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Hello! I'm wondering if it's possible to create a weak aura that says something in chat when the interrupt was sucessful. I saw something like this being used to great effect in Method's kill of Brackenspore. I'm aware other addons can do this, but I was looking for a WA specifically for convenience on the trigger for the next interrupt Create a Text Weakaura Under Trigger select type: Event, under event select: Combat Log in Message Prefix, select: Spell in Message Suffix, select: Interrupt Check: Source Unit and select: Player. Under Conditions create a new condition. in If Trigger 1, select: Active and select: True in Then, select Chat Message and select: Say

WOW Weakaura Interrupt announce. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets Interrupt Tracker was shared by Hypnolol on WeakAuras.online. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. By continuing to browse this website you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn more. WeakAura Code. Ablution - Fire Mage. It's an edited version of a weak aura I used on Grong. All credit is in the link. For the uninitiated, it shows a box above your nameplates for interruptible trash/bosses with a number in it. You can set the aura to show up on all the trash that need to be interrupted at once or only on marked trash specifically Click the link of the weakaura you want which you can find down below (Import string) On the wago.io webpage links you can find a copy string button on the right, colored red. Like this : When ingame type /wa to open the control panel of weakaura. Select import Paste the string from the wago webpage into this

Demon Hunter Havoc Vengeance. Druid Balance Feral Guardian Restoration. Hunter Beast Mastery Marksmanship Survival. Mage Arcane Fire Frost. Monk Brewmaster Mistweaver Windwalker. Paladin Holy Protection Retribution. Priest Discipline Holy Shadow. Rogue Assassination Outlaw Subtlety Hello Deed, you can do this by adding a condition in the Condition tab. If you click on the Condition-Tab of your existing debuff weak aura, you can do the following: Click on Add Conditio Continue this thread. level 2. xemioza88. · 6m. Focus interrupt thing is very helpful, its so easy to mess up interrupt when there are like 6-7 mobs at once :p especially when you trying to keep agrro on all of them. 3. level 2. zajoba. · 6m InterruptAnnouncer. This is a very simple interrupt announcer that runs in background and scans the combat log for your successful interrupts and announces them to party or raid chat. Outputs message in format [your interrupting spell link] interrupted [target name]'s [interrupted spell link The Wowhead Client is a little application we use to keep our database up to date, and to provide you with some nifty extra functionality on the website! It serves 2 main purposes: It maintains a WoW addon called the Wowhead Looter, which collects data as you play the game! It uploads the collected data to Wowhead in order to keep the database.

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could be a good macro for dungeons where interrupt target isnt the one who needs to be interrupted but also works when tanking raids and i got the off tank as focus target. Interrupt focus macro. Guides. UI and Macro. Tuckle-tarren-mill August 14, 2019, 1:57pm #1 Fires CHAT_MSG_* events, e.g. CHAT_MSG_SAY and CHAT_MSG_CHANNEL RAID_WARNING is accessible to raid leaders, or to all members of a party (when not in a raid) WHISPER works across all realms in a region, it's not restricted to connected realms and you don't need to have interacted with the recipient before. Examples. Sends a message. Note: Automated Messages to SAY and YELL are blocked outside of Instances. Note: 'Hide Alone' is not available in the new aura tracking system. A load option can be used instead. Note: The available text replacements for multi triggers match the normal triggers now. Note: The legacy buff trigger is now permanently disabled Here are two public Weakauras that may aid you. The first is a kick guider, the second is an interrupt rotation WA for the adds. These worked decently well at the time of writing. Weakaura - Kick Guider Weakaura - Interrupt Rotation. Firstly, the non-soccer related mechanics have minimal changes, essentially just increased damage Create a Text Weakaura Under Trigger select type Event, under event select Combat Log in Message Prefix, select Spell in Message Suffix, select Interrupt Check Source Unit and select Player Under Conditions create a new condition in If Trigger 1, select Active and select True in Then, select Chat Message and select Say

Whipping out some napkin math, I'd say that about 30% of what makes a player good at this game is understanding their classes's abilities. The other 70% is understanding the mechanics of your environment. 9/10 failures of a dungeon are hardly dps related, but rather people taking damage they shouldn't WeakAura Downloads. You'll never again have to say I didn't realize I was too close to the edge of the fire. (such as by interrupting) should be starkly visually distinguishable from anything else. Having things you need to interrupt and things you don't need to interrupt in the same castbar, so you have to read the spell. Make sure to interrupt as many casts as possible; Do not get hit by the Fate Fragment orbs. They're super obvious, and really easy to dodge. Just remember the 5 D's of dodgeball - dodge, duck, dip,dive, & dodge; Clear all 6 rings, and the boss will re-engage. After the 70% HP Stage 2, you'll reenter Stage 1 and rinse & repeat what you. Moin Moin in der heutigen Folge WOW | MYSTISCH PLUS | DIESE ADDONS SOLLTET DU HABEN | BROKKEN möchte ich euch ein paar Addons für den Mythisch Plus Conntent.

Nightbane Interrupt Alerter: Alerts you when Nightbane in Return to Karazhan casts his Reverberating Shadows (it urgently needs to be interrupted). Also sends an according chat message (which you could turn off in the actions tab). If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to add me via battle.net: Falco#2415 For example, let's say mage casts polly. If non fake casting on me I should cast premonition to break it. Don't lie dude you have autobot interrupts, burst notifier, range finder. There's a debuff that comes on you so just create a weakaura and that's that. Scary-proudmoore (Scary) 28 February 2019 23:03 #22. Use raidframes and. Interrupt Weakaura — many people may wonder why an Interrupt WA would be considered essential. To answer this question, one only needs to remember the importance of stopping an enemy's cast. Doing so can prevent you not only from taking damage, but also remove tons of pressure from the healer that may be able to then play more offensively. Highlord, a new threat is on the horizons. The Shadowlands teem with terrors most mortals would flee from. But not you. You will bring Light and justice to this realm. The Paladin class changes for the World of Warcraft Shadowlands expansion bring a bit of the old, a bit of the new, and a total package that looks intriguing whether you're a healer, tank or DPS

Hello! Im looking for an option that will allow me to add a sound notification for debuffs i apply when they're about to expire (say remain 4-5 seconds) I used to have that in my UI but i updated my profiles and now i can't find it anywhere in WA Say casting Rake and i want a sound when it has 4 seconds remaining Bars display the cooldowns of players' interrupt abilities, as well as everyone's position in the rotation. Will warn you when it is your turn to interrupt next. Will warn you when your target/focus begins casting a spell while it is your turn to interrupt. Announces in /say when you use an interrupt ability (can be disabled)

Addon Description. In short, AIR is an Interrupt rotation manager and announcer for raid encounters. Those involved in this monotonous, yet sometimes tricky task of preventing the raid boss wiping your raid with a big boom spell, will be happy to know that they are not alone, this addon intends to make their lifes a litle easier, managing the interrupt rotations in raid encounters in a. WeakAuras. WeakAuras is a powerful and flexible framework that allows the display of highly customizable graphics on World of Warcraft's user interface to indicate buffs, debuffs, and other relevant information. This addon was created to be a lightweight replacement for Power Auras but has since introduced more functionalities while remaining. WeakAuras2 is an extremely flexible WoW addon, with near limitless creative potential and control, capable of modifying or replacing nearly any part of the user interface. In this guide, we will explain how to use WeakAuras, make your own auras, and go over some best Havoc Demon Hunter WeakAuras to get you started

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Announcer addon. Hello, I'm looking for an addon that announces interrupts, dispels, and other buff triggers like spell reflect, ice block, bubble, etc. Example: I cast pummel on mob casting a spell and I interrupt it. Then I /say or /party Interrupted (spell name) with Pummel WeakAura for 3.3.5. Contribute to jejkas/WeakAura-3.3.5 development by creating an account on GitHub

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Comment by Nynaeve This spell, Counter Shot, now baseline for all hunters in 5.4, in addition to interrupting the target, will lock the target out of casting a spell of that same school for three seconds, whereas its MM-only counterpart Silencing Shot, will prevent the target from casting a spell of any school for three seconds, in addition to the interrupt Phase 1 - Fighting Il'gynoth. Phase 1 (whenever you're fighting Il'gynoth) is very similar on Mythic to Heroic. Tanks should swap after soaking 2 Eye of N'zoth giant lazers. Managing positioning is more vital, and dropping the Corruptor's Gaze (eyebeam lazer) puddles in the correct spot is important Combat Rogue Weak Auras v1.0 Hi there guys. I'd like to introduce myself before explaining what I'm about to share. I'm Lunminas, a Disco Priest main from the guild <Fade>, I've been playing on Warmane for around 3 to 4 years now with some experience on retail. This Weak Auras was made in attempt to fulfill something that's been missing from the contemporary Wrath of the Lich King community. So on top of that question, one thing Plater doesn't seem to do, that I think Tidy Plates does/did do is you can put in a SPECIFIC spell name and alter the dynamics of it. My example is let's say a mob casts 5 spells. 4 of which are dumm and do nothing. But that one other spell does MASSIVE damage, will 1-shot the entire group

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This specific macro will allow you to heal yourself with the right click of your mouse and will heal a friendly target with the left click of the mouse. The macro is as follows: /cast [button:1,target=target,noharm]SpiritMend (ExoticAbility); [button:1,target=pet]Spirit Mend (Exotic Ability) Alright guys, those are my top 10 macros that I think. A weakaura will tell you exactly when shield block falls off and then you press it again as soon as you see if fall off. Think of last stand as a part of your rotation instead of an emergency cd. There are cases where shield block wont do anything (Against specific fights where they dont auto attack normally / do magic damage) To the OP, if you're just trying to say that it's underwhelming and not amazingly fun I'd agree with you. But if you're not using it just because it's boring then you're consciously choosing to do less damage as well as not upgrade your pet stun /interrupt. because it's boring then you're consciously choosing to do. The caster is surrounded by 3 globes of water, granting 43 mana per 5 sec. When a spell, melee or ranged attack hits the caster, 182 mana is restored to the caster. This expends one water globe. Only one globe will activate every few seconds. Lasts 10 min. Only one Elemental Shield can be active on the Shaman at any one time

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  1. Both shamans and pallys can do quite a bit of damage, regardless of what people say about pallys being strictly defense and survivability. Even when I'm wearing my healing gear which is just a bunch of +healing, I can crit for 1200 with The Unstoppable Force, which really isn't that good of a weapon and my judgements can crit for 700, over 1000.
  2. The caster sees the cast bar update correctly (turns green to indicate success), but the target does not (it continues for a split second despite the interrupt, creating the strange looking visual effect where it appears as if your interrupt had no effect and the cast just continues). Data. On casting frostbolt the following events trigger
  3. Due to limitations in the WeakAuras core, only the Main Trigger can pass dynamic information to the display, even in Any Triggers mode. Added a Sound Channel option to the Actions Tab Put in better garbage collection for multi-target aura triggers. Multi-target aura triggers are now considered fairly stable
  4. World of Warcraft Addons, Interfaces, Skins, Mods & Community. Ahh tukui moved stuff around and made a new release with that Sorry for the breakage, sometimes it's hard for me to keep up. If you're ever in a situation like that and need a fix real quick, going back to an older version of tukui should work
  5. August 17, 2020. Interface, WeakAuras. BATTLE FOR AZEROTH UPDATE 2018/07/15 - See the Battle for Azeroth and 8.0 version: WeakAuras 2: Exports for Hunters - Battle for Azeroth and Patch 8.0. WeakAuras for hunters updated for patch 7.3! They will only load on hunters and in the appropriate specs. These auras are localized and will work for.
  6. Say goodbye to waiting for your arcane shot to CD for some major DPS. And at half the mana cost, it's hard not to like. When I play, I used this between auto shot, and when I do arcane, it usually fires at the same time auto shot does, so I've got two arrows hitting the target at the same time
  7. you say: when i get clear casted i root and heal myself. nice. you'll waste clearcast for root and use mana for heal. as a balance druid use clearcast for healing doesnt worth the mana. you shiftw off moonkin, use 200 mana for barkskin , heal free, and use 500 mana to shift back to moonkin. since heal cost about 700 mana i dont think it worth it


I use this weakaura to track everyone's interrupts and inform my callouts. I usually don't care on trash but on the second boss of Shrine, for example, it's essential (unless I get a massive chain of grand crusader procs and just end up saying I have this interrupt, and this one, and this one, and this one.... Comment by allaryin Unbuffed, at lvl 68, BM spec with a +0% dps pet, my Kill Command crits in the 600-700 damage range on average. This spell is generally quite mana efficient, and it will become even more useful in 2.1 when (if promised changes stick), the spell ceases to render the dumb shouting animation and proc a global cooldown

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Interrupt Tugar This WeakAura alerts you when Tugar begins casting his Fel Burst, so you know to interrupt/stun it. This requires that Tugar be set as your focus target to work. Go into your targeting keybinds to find out what key sets your focus target (or set one if its not bound) The single-target rotation as a Protection Warrior is based on the following priority. As said, this is a priority.It is not the exact sequence in which abilities should be cast, but rather for each time you are able to cast an ability, you should start at the top of the list and cast the first available ability for which you meet the criteria

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NEW Inflict 10% increased damage to targets you successfully interrupt for 5 sec. NEW You grant all allies within 20 yds an additional 30% movement speed. Self-Embalming Kit - Increases all self-healing by 75%. Siegebreaker's Stand - Standing still increases your damage dealt by 5% every 1 sec, up to 15%. This bonus is lost when you move Kommentar von Nynaeve This spell, Counter Shot, now baseline for all hunters in 5.4, in addition to interrupting the target, will lock the target out of casting a spell of that same school for three seconds, whereas its MM-only counterpart Silencing Shot, will prevent the target from casting a spell of any school for three seconds, in addition to the interrupt * Added a WeakAura that will remind you to repair your gear when any item falls under 20% durability * Edited the Missing Augment Rune WeakAura to say Rune instead of Fed * Edited the Missing Food Buff WeakAura to say Eat instead of Fed * Added a cool down display to the Thrill of the Hunt WeakAura Version 1. Type in the exact name of that aura. If weak auras doesnt automatically find the correct one, you can also type in the spell-ID directly. You can find the ID on wowhead. 2. Specify on which unit weak aura has to search for the buff/debuff. You can choose different options like groupmembers, your focus-target, players, your pet, etc - Add Weakaura Strings for Interrupt and BR/ BL Tracker ### Update - Affixes are saved for one day to prevent opening of the LFG window Search for %pour - it should say %spour instead. Blinkii Oct 17, 2020 at 18:39. it should be fixed with Ver. 1.82. Blinkii Oct 17, 2020 at 15:42. Pleas be sure your ElvUI ist up to date. (ElvUI 12.02.

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Also having cancelaura ice block means you can come out of your block to interrupt somoene without having to press a separate bind to cancel the block. Having counterspell arena1 is also great to counterspell people from stealth as you don't have to put people on focus or target first. It's also especially great against triple caster teams as. When my addon wants to look for a Blood DK I find it's less error-prone and more readable to say: (class == DEATHKNIGHT and specidx == 1) instead of (specid == 250) because DK talent tree 1 makes more sense to me as a human programmer than toon spec 250. Taking it a step further and providing locale-independent spec names would be even. It can also be used to determine how wounded your troops are likely to come back from the mission, based on the estimation. Some examples : - With 50% win estimated, it's likely the fight will be a close win or loss for either side. If you win, most of your troops will probably be dead or low HP at the end of it

Pastebin.com is the number one paste tool since 2002. Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time Focus Shadowstep + Kick. This is a 2-in-1 macro. If you press it once, you will shadowstep to your focus target and then if you press it a second time, you will kick your focus target. So, if you want to shadowstep and kick your focus target, just spam this bind, otherwise you can just press it once and then use a separate bind to kidney shot them A large collection of TBC WoW Addons (2.4.3). Easily find the Addon you are looking for by Choosing a category, Searching by name or change the expansion using the drop down on the right! Some addons are linked directly to their authors Git-Hub. If you find an Addon that has a broken download link or [

The Top 10 Add-ons for Raiding in Shadowlands 10. Quartz. We start with an add-on that isn't particularly tied with raiding in WoW Shadowlands, but it's used by almost any serious raider in the game. Quartz is an entirely new cast bar, designed to give you better visibility and clarity when casting your spells.The basic version is extensive, with large letters and numbers, and with an icon. Race to World First: Sanctum of Domination. Sanctum of Domination. Although the Mythic Race to World First begins next week (Tuesday 13th July), we like to keep an eye on how the Heroic difficulty of the raid is looking. With many of the top guilds reaching the final boss in the raid, Sylvanas, only one guild has defeated it so far

Faster Targeting. Set your MT (or yourself or pet if soloing to make the macro work) as focus and assist them. /focus target /assist focus. Then this macro: Clears your current target if tank's target is dead or they are not targeting anything. If you do not have a target, or it is dead, set it to your focus target * Added a WeakAura that will remind you to repair your gear when any item falls under 20% durability * Edited the Missing Augment Rune WeakAura to say Rune instead of Fed * Edited the Missing Food Buff WeakAura to say Eat instead of Fed * Added a cool down display to the Thrill of the Hunt WeakAura Version 1. The right one with the timer will show up when 6 second of FS remains on your current target. Elemental Blast has two parts in aura: one shows the icon when it's off cooldown and ready to use, the other one shows the remaining cooldown timer. Lava Burst aura shows remaining stacks and CD For example you can't interrupt in Bladestorm iirc. You can't Storm Bolt is Bladestorm. This one is the current best one to use i would say. WoW Lazy Macros - 18 Oct 20 Lutechi 9.x+ Fury Macro All-in-One 11:17pm #28. I do not know about this addon or macros, but I have found that to get 90% there is a weakaura dps addon that. This aura contains custom Lua code. This aura has legacy aura trigger (s), which are no longer supported. This aura was created with a newer version of WeakAuras. This aura was created with the Classic version of World of Warcraft. This aura was created with the retail version of World of Warcraft

Classic WoW Warlock Macro Guide. Warlocks are a class of far too many key bindings and niche spells for niche situations. Having a solid knowledge of macros will help you intelligently combine multiple actions to a single key, increase your responsiveness to emergent situations, and, to an extent, automate tedious tasks The best covenant for a Fire Mage is Night Fae for both Mythic+ and Raid. Night Fae's signature ability, Shifting Power, provides the cooldown reduction needed along with kindling to make Combustion a 1-minute cooldown. The other ability, Soulshape, provides more mobility to an already extremely mobile class. When you have unlocked renown 28, korayn is the strongest choice, choose this. In this guide, we'll list the five easiest dungeons you can look out for if you want to push keys with friends or solo. It's worth noting that dungeon difficulty scales wildly with different affixes combinations and as you reach the different affix key level thresholds (2,4,7,10) But if you do become targeted, let's say by a Rogue, you'll have to trick them. They will want to interrupt your casting to lock you out of your spell school. The easiest way to trick them is to channel Mana Tea (which you should do as soon as you're not on full mana anyway)

Quartz is a modular approach to a casting bar addon. An overview of (hopefully most of) the modules: The core of Quartz is lightweight implementation of a standard casting bar, with configurable size, text and icon positioning, and colors. Implementation of target and focus casting bars in similar fashion to the player cast bar In short, there is some slight differences how WeakAura pulls the cooldown text timers. A simple fix if you see double cooldown text on the 9.0 pre-patch: 1. Select all the abilities WeakAura (holding Shift + Left click) 2. Go into the 'Display' tab. 3 Those are the Weakauras and Weakaura sets i find useful: Shadow Techniques Counter

Here are some examples of some good Mage class macros: Casts Arcane Brilliance and then Molten Armor once clicked again. Casts Ice Barrier and then Mana Shield once clicked again. holding down shift, then you will cast your ground mount. If you're mounted and flying, the macro will dismount you and cast. Slow Fall A large collection of Mists of Pandaria WoW Addons (5.4.8). Easily find the Addon you are looking for by Choosing a category, Searching by name or change the expansion using the drop down on the right! Some addons are linked directly to their authors Git-Hub. If you find an Addon that has a broken download [ The Left Icon Set - buffs, defensive abilities and other stuff. Maelstrom predictor bar - with thanks to Cyous & Satron for custom coding work. Secondary abilities - more utility & totem spells. Lightning Transparency. Filed under Elemental, Legion, User Interface, Weak Auras Tagged with Elemental, Legion, Weak Auras. About binkenstein Il'gynoth, Corruption Reborn. Tank swap at 2 stacks of Eye of N'Zoth beam. Don't stand in front of the boss. Run from the group when you have Corruptor's Gaze and kite its sky laser to minimize icky floor mess. Each phase two only one organ gets damaged. But everyone interrupt all three organs

WoW Classic Beginners Guide - Tips & Tricks included. Long Time Ago in the Year of 2004... November 23rd of the year 2004 is remembered as the most important day in the history of the MMORPG genre. On that very day, the World of Warcraft was released, and soon after, millions of players were sucked deep into the dangerous and exciting world of. It's refreshing to say that, yes, she is definately the hardest of the lot (For me, at least), something that can't always be said about the 'Last' boss of an instance - Only one to come close was Rotgrip but he wen't down easy as he hasn't nearly the same level of HP or Armor as the Princess, which is the main problem as a melee class Tips for a new healer in mythic plus. 1. Don't react, anticipate. One thing that gets healers in trouble is reacting to damage taken, rather than being ready when the damage comes. When you react to damage, it can feel like you are playing whack-a-mole with the healing meters and it is easy to fall behind. I am not saying you should be. I would say its more basic to intermediate. If you want a more advanced macro guide ill be happy to make one:).. thanks for the video. one question is that a weakaura for seeing ur traps cooldowns and interrupts. if so what is it and is it easy to set up. thanks and happy hunting! Reply

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Limit is absolutely refusing to say die. They are now on pull 133 and have finally pushed past their 6% barrier to 2.1%. If I did not know any better I would say these guys are insane. Ok yeah, they are still probably insane. However, much respect to their resolve to see Sludgefist dead tonight Enveloping Mist. 6.0% Mana, 40 yd range, 2 sec cast. Wrap the target in healing mists, healing them for a huge amount over 6 sec, and increasing healing received from your spells by 30%. Mana Tea - Mana Tea is no longer present in its current form, but there is a new variant of it in talents. Stuttering essentially means that you begin to cast a Soothing Mist to make SuM or EvM instant. The reduced global cooldown on SooM means that the cast is only at 0.5 sec, a.k.a. a very short cast that interrupts your running only for a short moment. If AoE healing is required, RJW is always better of course

Banter's Shattering Strikes Weakaura v1.0. Banter's Obliteration Weakaura v1.0. Banter's Pof Weakaura Banter's HoW Weakaura. Miniaug's BoS Weakaura. Useful Macros. Pillar of Frost + Trinket. #showtooltip Pillar of Frost /cast Pillar of Frost /use (13 or 14, depending on trinket slot) Focus Interrupt #showtooltip Mind Freez As of Patch 7.2.5, this post is no longer being updated. I maintain the Beast Mastery Guide at Wowhead and got sick of keeping both up to date with every little change!. So check out Wowhead for my BM guide. It will always be up to date. I'll leave the original post here for now, but just remember it's not being updated anymore Gola and Telu will cast several abilities, but due to Shaper's Fortitude, you can only interrupt once every 8 seconds. Life Warden Gola will cast Revitalizing Waters, which is a heal. This ability has priority on interrupts and is also the reason why Gola is the first boss you kill

Kommentar von tarthur1 Gives two stacks of the buff. The buff lasts for 10 seconds, and as such, the cooldown on the spell starts immediately upon casting it (in contrast to Presence of Mind whose countdown doesn't start until the buff is used). Also, in the coming patch, it looks like there will be three charges and its cooldown will be reduced So first ever run, entered and got to the the vault easy enough, lvl 52 near the pic so all going good. Needed to go to the arena viewing area (the guides say this is a good one, nice again!) Found the guy and his 2 friends, saped 1, blinded 1 and pwned the key holder! grabed the key and vanished

If I have to give my say into comparing Misdirect & Tricks, I fairly think Misdirection is the more logical ability and the best in practice. In my opinion, they should give similar abilities to all non-hybrid dps (in what way they can implement it logically, is beyond that), and milder versions for hybrid classes whilst in dps spec Assassination Rogue Mage Tower Weakaura.. I have to say the hardest challenge for me was the holy priest one. But it doesn't help that I absolutely despise the spec. Easiest was Shadow Priest. All it took was learning how to time S2M proper. You only ever go in the puddle to interrupt. Thrash and moonfire spam takes care of literally. A large collection of WoW WoTLK Addons (3.3.5).. Easily find the Wotlk Addon you are looking for by Choosing a category, Searching by name or change the expansion using the drop down on the right Kommentar von Drenvion This has been said to be targetable by Death Pact, making it rather useful as a 20% selfheal-combo, at the cost of total 90 Runic Power. A large cost but could be useful, however trying to get it off when the initial 10seconds are over is very hard, especially in PvP or while tanking where that combo would be mostly used The group with 3xdogs and 2xhoundmasters needs to be stunned/kited from the start of the pull unless you're like, a Guardian Druid. If he's getting chunked by spells you may need more interrupt/stun rotations even on non-lethal mechanics. My guess would be it's mostly the dog bleeds, but it's obviously hard to say without seeing it