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  1. The main distinction is a price difference. Choose Fort Lauderdale if you want cheaper parking at the port. Parking is $15 per day at Port Everglades (as opposed to Miami's $20 per day). For.
  2. The difference is about 197 miles. Port Everglades is very close to Hollywood/Fort Lauderdale airport (FLL). When viewed from the air the two properties nearly touch each other. Port Canaveral can be reached from Orlando International airport (MCO) or Melbourne International airport (MLB)
  3. Difference between Fort and Fortress Key Difference: Forts are very similar to castles but they were exclusively used for military purposes. A fortress is a very large fort. Fort and fortress are both nouns that are used in the English language

Though they may serve similar purposes, there are many differences between a harbor and port that will be talked about in this article. Ports are commercial places along the coastline that are used for import and export of goods and cargo from one country to another. One can relate a port with an airport where airplanes arrive and depart Differences between a Port and a Terminal. Now that you have gotten a comprehensive discussion on what ports and terminals are, let's examine their distinctive features. 1. A port is a station used for commercial and trade activities such as loading and unloading cargoes and other activities that generate income Difference between IP address and Port Number : Serial No. IP address. Port Number. 01. Internet Protocol address (IP address) used to identify a host in network. Port number is used to identify an processes/services on your system. 02. IPv4 is of 32 bits (4 bytes) size and for IPv6 is 128 bits (16 bytes) Key Difference - Castle vs Fort Although a castle and a fort share certain common characteristics, there is a key difference between castle and fort. A Castle is a large medieval fortified building. On the other hand, a fort is also a fortified building. However, the key difference between a castle and a fort stems from the residence of.

Difference between bulk and break bulk; What is a letter of credit, how it works and who needs it.. Difference between Harbour, Port, Terminal, Berth, Quay, Pier, Jetty; Difference between Demurrage and Detention; How to calculate CBM and Freight Ton; Difference between House bill of lading and Master bill of ladin At the time, the army considered a camp as a temporary location and a fort was a permanent installation. Even as some forts expanded into bases, the names of the forts remained. Knowledge of the relationships between forts, camps and bases will clarify misunderstandings stemming from the military's naming convention 19 Undeniable Differences Between The East And West Sides Of The Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex. Dallas and Fort Worth may be sister cities located within 35 miles of one another, but don't make the mistake that they are the same. These two anchors and surrounding cities and towns form the fourth most populated area in the country Port is a type of wine, so there is not necessarily a difference between them, but the factors that separate port from other types of wine are: Port wine is made exclusively in the Douro Valley of Portugal, whereas other wines do not necessarily have an exclusive region in which they are made. Portugal does also produce other types of wine, but.

The main difference between port and harbour is ports are basically developed to handle international trading between countries like imports and exports of goods. On the flip side, harbours serves as a vast spacing place where boats and ships are stored, when the atmospheric conditions are not well A port and a harbor are often confused because they are both places used by ships and other water vessels. There are different functional aspects to each of these destinations. A port is a commercial water facility used for ships and their cargo. A harbor is a place of safety for ships and other waterborne vessels in Simple port means to whom you communicate. & Protocol means how to communicate or way of communication. In IP terms, a protocol number is the value assigned to the Layer 4 protocol carried within IP, e.g. 6 for TCP, 17 for UDP, as often found in the /etc/protocols file on most UNIX systems The main difference between both the terms are that the castles were mainly built for the purpose of safety or protection, whereas, forts were built for the purpose of military. A castle is a huge building that is prepared and contains many defenses The difference between the fortification of port and sherry is when it happens. In sherry production, fortification takes place at the end of fermentation. In port production, fortification takes place mid-fermentation; this is suuuper important, because the addition of the high-alcohol distilled spirit kills yeast, cutting off fermentation

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A port is a logical construct assigned to network processes so that they can be identified within the system. A socket is a combination of port and IP address. An incoming packet has a port number which is used to identify the process that needs to consume the packet. The lowest numbered 1024 port numbers are used for the most commonly used. port: Port used within the kubernetes pod network, primarily used to exchange requests between pods. Here as well, requests to a pod from another, is routed to the corrosponding pod's container targetport. Summary: all requests end up in the targetport. nodeport is used if request from outside k8s network & port if from within The main difference between the WAN and LAN ports is the purpose of the networks. WAN port is used to connect with a modem for Internet source while LAN port is utilized to share that Internet connection with all devices associated to routers such as a computer, printer, and mobile phones Logical Port = Logical Interface Physical Port = Physical Interface Be careful of the word port used in different context. Some may be referring to TCP or UDP ports instead of physical layer ports. This is the only rational difference i see between port and interface. The TCP port, this specifies a virtual port at layer 4 or the OSI Port vs Connector. Summary: Difference Between Port and Connector is that port is the point at which a peripheral attaches to or communicates with a system unit so that the peripheral can send data to or receive information from the computer. While connector joins a cable to a port. A connector at one end of a cable attaches to a port on the system unit, and a connector at the other end of the.

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Near the end of the fermentation process, a spirit derived from the same grapes—a type of brandy known as aguardente—is added to the wine (that's the fortified part). This boosts the alcohol content, and stops the fermentation process, which leaves sugar in the liquid and gives the port its soft sweetness Main Difference - Castle vs. Fort. Castle and Fort are two similar structures. The main difference between Castle and fort is that a Castle is a fortified residence of a nobleman or a king while a fort is a fortified building.You may have noticed that both these definitions contain the word 'fortified' Below, we will explain the differences between the three and how you can utilize those on your server. IP with Port: This is a regular server IP address which includes a port used to connect to your server. IP without Port: This is a Dedicated IP address, including the port 25565, allowing players to connect without needing to include the port *Adjusted for Daylight Saving Time (181 places). UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Saturday, July 24, 2021 at 01:38:41. UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.. Great Britain/United Kingdom is one hour ahead of UTC during summer. Note: Time differences regularly change as countries observe varying Daylight Saving Time (DST) schedules. The offsets listed are correct until Sunday. A container terminal is a part of a port where containerised cargo is transported from land to sea and from sea to land. When containers arrive from sea they will very often be transhipped onto another form of transportation, such as a lorry or, increasingly so, a train. On the other hand, when they arrive at the terminal on land, they will be.

Differences Between a Port and a Harbor Function. A port is a commercial section on the shores of a sea with facilities such as cranes, warehouse, and docks that support trade and transport. A harbor is a place on the shores which offers storage or parking for water vessels. A port is a valued commercial asset to any country bordering a. Synonym for jack @tjstkdn: I did a little more research and commonly the part attached to the cord and the recepticle are both called jacks. But technically, the part attached to the cord is the plug and the recepticle is the jack.|jack= usually refers to where a phone is connected in a house port= usually refers to places you can connect cords for electronics such as a USB port. outlet.

Hi, what is the difference between the PORT and LAT functions? For example, let's say I have 8 bits on PORTB, and bit 7 is specified as digital input. So, to set a value for that bit (say set it to HIGH), I would do LATBbits.LATB7 = 1; And to read the value of that bit, I would do&nbs.. 1,479. Hello. PORTx is the register of the physical pin you see on your PIC. TRISx is the register used for choosing if a PORTx pin should be an input or an output (1 for input & 0 for output) Every PORTx pin has its corresponding TRISx bit. If you want PORTx bit 6 as an output, TRISx bit 6 should be 0. I hope that helped

Hi, I would like to know what is the difference between PORTA and LATA commands (or any other port) . i.e. PORTA = 2; LAT = 2; . For me both seems to be the same when working on a PIC. Can somebody explains it to me about the difference. Pubudu Aug 25, 2014 7:49 PM. 2. 0. Answers · 2. A fort usually means a structure with walls and other defensive measures made to withstand an attack by an enemy. A fortress can be the same thing but usually means a larger area like a city built into a fortress with a wall surrounding the whole city. I built a fort but we made our city a fortress Keep on reading to find out more about what it means to curb and port your life insurance policy and what the difference between each option is. Porting Your Life Insurance Policy As mentioned, porting your life insurance policy means that you have decided to continue the policy that your company has granted 1. Overview. In this tutorial, we'll discuss the IP address and port in networking. We'll present some key differences between them. 2. IP Address. The full form of IP is an Internet protocol. A computer connected to the Internet can send and receive information from any other networking devices using an IP address Port can be red or white, and exists in several different varietals, including vintage (meant to age up to 50 years after being bottled) tawny port (multiple-vintage port that is aged in barrels for up to 40 plus years, and meant to be drunk soon after bottling) and colheita port (a single-vintage aged in barrels)

A port number is an address for some layer-4 protocols (TCP or UDP). The port number is used by the layer-4 protocol to determine which application gets the payload of the layer-4 datagram. And routing protocol use protocol number in TCP header. I believe you are confusing layer-3 and layer-4 A trunk port is a connection between a switch or a router that carries VLAN information, typically used when you have multiple VLANs. A typical use is to configure a trunk port (1 ethernet connection) between two switches so a user on switch 1 on VLAN 1 can talk to a guy on switch 2 on VLAN 1 and a guy on switch 1 VLAN2 can talk to a guy on. ★Das beste Portweinbuch★ https://amzn.to/2YSjxsmMy travel guide for the Douro valley: https://amzn.to/2xdLE6sSeptember 2015, Douro Valley, Portugal, Queved..

*Adjusted for Daylight Saving Time (181 places). UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Wednesday, July 14, 2021 at 11:18:27. UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.. Great Britain/United Kingdom is one hour ahead of UTC during summer. Note: Time differences regularly change as countries observe varying Daylight Saving Time (DST) schedules. The offsets listed are correct until Sunday. In this post, we will understand the difference between a serial port and a parallel port −. Serial Port. This port is used to achieve serial transmission. The speed of transmission in a serial port is low in comparison to transmission in a parallel port. It involves less number of wires. This port is capable of delivering a single stream of.

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4. Re: Difference between Fort Myer and Fort Myer Beach. There is no beach in Fort Myers, just a city with lots of shopping and restaurants and golf courses. Fort Myers Beach is a beach town with bars and condos and motels and souvenier shops and restaurnts. One of the nicest beaches you could ask for In this tutorial, we'll present the key differences between a port and a socket. 2. What Is a Port? Port is a part of the transport layer and helps in network communication. A port is a logical identifier assigned to a process in order to identify that process uniquely in a network system

The main difference in Agra fort and Red Fort is the architecture is similar, but the layout less so, as Agra Fort is 2.5 times smaller than Delhi's Red Fort, whose expansive gardens and lawns encompass its open marble halls. However, Agra Fort is not tainted by small tourist shops within its grounds as, I recall, is Delhi's Red Fort holds a PC Card or ExpressCard module. What Is the Difference between a Port and a Connector, and What Are the Differences among the Various Types of Ports? A port is the point at which a peripheral attaches to or communicates with a system unit so that it can send data to or receive information from the computer. A connector joins a cable to a port. A USB port, short for universal serial bus.

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TCP is capable of handling these problems. On the other hand, UDP is more efficient once the connection is established. If you experience problems with VoIP video/audio conversations when connected to the VPN through a TCP port, a typical case for which a difference may be visible (VoIP over TCP - for example UDP over TCP - is clearly inferior. DMZ vs Port Forwarding DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) and Port Forwarding are two terms often used when dealing with internet security. Although they are both used in security, the main difference between the two is how they improve the security. A DMZ.

Difference between kubectl port-forwarding and proxy. Ask Question Asked 1 year, 9 months ago. Active 1 year, 9 months ago. Viewed 6k times 12 6. kubectl proxy and kubectl port-forwarding look similar and sometimes confusing to me, I'm wondering about their differences and their own use cases. kubernetes. Share. Improve this question. *Adjusted for Daylight Saving Time (181 places). UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Thursday, July 22, 2021 at 18:36:57. UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.. Great Britain/United Kingdom is one hour ahead of UTC during summer. Note: Time differences regularly change as countries observe varying Daylight Saving Time (DST) schedules. The offsets listed are correct until Sunday. The differences between Root Port and Designated Port are listed below. • Root Port is a single selected port on a Switch, other than Root Switch, with least Path Cost to reach the Root Bridge. The Designated Port is the port that has the lowest Spanning Tree Path Cost on a particular Local Area Network (LAN) segment One of the key differentiators between the two technologies is that port channels support both Layer 2 and Layer 3. vPC on the other hand only supports Layer 2. 5 Helpful. Reply. Zaheer Ahmed. Beginner. In response to sean_evershed. Mark as New. Bookmark

By the way- the tiny town of Lauderdale by the Sea occupies a few blocks east of the Intracoastal Bridge on Commercial Blvd. and the few blocks just north or south of it- most visitors here would not really know they are in a different town than Ft.Lauderdale- but they do have their own mayor, city hall, etc- and a group of parking. Tl;dr Use port 587 if you can, 465 if you can't, 25 if you must. Port 587 is technically correct, the best kind of correct. However, many ESPs have adopted implicit TLS on port 465. While you can send email over port 25 and 2525, it's much more secure to have the messages encrypted. This makes port 587 the preferred option for sending, with. SS USB and USB: SS refers to SuperSpeed, a new transfer rate that can transfer data at up to 5 Gbit/s (625 MB/s), which is 10 times faster than USB 2.0. Impressive. Any USB device can benefit from faster transfer speeds using the SuperSpeed ports... Jan 30, 2008 8:26 AM in response to James Reffner. In response to James Reffner. The public port is the port which appears on the Internet side. When remotely connecting you will use that port. The private port is the port used to connect to the device on your LAN. If you wanted to host a web page your computer would default to using port 80 Register now or log in to answer. quay is (nautical) a stone or concrete structure on navigable water used for loading and unloading vessels; a wharf while berth is a fixed bunk for sleeping in (caravans, trains, etc). Both are for loading and off-loading. berth is to be fixed. A quay is for smaller ships or boats and is available for general.

Dane: On 23 May 2013 Thanks for this article! Difference Between Port Of Discharge and Delivery: On 18 February 2014 Port Of Discharge is the place where all goods have to drop in at least one time. But Port of delivery is different, All goods come to the Port Of Discharge then they are delivered to the Port Of Delivery You are planning a Caribbean cruise from Miami and need to fly into South Florida. If you are lucky, you have noticed something. Flying to Fort Lauderdale is actually cheaper than to Miami. The airfare differences between Miami and Ft Lauderdale can be about $100 differences. (source) If you fly into South Florida as a group of people or with family members, you can save a lot of money DVI. A DVI port has a wide rectangular shape with holes for up to 24 pins arranged in three groups of eight on one side and a cross or plus shape on the other side. A DVI signal is digital, meaning that it will produce perfect video quality with a digital display such as an LCD monitor or high-definition television Re: Difference between management port and uplink port @Chriz_J I'm not sure what you mean by emergency management IP. If you set an IP through Dashboard or the local UI for a switch, that is the IP the switch will use for its Dashboard (Internet) connection Difference between port of discharge and port of delivery.his is one of the common doubts among traders, the difference between port of delivery and port of discharge. Is there any difference between port of discharge and place of delivery? Is port of discharge and place of delivery same? The column 'Port of Discharge' and 'Place of Delivery' is same in most of the Transport document

Connectors: what a difference a pin makes The 19 pins HDMI-connectors are actually available in 5 shapes, but only 3 of them are commonly seen: the well-known Type A (standard HDMI, mainly used for TVs, projectors and laptops), Type C (mini HDMI, commonly found on tablets and some laptops), and Type D (micro HDMI, for tablets and smartphones) The NOTICEABLE difference between a USB 2.0 and 3.0 is the port color. If they are blue inside the Flash drive then it is capable of USB 2.0 AND 3.0. This is also the same for your laptop/ computer, etc. If the port is gray or black the it is only able to use USB 1.1 and 2.0

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CLICK HERE >>> Difference between ports and slots Difference between ports and slots (a) com ports: com ports are the serial interface for computers transferring 1. That the instructions for the card say to plug the packaged cable into the f_usb slot. Slots allow you to mount items such as expansion cards and adapters; ports allow you to connect peripheral equipment such as a keyboard, Not only is USB basically the same speed, but there are more options and they are much more compatible with different devices; PS/2 is being phased out and doesn't even appear on many modern motherboards, although you can always use a PS/2 to USB adapter but at that point you're defeating the purpose of you having. Hey guys back with an another video hope you all love it if so please like share and subscribe to my channel.Thank you.... Since port and starboard never change, they are unambiguous references that are independent of a mariner's orientation, and, thus, mariners use these nautical terms instead of left and right to avoid confusion. When looking forward, toward the bow of a ship, port and starboard refer to the left and right sides, respectively. In the early days. A Port is generally a description of a place on the coast which has facilities for boats or ships to call into, and usually a village or town attached. but there are differences between each.

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The single port manager performs those functions necessary to support the strategic flow of the deploying forces' equipment and sustainment from the aerial and sea port of embarkation and hand-off. Because a port is a description of a type of function, ports can look very different from one another and a port may contain all of the things listed below (wharfs, quays, piers etc.). Porto Cervo, in Italy, is a good example. A Wharf is a man-made structure on a river or by the sea, which provides an area for ships to safely dock

Horseshoe Bay PORT. A port is a coastal facility where ships can load and unload commercial cargo. Ports are sometimes located in harbors but not always. Ports can also be located on the bank of a river or sea. An example is the Port of Los Angeles Most taxis accept major credit cards. Ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft are also options from the airport and other points in and around Fort Lauderdale. Taxis generally cost between $15 and $20 each way between the airport and port, while ridesharing services are slightly cheaper with fares between $10 and $15. Airport Shuttle Hi Experts I have one application where they made query to 389 is delay in query but while making query over port 3268 they are able to search fast previous time. query is only for one domain and one group of the same domain any idea why so.. · Hi, Port 3268. This port is used for queries specifically targeted for the global catalog. LDAP requests sent. Port forwarding or port mapping is the name given to a technique of forwarding data from a port on one node to another node.Port triggering is a dynamic form of port forwarding used when port forwarding needs to reach multiple local computers.. Port triggering is used by network administrators to map a port or ports to one local computer. Port triggering is considered to be dynamic because. Hi Cale, Output Ports: To create output port for each lookup port we need to link to another transformation. For connected lookups, we must have at least one output port. For unconnected lookups, we must select a lookup port as a return port (R) to pass a return value

It's no exaggeration to say there is an 'arms race' when it comes to building new cruise ships. With interest in cruising booming over the past decade, cruise lines continue to plan and build new ships -- and each one seems to be bigger and better than the one before. Whereas a decade or two ago you might enjoy a ship with a pool and a rock-climbing wall, new ships today have everything from. Used in UVM to connect to a port. For someone new to UVM (like me) they seem identical, Could somebody throw more light on the difference between them providing a use case if possible. My understanding so far is that port is like a header file which defines all the communication functions and export provides the implementation for those functions A serial port is able to transmit a single stream of data at a time. A parallel port is able to transmit multiple data streams at a time. 6: Data Sending Mechanism: A serial port sends data bit by bit after sending a bit at a time. A parallel port sends data by sending multiple bits in parallel fashion. 7: Port Type: A serial port uses Male ports The ferry between Fort Casey and Port Townsend takes 30 min. There is a ferry service every few hours from Fort Casey to Port Townsend. The journey time may be longer on weekends and holidays; use the search form on this page to search for a specific travel date Receive Port: A receive port is a logical grouping of similar receive locations through which services interact with external partners by receiving data.You can create the following types of receive ports: One-way — used for applications that drop off a message and do not wait synchronously for a reply; Request-response — used with applications that require a response to a messag

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What is the difference between port address, logical address and physical address? Posted on January 27, 2014 by Vivek Kumar Prasad Through logical address the system identify a network (source to destination). after identifying the network physical address is used to identify the host on that network The Difference Between The Old Port & Old Montreal Setting the record straight. Michael D'Alimonte. Published January 29 2016. Pinkcandy. To call it Old Port, or Old Montreal, that is the question. Sorry to pull a Shakespearian cliche (English Lit student habits die hard) but the question has some real merit. All too often do we hear the terms. Dear Dr. Vinny, What's the difference between a tawny Port and a Vintage Port? —Wes P., Tulsa, Okla. Dear Wes, Tawny Ports become tawny-colored from the oxidation they experience during their long maturation in porous wooden casks—generally 10 years or more, up to 40 years in some cases To select the right type of valve for your application, it helps to understand what a ball valve is and the differences between the key types: full port or standard port ball valves. The full port valve design. A full port or sometimes called full bore, ball valve has a straight flow path where there is not a reduction of flow as it travels. To PICC or PORT, that is the question: With apologies to the Bard of Avon, my topic today is to discuss some of the differences between a PICC line and a PORT for chemotherapy. A PICC is a Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter. It is essentially an intravenous (IV) line that is inserted into a peripheral vein, typically in the upper arm

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What's the difference between a closed port and a filtered port? Answer. A closed port indicates that no application or service is not listening for connections on that port. A closed port can open up at any time if an application or service is started. A filter port indicates that a firewall, filter, or other network issue is blocking the port Any difference between Dry port and CFS. What is a Dry port / CFS in export import trade? As we know, sea port is situated near sea. If the importer or exporter is far away from sea port, it will be an inconvenience to co-ordinate and handle the goods properly. So government has allowed CFS (container freight station) to handle export and. Descriptions. Pork is what we call meat from a domesticated pig.It refers to pig's meat from any part of the pig. In addition, it can be raw or processed for preservation. Ham, on the other hand, is pork that comes from a specific part of the pig - it's hind leg.This portion is usually preserved through the method of salting, wet-curing, or smoking Perhaps the main difference between a serial and parallel port is the way information is communicated: a parallel port is only able to transfer information from the hard drive, while a serial port can transfer information both to and from a hard drive. Parallel ports use a 25-pin connector while serial ports have a nine-pin adapter

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Difference between a firewall, WAF and IPS We've explained what a firewall, WAF, and IPS are so far, but some of you may still be confused about the differences between them. They are all systems that allow network traffic to pass through or be blocked, but broadly speaking, the main difference is the different layers each of them protects The makes the difference between Pensacola's highest and lowest temperature 101 degrees. Meanwhile, the highest temperature reported in South Florida is 103 degrees in Fort Myers in June 1981 What is the difference between a battery charging USB port and a standard USB port? USB ports are convenient for charging battery powered devices, but this can be slow on a standard USB downstream port (SDP), which only supplies a maximum of 500 mA @ 5V. To meet the demands of high-current and battery-powered USB devices, the battery charging. Haney says that the difference between stout and porter is a difficult one to define, in large part because of the variations within the individual beer styles. Porters can be imperial at 10 percent ABV or the standard 5 [percent ABV]; stouts can be dry and thin-bodied Irish-style beers at 4 percent ABV, a viscous 12 percent [ABV] Russian. The default instance would listen on TCP port 1433, while the other named instances could listen on TCP ports 1434 and 1954, respectively. The network administrator would then configure the firewall to forward network requests for UDP port 1434 and TCP ports 1433, 1434, and 1954 on that IP address

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What is the difference between scanning and footprinting? Edit: (Assume that every port is blocked except for the ones that aren't blocked...the remaining 65533 ports...that's what the is for) Just based on the ports, I know what this PC/Server functions as. I just footprinted a secure web server that is used by the organization Active mini display adapter. They cost around 20-40 depending on where you buy them. It has a mini adapter to fit the mini one coming out of the pc and a either hdmi or a dvi connector on the other end. Thermaltake Armor+ VH6000BWS W7 64bit GA990FXAUD3 FX 4170 Quad Core 4.2GHz 1000watt Rosewell PSU 32GB RAM XFX HD Radeon 7850 2GB The simple answer is that there really is no difference between the two. The porter style most likely derived from English brown ales and was named for the street porters, or carriers, in London at the time. The word stout was used to describe a stronger porter. Almost all porters that were brewed to be a bit stronger were referred to as stout.

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I've been using I-95 North to the Fort Pierce exit 129 and then Florida Turnpike north. We save on half the tolls and it's pretty much the same distance and time. Florida Turnpike South - Fort Pierce exit 152 then I-95 South on the way back what is the difference between natural port and man-made ports.? Share with your friends. Share 1. natural port is called a harbour. harbour is a place where the ships take shelter like parking place of cars. man made port is a place where trade and commerce takes place hope it helps!!!!! 3 ; View Full Answer.

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Port Replicator vs Docking Station. Summary: Difference Between Port Replicator and Docking Station is that port replicator is an external device that provides connections to peripherals through ports built into the device. While docking station is similar to a port replicator, but it has more functionality. A docking station, which is an external device that attaches to a mobile computer or. The different port modes (Trunk, Access, General) define how tagged and untagged packets are handled. Ingress means packets entering a port. Egress means traffic exiting a port. Access mode VLAN: by default sets egress to untagged, supports single VLAN configuration only, automatically sets PVID (native VLAN, ingress untagged) to configured VLAN Can someone explain the difference between a Port Replicator, Advanced Port Replicator and a Docking station. I have an Inspiron 8200 and want to be able to dock it at times. However, when I called Dell to purchase one I was told they don't make any for the Inspiron 8200 anymore