate every Webelos Scout into a troop. The key to accomplishing this is to begin promoting Scouting when Cub Scouts are still in their Lion, Tiger, Wolf, and Bear dens, and to sell the sizzle of the great outdoors. A seamless transition requires the. PLC Pizza Meeting (Jul 17 2021 11:00AM) Troop Meeting - Pickleball (Jul 19 2021 7:00AM) Bartle Summer Camp (Jul 26, 2021) No Troop Meeting (Jul 26 2021 7:00AM No Troop Meeting (Jul 26 2021 7:00PM) No Troop Meeting (Aug 2 2021 7:00AM) Troop Meeting (Aug 9 2021 7:00PM) Court of Honor (Aug 16 2021 7:00PM) Troop Meeting (Aug 23 2021 7:00PM) Canoeing Campout (Aug 27 2021 6:00PM) Troop Elections Meeting (Aug 30 2021 7:00PM) No Troop Meeting - Labor Day (Sep 6 2021 7:00PM) Troop Meeting (Sep 13 2021 7:00PM.

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Katrina, a leader of a Junior troop in Maple Grove, shared her own (Girl-led no less!) success story of a recent virtual troop meeting. My troop was supposed to meet on Sunday to complete their Drawing badge. Summer [a Girl Scout Junior] was leading it, but we were clearly unable to meet in person Call 404-991-6975 to book - share that you are a Girl Scout. Revved Up Kids - Personal safety and self-defense workshops for young people. Contact@revvedupkids.org or 678-526-3335. Sparkles Family Fun Centers - Year-round discounts including Troop Thursdays and special events just for Girl Scouts Fillable Troop Invite Flyer . Download Fill it out with information about your troop: troop number, meeting location, dates, and more. Invite your girl's teachers to share it with other families in your school, or post it at local community centers, public libraries, and places of worship (if permitted) Step-by-step planner: Sign in to the Volunteer Toolkit to find materials lists, scripts, meeting aids, and more for Meeting 1 and Meeting 2 of the Science of Happiness badge. Virtual Events Calenda r : Search for upcoming wellness events and tune in as a troop

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Resources to Meet Virtually Virtual Troop Meetings & Internet Safety Pledge. A new safety activity checkpoint has been created to provide guidance on safely leading virtual troop meetings for girls.Council approval is not required for online meetings. Girls and parents should complete the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta Internet Safety Pledge and submit to their troop leader to keep on file. It's so refreshing though to read how simple your ideas for a first meeting are - It really brought back the simplicity of scouting before the digital age of everything! I could picture doing these exact types of activities in one of my troop meetings - And the Make New Friends song and the Friendship Circle is so wonderful see stood the. Having a troop representative there to talk to the older boys about Boy Scouts is a great idea. In fact, the district executive can make sure that the 6-7th grade boys get information flyers in school, directing them to the sign-up meeting. If that date the pack has picked doesn't work, the troop could do a Troop Open House

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These should be separate from regular troop meetings. These could be held on the same evening or even another day entirely. The meetings should only be 20-30 minutes long. meeting. Other programme ideas for online meetings may include: • Quiz • Covering theory for any relevant badge work eg. first aid theor meetings. You can host your troop meetings using Zoom. To make meeting planning easy, troop leaders will find PowerPoint templates for badge earning and fun Girl Scout meetings as well as songs, games and ceremonies in the Online Community. If you're not confident about hosting virtual meetings, watch for one of our workshops to help get you. Virtual meetings. Like many units, girls Troop 5109 of Buford, Ga., has utilized video-conferencing to continue meeting. Remember to check the security settings of any online application you use to ensure the safety of you and your Scouts and review BSA's Youth Protection policies Fun Troop Meetings GSNETX Patch Programs. Give back to your community by participating in our patch programs. Each patch has downloadable curriculum that you can complete at home with your troop or family. (Multi-level programs available.) Fun Beyond Your Troop Meeting. Field Trip Ideas Virtual Field Trips; Service Project Great ideas to keep your virtual meeting interesting and engaging. Zoom Licenses Zoom licenses are now available at a reduced annual rate of $36 through our council for troops that want to meet virtually