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  1. Safe & effective moss removal, all from the safety of the ground. The complete telescopic kit for unsightly roof moss removal. Simply select the blade to suit the roof tile profile, attach to SkyScraper along with the telescopic pole height of your choice, position at the top of the roof and pull down towards you to quickly and effectively remove moss from all types of roof designs. Compatible.
  2. A telescopic pole is essential for cleaning high roofs and there are two types which are available in the market: Telescopic brush in use Water fed telescopic cleaning pole. This pole is attached to a garden hose and it pumps water constantly to the soft bristle brush while the cleaner scrubs the roof
  3. Roof cleaning. Sweep down the needles and thick puffy moss from your roof and solar panels with the unique and patented Roof brush by Taksopen. It makes the job quicker, simpler and safer. Also available; A smart snow planer, snow rake available
  4. Remove unsightly roof moss - all from the safety of the ground. Supplied with 11 interchangeable blades to suit a range of roof profiles, the muti-directional head mechanism fits securely onto the telescopic pole* for high access. Simply scrape the moss away, without the need for a ladder. Compatible with a variety of EU Threaded end window cleaning poles. For Push Fit or skyVac Elite Pole.

SkyScraper Head & Blades - Roof Moss Removal. The skyscraper Head & Blade system, is a safe, and effective way, to remove unsightly and problematic moss from roofs. Simply select the correct blade to suit your roof tile profile, and attach the head to a telescopic pole*, and you are ready to scrape the moss away in Moss Control. Wet & Forget Roof and Siding Cleaner for Easy Removal of Mold, Mildew and Algae Stains, Bleach-Free Formula, 48 OZ. Hose End,805048,Blue. 4.1 out of 5 stars. 5,773

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Wet & Forget is ideal for roof cleaning, deck cleaning, the siding on the north side of the house that attracts mold and mildew and even mildew prone boats that need cleaning! While bleach and most commercial moss, mold and mildew removal products are caustic and can corrode and discolor many surfaces, Wet & Forget's gentle, nearly pH-neutral. Remember to use ladder safety. How to remove moss from roof with long handled Brush on ladder,.. Janitorial Stores sell 30' handles for under 50$ and have ni.. RBS Telescopic Spray Lance for Cleaning Roofs and Exteriors, Moss Remover, Green Growth Remover, Various Sizes Brand: Reinigungsprofi007. Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. the lance complete set provides spray roof and façades surfaces are coated with a green Remover to clean the surfaces is then.

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Adjustable multi-directional head to suit the roof angle and to allow moss removal from dormer window roofs; Compatible with a wide variety of telescopic poles including the SkyPole (packages available to purchase). Can be used from the safety of the ground and from an elevated platform, for cleaning up to five storeys. Specifications I need to brush the moss off a slate roof. I was thinking of getting a brush and puting it on the end of my Unger telescopic pole. Unger do a wall brush Unger StarDuster® Wall Brush - Dust Brushes - Dusting - Products but this is for indoor dusting and maybe the bristles won't be coarse enough take the moss off the roof Telescopic Poles. Telescopic inspection poles are a great option for exterior cleaning specialists. Ideal for both pre/post site visits, especially when using one of our camera systems.The pole can also be transformed into a roof cleaning tool, by purchasing a skyscraper. Another great option is to choose a skyscraper and pole package.. Engineered from carbon fibre, with secure clamped. The UK's most efficient moss removal system from Spinaclean™, eliminates the danger of climbing on roofs to remove unsightly moss. Simply select the blade to suit the roof tile profile, attach it to the SkyScraper head and connect to your telescopic pole, position at the top of the roof and pull down towards you to qu The UK's most efficient moss removal system from Spinaclean, which eliminates the danger of climbing on roofs, to remove unsightly moss.Simply select the bla..

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  1. The roof brush by Taksopen is a patented tool for sweeping and brushing down barrels, leaves and thick moss from the ceiling with a 6 meter telescopic shaft. Take away the moss on the roof with the roof brush! A very effective way to brush your roof. with this roof brush. An environmentally friendly way to clean the roof
  2. Selection of Eleven Blades for a variety of roof tile profiles. 24 or 34ft Telescopic Pole. To add a Telescopic Pole to your package see product listing: SkyScraper Roof Scraper Package with 24ft Telescopic Pole. SkyScraper head with blade weighs just 400 grams. Ideal for removing moss from a wide variety of roof profiles
  3. This video is about Moss Removal From Roof Tiles Using Marshall Pro Scraper‍♂️ You can find out more on the scraper here:https://m.facebook.com/The-Marsh..
  4. Clean up to three stories high with a telescopic wand. Stay dry and stay off dangerous ladders with a telescopic wand. Whether you are a home owner or pressure washing contractor a telescopic wand is must have accessory for your pressure washer. Clean trucks, signs, buildings, high peaks with your telescopic wand in half the time it would take on a ladder, add a gutter cleaning attachment and.
  5. Easy to use. Getting rid of moss on your roof with Wet & Forget is a breeze - all you need is your bottle of Wet & Forget, a garden sprayer and tap water: Mix one part of Wet & Forget with five parts of water in a garden sprayer. Saturate the roof with the solution and leave to dry for four to five hours - during that time, Wet & Forget gets on.
  6. Lilly Miller Moss Out for Roofs and Structures,6lb & Central Garden Brands 100503872 Moss Out for Roofs and Walks Ready to Spray 27oz, 27 oz, Multicolor 4.3 out of 5 stars 1,001 34.71 $ 34 . 7

This video is about Pressure Washing - Roof Clean It is much safer to remove the moss by scraping and treating with a softwash solution like this:https://y.. SkyVac SkyScraper moss remover system eliminates the danger of climbing on roofs to remove any unsightly moss. SkyScraper can be used from the safety of the ground, and from elevated platforms up to five storeys because it is compatible with a wide variety of telescopic poles including SkyPole Step 3: Scrub Shingles. Before applying a moss-remover cleaner, use a scrub brush ($3-$15, The Home Depot) or a long-handled soft-bristle brush to gently scrape or pluck moss from the roof shingles or tiles. Work on one small section at a time, which allows you better control of the brush and your scrubbing motions

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  1. ating the danger from climbing on roofing to remove unsightly moss. Simply select the blade to suit the roof profile, attach to the Skyscraper device along with a telescopic pole (sold separately), position at the top of the roof and pull down towards you to quickly and effectively remove moss from all types of roof designs
  2. Hi guys, got a lot of moss on the front of my roof, got a quote of £475 to get it scraped off which I thought was a bit steep, then seen someone advertising power washing a roof clean, just wondering what people opinion's are on what is the best option, or if there is any other options, don't really fancy paying that kind of money this close to xmas. any help much appreciate
  3. ates the risk of climbing on the roof to remove unsightly moss. Just select the roof profile blade, attach the skyscraper with a telescopic rod (sold separately), position the top of the roof and pull down to remove moss.
  4. Removing moss from a roof can seem like a difficult task, some people reach for the pressure washer but often you can clean the roof simply using a stiff bru..
  5. ating the danger of climbing on roofs to remove unsightly moss. Available with or without poles. Best Uses. SKYVAC SkyScraper is compatible with a wide variety of telescopic poles including SKYVAC SkyPole. SKYVAC SkyScraper can be used from the.

OX Tools 9341231038730 Pro 3-Knot Roof Brush, White Tampico Fiber. 4.1 out of 5 stars. 44. $12.33. $12. . 33. Get it as soon as Wed, Jun 30. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon How to use Benz roof moss Flexi Scrapers. Simply attach the scraper head assembly onto your telescopic pole. The pole should be the strongest and most rigid you can get, so that it has the least amount of flex. The Gardiner SLX and Facelift Renegade are good examples of this type of pole. Glassfibre or composite poles will work ok

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The Rust-Oleum JOMAX ® Roof Cleaner and Mildew Stain Remover is a DYI consumer grade roof cleaning product that was designed to be added with bleach and water to clean roofs, as it explains on the Rust-Oleum website this product is designed to Easily remove unsightly streaks, dirt and mildew from your roof and is safe on both siding and trim On Sale $129.95. The Unger 30 foot extension pole is a 5 section telescoping pole and is the longest pole on our site. Made of tough ribbed aluminum for added strength and rigidity, it features premium external locking nylon collars that allow you to easily extend this pole to any length up to 30 feet. This telescoping pole will take on your. Additional Documents. Our telescopic pressure sprayer long extension lance will increase the reach of your spraying by over 5.4-metres. Popular, lightweight and very strong, this long reach sprayer lance is designed to be used in a wide range of areas including home & garden, industrial and construction. The very high manufacturing standards. Cleaning a roof with low pressure and steam achieves fantastic results giving your roof a new lease of life. Pressure washing your roof can be damaging therefore We use low pressure and steam so we can effectively clean your roof without being abrasive on your roof tiles. Using steam involves using a machine with a boiler built in which can heat the water up to 150 degrees. which eats into any.

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Many roofs are cleaned when the moss has become excessive. The bulky material is scraped off using a simple implements. Below 30° pitch and when the tiles are sound, this can be done by pacing the roof itself. If the roof is too steep or fragile - period clay tiles for instance - the preparation is carried out from the eaves using bespoke telescopic tools The UK's most efficient moss removal system from CleanQuip, eliminates the danger of climbing on roofs to remove unsightly moss. Simply select the blade to suit the roof tile profile, attach to SkyScraper along with a telescopic pole, position at the top of the roof and pull down towards you to quickly and effectively remove moss from all.

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The roof can be cleaned, the process is relatively easy and our moss killing chemicals are effective and easy to use. For many properties, the cleaning should be quite straightforward and can be undertaken without the need of specialist contractors. Clearing moss should become a standard part of property maintenance however, for many people. Roof Moss removal also know as Soft washing the roof is a way of cleaning the roof without the need for a pressure washer. Again, this is done either via a portable scaffold tower and telescopic roof scraping tools or from gaining access to the roof via a roofing ladder and securing the operator using fall arrest equipment Product Description. Eliminates the danger of climbing on roofs to remove unsightly moss. Simply select the blade to suit the roof tile profile, attach to telescopic pole, position at the top of the roof and pull down towards you to quickly and effectively remove moss. *Head attachment compatible with Hydra Grafter Head Waterfed poles GUTTER VAC POLE KIT SET Cleaning System 20' 28' 32' 36' 40' Pole sizes available £185.00 to £295.00 Pressure Washer Extendable Pole Gutter Cleaning U-Bend Attachment Quick Releas RJ204M Telescoping Snow Shovel Roof Rake, 21-Foot Extension, Poly Blade, Blue 8.0 View Product Algae Traz Moss and Mould Cleaner - 1ltr Concentrate Spray for Artificial Grass 9.1 8.

Many professional roof cleaners use a range of roof scrapers - different shapes to suit different types of roofing tiles, and these are used to scrape off the moss, before disposing of it. This is the first step of roof cleaning and is a messy although effective process. An alternative to scraping is to use a low-pressure wash or steam clean Low Pressure Roof Cleaning: 2 Stage Cleaning System Cleaning is carried out in two stages: 1) The roof is washed using our low pressure jet wash which removes visible dirt lichen and moss. The roof is then rinsed of all debris before the next step. 2) The second stage is the application of a premium inhibitor (residual cleaning properties)at the correct dilution rate according to the. The UK's most effective moss removal tool, simply attach to a telescopic pole and get scraping! How do I use this tool? This package comes with everything you need to attach to a Euro threaded telescopic pole, identify the blades you want to use and fit them to the scraper head then screw the Roof Scraper onto your pole using the black nylon threaded attachment and get scraping How we clean moss from roofs. After first covering all downpipes to prevent blockages we will either access the roof using roof ladders or use telescopic equipment specially adapted for manual roof tile cleaning. If the roof is not too steep and the tiles are suitably robust we will use roof ladders, but if steepness or delicate,fragile tiles. Step 3: Moss Removal. If you're cleaning the roof of moss that's loose enough to remove manually, you can use a standard push broom or a soft bristle brush screwed on the end of a pole—anything that's thicker and sponge-like will yield the best results

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Roof and Gutter cleaning. Professional service, affordable cost. Tacoma WA Call 555 555 5555 Moss grows on your roof due to climate conditions but mainly for the fact that the roof tiles are a food source for the moss and algae. The spray and chemicals can be applied from the ground using telescopic poles with a hose head and brush or. A normal roof moss removal costs £7.5 to £12.5 per square metre. If you want to protect your roof better against weather conditions, you can have a coating applied as well. The price for cleaning and coating roofs is about 25.5 pounds per m². The exact price depends, among others, on the type of roofing and the possible use of scaffolding The safest way to clean a conservatory roof is with a telescopic brush and a conservatory ladder. Soapy water will aid is sufficient most of the time. Rinse the roof with water, then clean with the brush, then rinse the roof again to remove any soap, with a garden hose. A pressure washer can damage seals or silicone sealant After all the moss has been removed we would apply a biocide treatment to eliminate any moss spores that remain. The biocide treatment also removes lichens (yellow and white crustaceans) and algae that form on the tile, the biocide is selected on the type of algae found growing and also the roof substrate (ie concrete, slate or man made fibre tiles)

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If you have a conservatory, a window vac may be a good investment for speedy cleaning there are plenty of specialist Amazon.com : Dxtxx Water Fed telescopic brushextendable cleaner conservatory roof cleaning Window Brush, Cleaning Tool (Glass, Solar Panel), with . How To Clean A Roof lichen roof cleaner The Roof Cleaner is a full-service contractor providing quality roof cleaning. Here at JetOWash we are able to remove all types of moss, lichen, algae and general stubborn air pollution stains from many different roof tiles. FOR YOUR FREE QUOTATION CALL US ON 01902 903709. Using a number of different methods we are able to clean your property's roof in Wolverhampton back to its former glory. The methods we use -

Window Cleaning + Gutter Cleaning: We can accommodate any height. We have 40 foot ladders as well as industrial rope access equipment and a 50 ' water fed pole. Our gutter vacuum has a 45' telescopic reach. Roof Cleaning: We have a Softwash System that has the capability of shooting 45′ horizontally and 30′ vertically Roof cleaners tend to charge around £200 per day and depending on how badly the moss has built up it can take anywhere from 2-8 hours to remove the moss and treat the roof with chemicals to prevent further build-up. If further equipment is needed to safely complete the task, like scaffolding, further costs will be added to the overall price

Matabi 5.4m Telescopic Lance. A fibreglass lance of up to 5.4 m for high spraying and ranges from 1.4 m to 2.4 m, 3.3 m, 4.4 m and then to 5.4 m. Adaptable to sprayer and compression sprayers (5 L to 20 L). Ideal for spraying high target areas such as fruit trees or roof and tile moss elimination etc. Simple to use with a lightweight design. Purpose made to fit onto 6.5m carbon telescopic Softwash pole in order to reach high, inaccessible places. Rigid plastic head in three shapes to match different roof tile contours. Features: Strong, rigid plastic for scraping & dragging detritus, leaves and moss from roofs. Reduces biofilm before Softwash spraying to improve results and reduce. Moss, algae and lichens on your roof absorb and retain water. Weight on the roof is increased as water weighs 1 tonne per metre cube (m3). This stresses the roof and supporting structure. Damp battens and roof structures under increased load will eventually buckle and warp. This can be clearly seen on some buildings We have specialist telescopic equipment with different attachments that allows us to clean your roof without stepping foot on it, helping prevent any damage to your roof tiles. We use a soft pressure washing system that effectively removes the moss, algae and lichen build up to restore its natural look We use telescopic poles with their own pure water supply. The pure water we use teamed with the soft bristle cleaning brush attached to it, makes it easier for us to rid your conservatory roof of moss, dirt and anything else unwanted that has built up. Afterwards, you can simply leave your roof to air-dry. Using the manual metho

Here's Phase one of our Roof cleaning & Moss removal service. We arrive 料Set up our... For those of you that want to know what we're all about.. Here's Phase one of our Roof cleaning & Moss removal service. We arrive 料Set up our... Jump to. Sections of this page The Karcher Telescopic Jet Pipe is the ideal pressure washer attachment to extend your reach from 1.2 to 4 metres and is perfect for high pressure cleaning of high walls and façades. The Karcher Telescopic Jet Pipe has a built in trigger gun and weighing only 2kg the telescopic lance is light to hold and transport As part of the clean we also clear and check all gutters and gullies once we have cleaned the roof. Mossinator also offers soft washing and roof treatments to help prevent moss regrowth. Call Jake today for a free quote: 07971 669751. Dull, discoloured, moss-covered roof tiles can really affect the appearance of your property, not to mention.

Moss and algae on conservatory roofs is a common problem which can also damage the structural integrity. find out how Wet & Forget can solve this problem . No Pressure Roof Cleaning then look no further. Many clients opt for pressure cleaning on their homes or businesses, however, not all pressure roof cleaning is best for homes in Florida THE PROCESS - Roof Cleaning with Biocide self-cleaning. If larger moss is needed to be removed we would cover areas around the roof with suitable covering ready for the moss removing process, then start to remove the deposits of moss manually with roof scrapers designed for all types of roof tiles attached to telescopic pole

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Moss acts like a sponge, absorbing large amounts of moisture and resulting in your roof being constantly wet. If this moisture travels underneath the tiles, it could rot the wooden components of the roof, threatening structural integrity and leading to costly repairs. The main benefit of a pitched roof is the easy drainage of precipitation due. Niedrige Preise, Riesen-Auswahl. Kostenlose Lieferung möglic If the roof is too steep or fragile - period clay tiles for instance - the preparation is carried out from the eaves using bespoke telescopic tools. The gutter outlets are protected against blockage beforehand. Tarpaulin is laid to receive the falling debris. If the moss balls are small and dispersed, they will fall naturally

Model #: 962780. Extend your reach up to 20 feet with this 3-stage telescoping pole. Ideal for high access cleaning without a ladder. Standard locking cone and threaded tip fit almost any Unger Professional attachment as part of Unger's Connect & Clean system. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device First, start off by washing the moss and algae from your roof manually. You might need to use a pressure washer in some of the areas you cannot remove by hand. Although using a pressure washer is not recommended for cleaning conservatories, it can still be quite safe and effective if you seek professional help. Use a soft telescopic brus DRY ROOF CLEANING. Removal Of Unsightly Moss & Debris. Our cleaning technique uses telescopic specialist tools and will not cause any disturbance to your roof covering and if combined with our gutter cleaning service will prevent future blockages in gutters,. Roof Cleaning Wexford, Softwash roof treatment wexford -moss removal off roofs and stone , treatment with Algo clear Pro softwashing Low pressure system. 0879533753 info@jameskellscarpentry.com. the preparation is carried out from the eaves using bespoke telescopic tools Roof Cleaning by Using the Correct Chemicals. One of the most gentle yet effective ways to remove roof moss and clean the roof is by way of scraping. A normal 9″ trowel is suitable, if your roofing contractor chooses a dry day any moss will flake off the roof much easier and there won't be any scratch marks on the tiles

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The Roof Scraper is a moss removal tool that is simple and intuitive to use. Simply attach to a pole and start scraping the moss away! FREE 24 HOUR TRACKED SHIPPING! ORDERS PACKED SAME DAY! The #1 Roof cleaning equipment supplier in the UK Moss, algae and fungus buildup on roof tiles can cause multiple problems such as wood rotting and the obstruction of drainage points. Ultimately moss growth on a roof can result in costly repairs, and can also reduce the lifespan of your roof. We offer a high pressure or soft pressure (hand tooled) service which will thoroughly clear and clean your roof tiles and an industry-approved clear.

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5. Jeyes Fluid or Path Cleaner. PVC-corrugated roofs with a slope of approximately 1 in 15 get covered in algae and moss. Sometimes a power wash or a manual scrape and detergent application are not enough. A dilute solution of Jeyes Fluid applied with a soft brush could be the solution you are looking for in this case Snow Joe 252-in Poly Telescoping Handle Roof Rake. Item # 852697 Model # RJ205M. Ideal for removing snow, wet leaves and debrisfrom roofs without climbing. Twist-n-Lock telescoping pole quickly adjustsfrom 6.2-ft to 21-ft for extended reach. Ultra-lightweight construction (only 5.7 lbs)for easy handling. slider closed If you want to clean moss off a roof yourself, you will have to plan how you are going to kill the moss and remove it effectively. You will need to treat the roof to stop the moss from growing back. Its recommended anyone cleaning moss off a roof should do it on a cloudy day. When applying roof cleaning products onto a roof on a hot sunny day. 4.0m Aluminium Telescopic 3 section window cleaning pole. £ 19.99. £ 23.99 (inc. VAT) . Info. Specs. Reviews. For when Window Cleaning at high up and awkward places, reducing the need for ladders and staging. Strong lightweight telescopic aluminium Removing unsightly moss, weeds, algae and lichen from your conservatory roof has never been easier - all that is required is your bottle of Wet & Forget cleaning solution, a garden sprayer and tap water: Wait for a break in the weather before you start to clean your conservatory roof, an upcoming dry spell of 2-3 days is ideal

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Telescopic Roof Gutter Cleaner. More Views. PRODUCT CODE: GC300. Availability: Out of stock. Telescopic Roof Gutter Cleaner. Login to check prices. At this time of year gutters can get blocked quickly with falling leaves and moss from roof tiles. Once this builds up it can prevent rain water from draining away leading to overflows and in some. To remove moss from roofs we use professional scrapers with a telescopic pole and with a selection of different blades. We will choose a blade which suits the shape of your roof tiles. Our scrapers can be used from the safety of the ground or scaffolding, which eliminates the danger of breaking roof tiles Cleaning the Roof. The next step is to give the roof a thorough clean. To do this, we advise using a telescopic brush, hot soapy water and a ladder, so you can get into those hard to reach spots. Once you've given the space a good scrub, rinse the glass with a garden hose or pressure washer. Take care when blasting water at the roof and don. Roof Cleaning Cheshire. Tel: 0808 123 1214 Mob: 07780808282. Low Pressure Roof Cleaning 2 Stage Cleaning System Cleaning is carried out in two stages: 1) The roof is pressure washed using our low pressure jet wash which removes visible dirt lichen and moss. The roof is then rinsed of all debris before the next step

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Your home is probably your biggest investment and your roof is its first line of defence from the elements. It needs specialist treatment to ensure that it keeps doing what it is designed to do - keep the weather outside. Traditionally, the only way of cleaning your roof was to get up on there and scrape the moss off and power wash it Spraying moss with a toxic wash. A toxic wash solution can be used to wash the roof, although care must be taken as the solution can be harmful to plants and animals. It is not recommended to remove moss by pressure washing as this can force water into the roof space, particularly if sprayed upward from ground level We remove moss from roofs by gently scraping away the moss using specialist, professional moss removal tools designed for clearing away moss from roof tiles. These scrapers are attached to long reach telescopic poles and we manually remove the roof moss Moss killer to remove moss, algae and lichen on Roof Tiles. Moss Remover for roofs, easily applied by sprayer, will quickly start to kill of moss and algae. If left will offer effective moss removal without extreme pressure cleaning. The moss remover is supplied in 5 litre containers and diluted down to 25 litres Colours include slate gray, black, terracotta, deep tan, burgundy and rustic red. In addition to roof cleaning, we offer other roof line services including fascia cleaning, gutter cleaning with our telescopic vacuum gutter cleaner and defender spikes to keep seagulls and pigeons off your roof.

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Stones, moss and other large debris can be removed by brushing the roof with your telescopic pole. Clean The Gutters. Blocked gutters can mean it is difficult for the water to drain away after cleaning, so it is a good idea to unblock and clean them Roof Moss Removal Methods NYC was the first in the nation to pass the Right to Counsel. In 2019, evictions dropped 15%, from the same time in 2018. Using a high pressure water spray, a high pressure cleaner will attempt to remove any dirt help to rid them of any moss, mould or dust. A dirty or clogged Professional roof cleaning and moss removal service in Tunbridge Wells and Southborough. Call 01892 256 456 for a FREE quote for cleaning your roof All Roofs are cleaned safely from the ground, via scaffold towers or the required access platform. 90-100% of moss is removed from your roof before cleaning your tiles. Moss removal is carried out using telescopic poles with the correct tiles scraper attached. once the moss have been removed, we will then soft wash your roof

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The cleaning process may vary slightly depending on the material that the car port is built from but it should be possible to apply the steps below to any carport. Step 1 - Clear Moss and Debris. When a carport is shaded by a house or some trees than you can expect to get a build up of moss or mildew on the roof December 2015. Most manufacturers and installers seem to recommend to clean your polycarb roofing pretty regularly with warm soapy water and a soft brush. It sounds like you've let it go for a while so you might have to hit it with something a bit harder. My brother-in-law recently cleaned his pergola roof with something called 30 seconds. Tools and Essentials in Tile Roof Cleaning. A professional roof cleaner will have all the equipments and tools needed to clean your roof. But if you prefer to do the cleaning yourself, you have to have the following tools and other essentials in order to properly do the job. 1. Pressure washer - A pressure washer is a must in tile roof. Derek Millington: We recommend using a telescopic wash brush and submerging it in a bucket as you clean your caravan roof. Afterwards, we would take it back up to around one quarter of the roof. The brush and the soapy water will be used to agitate the dirt. Ideally, you should clean one quarter of your roof at a time